A Bad Moms Christmas
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A Bad Moms Christmas follows our three under-appreciated and over-burdened women as they rebel

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A Bad Moms Christmas follows our three under-appreciated and over-burdened women as they rebel against the challenges and expectations of the Super Bowl for moms: Christmas. And if creating a more perfect holiday for their families wasn't hard enough, they have to do all of that while hosting and entertaining their own mothers. By the end of the journey, our moms will redefine how to make the holidays special for all and discover a closer relationship with their mothers.

User Reviews
M!G'z 2021-09-15
A lot of people lack a sense of humor not everything needs to be smart boring and tasteless to be funny let comedy live people.

ArkhamsHarley 2020-12-01
Did y’all even watch the same movie? I love this!! It’s hilarious and cute. A great holiday movie, that I will enjoy for years to come!

Kais2010 2019-12-13
Apparently some people are bothered by the cursing. So if that’s you, don’t watch it. If it doesn’t bother you it’s pretty funny, definitely a Christmas movie to watch with friends or some family. Not the kids.

MJMJ93 2019-11-27

claspi99 2019-02-08
I really love it, a great comedy

Kidrockjames 2018-12-24
Just as good as the first one

pholly 2018-12-18
This movie will make you hate women.

TravAnd 2018-12-09
Aside from a few funny parts, was pretty bad which was a bummer because we really liked the first movie.

Boombatz 2018-12-02
Rerun of the first movie, with all the foul unnecessary language. Just bad. Sex acts on cookies etc. Just bad.

Superhero145 2018-11-24
Ok you can say anything you want to say about a bad moms Christmas I think it was hilarious every minute and I added it to my Christmas movie collection and I really hope they make a bad moms 3 I loved the first two films so I highly recommend it to anyone who likes these characters and the first film or Christmas you will have a blast out of it must buy!!!!!!

sea_bunny23 2018-06-05
I read the other bad reviews on here and thought: "No way, it's got to be good, the first one was so epic!" But atlas, they were right. I barely laughed at all. The jokes, no where near as edgy and hilarious as they were in first one, simply didn't land. I also happened to rent the same night the latest "Fifty Shades" sequel, and almost instantly knew I was going to purchase that one once it dropped price. But this one was not going to make it past the renting stage, that's how bad this movie really was.

Trying it against 2018-05-07
I really enjoyed this movie. The first one was great and this one was just better. The reason why. Holidays are just crazy and we all feel the same way the moms did .

Prophet Amos 2018-04-29
Truly forced comedy with dropping the F-Bomb at nearly every moment, thinking that equates to humor. The story was terrible as well as the writing for the movie. I did not know, watchng women drinking alcohol was funny - so not funny. The first Bad Moms was funny, this was a waste of time, please do not watch, spare yourself. It was so painful to watch, we stopped watching it.

OtakufromAZ 2018-04-01
One of the reivews from Rotten Tomatoes by Kate Walsh says "Female Audiences deserve better movies than this." I think all audiences deserve better than this.

Danny and Kimmy 2018-03-23
How in the world can this one be so bad after the first one being so good?!?!? I gave it a 1 star and that is being generous. I turned it off. I could not take the poor attempts at humor and bad writing. Mila is beautiful as is Kristen Bell. Even with those two gorgeous women in this movie I could not stomach going any further than I did. Don't wast your time, or do yourself a favor and drink a lot before you watch it. Don't go in sober!

Moonwalker Finn 2018-03-10
It has NONE of the charm or heart of the first one. In the first one, the charcters had motivations, reasons for engaging in harilious unbridled behavior. In this one, there isn't anything surprising -- only predictable shock gags that are as appealing as what's scribbled on the wall of a bathroom stall.

Mango man 29246 2018-03-03
The first one was much funnier than the second one.

mashamcc 2018-03-03
Was in a bad mood, watched this movie to cheer up, feel much better. Don’t understand those, who wrote bad reviews. This movie is made with great sympathy for all women without trashing men. It’s not an Oscar nominee but makes you smile.

Jess101411 2018-03-01
It wasn’t worth $6. It felt like it was forced after the success of the first one.

Faux Anonymity 2018-02-23
Enjoyed this movie. Yes, it’s silly & goofy. But ya just gotta go with it & let the good ensemble cast put it all together. Sometimes, it’s good to just turn off your mind & watch a movie like this one 👏💜🦄

Michigan iPhone user 2018-02-23
Not worth the time or money

Can'tfindanicknamethatworks 2018-02-22
What a horrible movie that glorifies and normalizes narcissistic behavior and perpetuates the shaming of victims.

Mommorris 2018-02-22
First one was funny. This one is not

Betti27 2018-02-20
Seriously lacked all the real laughter of the first movie! Wish I could get my money back...

Czul 2018-02-17
Please listen and DON’T waste your money on this! I wasted 10 bucks AND 45 minutes of my life with this. I say 45 mins because we couldn’t even finish it (yes, it was that bad!). It’s like the cast (I used to like most that were in the movie) just came together without a script and just winged it to get an easy pay day. HORRIBLE! They should have paid me to watch this garbage. These actors should be embarrassed by their performance!

Mauhersa18 2018-02-14
Good cast, but seems like there’s no more jobs for them in Hollywood, and they have to take anything they can.

kaykayydasickest🤪🖖🏽😍🤤 2018-02-13
Boy boy let me tell ya I love it so much 🖖🏽😍🤪🤪🤪🤪🗣✍🏽🌏🤤

CQ1133 2018-02-12
Not a waste of money! Great actors, scenes, and very funny! I was laughing all the time. (DONT WATCH WITH LITTLE KIDS OR PARENTS THO)

Danyel1975 2018-02-12
I loved the first Bad Moms movie but this one was so forced. The movie relied on lazy, brash humor and lacked creativity. Do not watch this movie!

No smell 2018-02-11
The first one was a lot better!!

Juller05 2018-02-11
It's a really bad movie filled with lots of below belt jokes.....not funny at all, I would say it's a very boring version of "Hangover" only with female characters. Please don't detroy your brain cells and watch something else.

Pablomex2 2018-02-10
Don’t waste your time with this movie. Just lame.

dgselenago 2018-02-10
Nothing else to say

MayJazmin 2018-02-08
If you have seen every other movie out there and out of options then watch this. Keep your expectations low and you'll survive through it. Besides Mila Kunis and her horrendous acting skills, the rest of the cast was enjoyable. There were some chuckle kind of moments sprinkled throughout but nothing I would consider hilarious.

TinaHPfan 2018-02-08
Made me smile and laugh. The three ladies have such great chemistry.

johnphiliph 2018-02-07
funny movie !!

Emmielew 2018-02-07
Just got the dvd today, can’t wait to watch again!

BryanParks 2018-02-07
and im back on Netflix. I want my $5.99 back please. Literally the dumbest movie ever.

yea rite 2018-02-06
Man this really dumb. Just not funny.

R7AA7R 2018-02-04
Waste of time!

KimSalley 2018-02-03
I love this movie , I laughed non stop total recommend this

Steve-in-stl 2018-02-01
Kept waiting to laugh. Then they turned the lights on.

love it gurl 2018-01-30
Not a waste of money😊🤢

Court2501 2018-01-28
Horrible movie!! Not funny at all!!

someone_else_too 2018-01-28
waste of money and time ... nothing good about this ... not even funny.

Metatron32 2018-01-27
This movie was horribly written with excessive impotent F bombs. Too bad it was supposed to be a comedy! It just went to far in several places with having a little child say foul things and being to base. It’s really too bad because there were a lot of great actors in this movie who are capable of more than the pathetic script allowed them.

twistedchic 2018-01-26
enough said

JSilv5 2018-01-24
I had to warn everyone else before they flush $20. This movie was just awful. I’m not being ugly either. I love most movies. This movie was just truthfully that bad.

DJ KILLER (242) 2018-01-23
Funny funny funny!!!

Yili❤️.❤️ 2018-01-23
Ohhhh I love this movie so much!! I laugh like never!! 🤣