Only the Brave
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Only the Brave, based on the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, is the heroic story of a

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Only the Brave, based on the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, is the heroic story of a team of local firefighters who - through hope, determination and sacrifice - become one of the most elite firefighting teams in the nation. Starring Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Taylor Kitsch, Jeff Bridges, James Badge Dale and Jennifer Connelly, the firefighters forge a unique brotherhood that comes into focus as they fight a fateful fire to protect our lives, our homes and everything we hold dear.

User Reviews
AndyNYCAZ 2023-03-18
Powerful, especially because it’s based in fact.

Frozen lover 2013 2022-06-19
This is such an amazing movie they did such an amazing job on everything it hit every emotion. They did a amazing job on honoring the hot shots that passed in the fire.

naterfour 2021-03-03
Great movie that come out of nowhere. Get the tissues ready

MathOsGuru 2020-07-19
Extremely tragic event that negatively impacted many lives. Prayers to the families and friends of the fallen heroes. As a former firefighter for USFS and CDF, memories of many fires raging like living beasts flooded my mind as I watched this film. I was lucky to have never been placed in such a situation as a standard ground crew member (not a hotshot). The hotshot crews are hands down the best of the best, and I give respect to them all.

TitanGamer5503 2020-05-25
I knew Eric Marsh as a good friend and this movie really hit home hard it was spectacular though such a great movie

Nateek4 2020-03-25
As a former woodland fire fighter this movie hit home hard an made me miss the crew I was with an how we had to look out for one another as family I recommend this film to all it’s a must watch and worth the purchase I never get tired of watching it.

LauraJex 2020-02-19
Watched the real life events unfold here in Arizona and this movie brought it all back. This movie is inspired off of Brendan McDonough’s book and real life testament of the events that lead up to and took place on June 30, 2013. Overall, this movie held true to the story and its characters. The emotion is unreal in this movie. I cried all the way through the last 20 minutes.

Diedies 2020-02-06
And amazing movie but spoiler alert it will make you cry!!!!

Justin Other Beer 2020-01-07
Great casting, story, cinematography.

SAMUEL MAFFIE 2019-12-30

Swaggieboi420 2019-07-23
Watch it more than worth the time and money

lewiss_kb24 2018-07-11
amazing story

Jk930 2018-06-24
Way too much Hollywood arrogance and false truths in this movie. If you do or have done this job as a living, this movie is just going to piss you off.

OmarFig1989 2018-05-28
Beautiful film.

NanaBanana 💕 2018-05-03
Great movie to watch with the family! Might make you cry like a baby tough... 😭

ELL_HIPPO_LOVER 2018-04-10
This is one of the best movies ever I cried so hard 😭.it Is definitely a movie you should go see. It has some F words but you will not regret it and you feel so much heart ache and pain for the family’s . I would definitely watch this it is a new fav❤️ you have to go see it❤️😘😱😢👍🔥

Caddisbug1994 2018-04-04
Period. Rent it.

Holly1134568 2018-03-26
Such a good movie! However, be prepared for tears.

worldwidewalt 2018-03-25
This movie is only a two star movie no more no less. It feels like thay had a bunch of film footage and loaded it in a shotgun and shot it out. Then, the editor looked at it and said.."this will do"..... Naahh. Sorry, no it won't.

SeattleMoose 2018-03-23
This is a gripping account of a true event that claimed the lives of many brave men. To see every day guys rise up to save their fellow human beings is uplifting. There is bravery out there and this movie is a testament to that. A definite buy!!!

Seany The Bear 2018-03-18
It’s hard to capture the light that these men shined with. This movie did a great job capturing it and paying respect to the families. This is a must see movie!!

CamCamCam87 2018-03-16
Such a great movie! I can’t emphasize that enough. This movie truly captivates the culture of firefighters in America. Past attempts on films involving firefighter culture were a failure. Have seen this movie 3 times now and just as good as the first time. My father and I watched this together and he loved it also. Thanks!

jiaSye 2018-03-16
One of the saddest movie of this year! Everyone should watch this movie! such an amazing movie!

imabucfan 2018-03-16
I never write movie reviews, but as a retired military member I had to write about this one. It seemed so familiar, the time away from family, the antics between your group, the danger always present made aware by the constant training reminding you that your life could be gone before you want it to be, but someone has to do the job, and that someone includes you. This movie never feels made up for entertainment purposes, it seems like you are constantly relating with the group, even when they are at home dealing with family issues. This movie honors firefighters in a way that runs deeper than 9/11 even though the respect is the same. I watched this movie three times now, each time having to gather myself together at the end. Many experiences by military, police, EMT's, firefighters and others are hard enough to get through alive, then you have memories that are both haunting yet prideful, but it doesn't feel like pride, more like survival. You will retire with a black hole that needs to be filled, or you will die during the journey. I felt like driving to that Juniper tree and paying my respects. This is a truly well put together movie that will leave you emotionally attached to these hero's that you never knew, but have a world of respect for, whether you have experienced this type of life threatening work or not. I truly recommend you see this movie.

KHoganWood 2018-03-09
Just a beautiful heart wrenching story played by some of the best acting! Amazing true story & absolutely worth watching

Christopher W. Hearne 2018-03-08
I didn’t know the ending, it caught me by surprise and overwhelmed me. Everyone should honor their heroism and know their story.

F131 2018-03-06
Watch the movie then read the book about these amazing people.

CanyonRunner51 2018-03-04
A fitting tribute to these brave souls. I was very touched.

Kellyb166839 2018-02-23
I don’t see why this movie is getting such great reviews. Maybe my hopes were way too high. I think it would’ve been better if it had better dialog and better actors. Miles Teller is great and, of course, Jeff Bridges is great, but Jennifer Connelly couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. She needs to quit sauntering around like she’s 20 years old and has a sexy body. She’s pretty, but not sexy in any way. Josh Brolin is just plain annoying always. I dont know how he’s related to James, who’s awesome. I was 85% bored most of the time.

jchaps17 2018-02-21

INDIAN JOHN 2018-02-17
IT WAS GOOD MOVIE I THINK IT SHOULD BE SHOWN IN EVER RHEAB IN USA , I RECENTLY HAD A OPERATION AFTER BEING OFF OPIATES FOR 101/2 yrs and now having a hard time getting of them , i didnt want operation but doc pushed opiates on me after i told him who i was ,, i am so sick of hollywood alt left globalist propaganda movies but this was a excellent movie 10 stars RIP INDIAN JOHN T MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT TECUCHMCE PLZZ

NovaStar777 2018-02-16
Really enjoyed this movie. Good acting. Was worth buying it

Heressammmy 2018-02-16
This movie is definitely my favorite movie. So beautifully made.

kellyz0801 2018-02-13
Wow. What a fantastic heartbreaking movie. I think they did a fantastic job of telling the story of the people rather than the event itself. Its abolsutely heartbreaking.

Combatfisher 2018-02-13
This movie has a great story...touching...real...great acting...

Cebridgman 2018-02-12
This movie will make you laugh and cry. It’s one of the best movies I have seen in a long time and you really connect with the characters. The real men this movie is based on are all heroes.

Greek Woman 2018-02-12
I love movies based on true events. Excellent movie all together but never expected such tragic ending.

GaryKlimeck 2018-02-11
Sad story

Jednoreki 2018-02-10
Great movie!

Dazdrn06 2018-02-09
A must see. Doesn’t require a lot of words to explain how you will want to watch it again.....a beautiful tribute to such a tragic story.

Courtney C 1982 2018-02-09
Great movie!

Dafinator 2018-02-09
Amazing story of brave men and their families... this movie goes through all emotions.. absolutely THE best movie I’ve seen in a long time! Perfectly acted and put together. Loved it.

Lights in Action 2018-02-09
The best true story movie I have ever seen. I'm not here to explain myself. I am here to say that every bit of courage, loyalty, and love, was exhibited in this film. Watch it. Maybe learn what committment is about. From start, to finish.

MrItunesIsHere 2018-02-08
.............What an unbelievable story !! This is an absolute must see movie . My heart goes out to these guys , and too their families . WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Jason504 2018-02-08
The concept for this film was good, but it just carry me along. Too many subplots that had little point except to attempt to develop characters, but in the end I didn’t find any of them compelling. I had to just turn the film off after about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Just couldn’t take anymore.

Vasquez0420 2018-02-07
Wow, what a great movie. Definitely a must see

dulcitunes 2018-02-06
One of the best movies. Excellent acting and a very sad but not overly sentimental movie. These guys were amazing.

Bernoit 2018-02-06
So well done! Very emotional and exciting at the same time. Excellent acting by Brolin and Teller. So good!

Kylie55 2018-02-05
Because if my ties to Arizona I really wanted to see this. It was done very well and tastefully. It doesn’t go in to all the aftermath issues which is ok. I hope people gain a better understanding of this dangerous job and how all the development of housing into the woods have caused even more risk. And how the men that put their lives at risk need to have benefits and their families cared for should the worst happen.

Jake&B 2018-02-03
The movie is a beautiful tribute to these men and their families. The rating should be changed to R though. Lots of bad words but the suggestive conversations are too much for a 13 year old.