The Mystery of Britannic
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A historical docudrama that reveals a unique scenery on the terrible fate of the sister ship of the

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A historical docudrama that reveals a unique scenery on the terrible fate of the sister ship of the famous Titanic, whose final destiny was to be lost while at sea. The project presents the on-screen combination of re-enacted historical events intertwined with the scientific underwater documentary. The narration of the re-enacted story is being done by Nelly - who has departed her affluent family to serve as a newly recruited volunteer nurse on the hospital ship. Nelly shares her heart-piercing story of a courageous voyage aboard the legendary Britannic - an ill-fated ocean liner, converted into the military hospital ship, bound for a shattering demise. One of the most famous shipwreck researchers, Richard Kohler, whose expertise and knowledge of the Britannic history developed into the life-long passion, helps the viewer to clearly apprehend the documentary materials. High-tech, deep-ocean submersibles and underwater research equipment allowed to capture the unique footage of a sleeping giant on the depths exceeding 100 meters. The combined efforts of researchers, scientists and SFX team made it possible to life-like witness the last minutes of the gigantic hospital ship. Together with the characters of the movie, the viewer will go through the actions of noble sacrifice, the story of love, the horrors of war, re-live the unspeakable tragedy that happened a century ago and behold the long-gone wreck of the hospital ship in all her silent glory.

User Reviews
Furutan1 2019-07-01
The narrator (familiar to viewers of Discovery Channel) is a nice guy and all, but he is an uneducated dope and definitely not a scholar at any level. A couple of things - there was never anyone named Arch Duke Fernidad. It was Ferdinand. (Fernidad? Really?) Also, the British battleships didn't "bomb" anything (among other things, their ships were not capable of flight). I know that Russians can be stoic, but I don't know how they tolerated this guy's non-stop yacking, and when they were at the table and this guy (an American) pretended to be in charge of a Russian expedition, it was pretty silly. As usual, this documentary could have taken up half the time. On the other hand, they did not keep repeating the same scenes over and over as a filler. The dramatizations helped as well.

mjksf 2018-06-12
It wasn't even worth the $0.99. I barely got through 20 mins of it.

huuuuuh31 2018-03-27
It was really good. A lot of history. The dramatization's wern't the best. I wish there was a bit more of the wreck of Britannic, but I did enjoy the history of the other vessels they mentioned. That's my only thing is I wish they would have ventured into the wreck, recreating what was, and what was supposed to be, and what is now. Would have been awesome. But the highlight for me, was seeing the funnels up close. That was really cool!