Survivors Guide to Prison
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You're more likely to go to prison in the USA than any other country in the world, so in the

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You're more likely to go to prison in the USA than any other country in the world, so in the unfortunate case it happens to you, this is the SURVIVORS GUIDE TO PRISON. Following the stories of two innocent men who spent decades behind bars for murders they did not commit. Gripping testimony from inmates, guards, staff, cops, analysts, lawyers and reformers, SURVIVORS GUIDE exposes the failed “punishment model” and examines the dramatic programs proven to work.

User Reviews
Bill1369 2018-09-27
In 1974 I began working for the CA Dept Corrections at Soledad. Ensuing years found me as Probation & Parole Officer. If I learned one thing from those many years of correctional law enforcement, it is the system does not work. The worst development I have witnessed in last 20-30 yrs is "private prisons"! Greasing the palms of sleasy politicians to keep inmates in slavery!! Very good film. (Nobody who can influence correctional policy will care in least...)

Cdm2003 2018-05-26
Great documentary on a flawed judicial system that no one wants to talk about

Red_Peters 2018-05-12
Very few tips on how to survive prison. Movie attempts to blame the USA for its occupants committing crime, getting arrested for it, and subsequently being incarcerated. Having been a cop I know of zero cops that *want* to arrest people. Most are paycheck collectors trying to get by. Has an accurate take on prosecutors prosecuting, but that is a politcally motivated cause not a front line law enforcement cause. To satiate some the movie portends that racial minorities are more likely to get caught up in the system even though non-minorities make up the vast majority of the incarcerated. Disturbing anecdotes of folks wrongly imprisoned are not balanced with those properly punished and imprisoned; again which vastly outnumber the innocent caught up in the system.

reyesmbears 2018-05-11
About time we get this broke down for all to see. Can’t wait for the next one - keep moving forward!!

un1337 2018-03-23
First of all, the name is not accurate. This is not a guide on how to deal with prison. At one point, they state to stay with your race and join a gang. Then they move on. How can you say that and not explain it? Their point is that you are forced into that for safety, but it isn't explained and they do not give advice on how to deal with it. I agree with ending the war on drugs and private prisons, but this is so one sided it just comes off as fake.

Quinne33 2018-03-18
I obtained my criminal justice degree six years ago and it was then that I realized how dirty and corrupt or criminal justice system really is. This film is spot on, it’s so sad that people in the Justice System are disgusting and it’s disturbing how money is the reason for this in the first place.

Phrenobulax 2018-03-10
The folks associated with this movie have their own agenda. Not necessarily a bad thing, however, by featuring quotes such as RZA's: "If you have a serious mental illness, the United States of America is probably the worst place you want to be", well, you have just lost me. This statement is so far from accurate, it automatically brings into question the veracity of the rest of the film. Mr. Lisker's saga is a terrible one, and I'm thrilled he has been released. But was his relationship with his mother really as he depicts it? Perhaps.

Studly Field Mouse 2018-03-10
America is in NO WAY a free country. Most of our so-called liberties are long gone. What we now call "freedom" is nothing more than the liberty we can enjoy on any given day that we don't encounter a rouge cop. Among the many important things this movie points out, to be a cop, all you need is a high school diploma or sometimes just a G.E.D. to wield a gun and get access to the vast surveillance power of our computerized state. In America, it is normal for penalties to be WILDLY out of proportion to the crimes commited. Many of those "crimes" involving drug posession should not be crimes at all.

Adderall Diaries 2018-03-04
Just two innocent guys? If you listen to them, they are all innocent. Our justice system is the best in the world. You actually get a judge, jury and a professional looking room to be found innocent or guilty unlike many other nations where you get beaten or tortured by police on the streets or in prison.

HollyJA 2018-02-27
An important, insightful film about the American justice system - who it benefits and how it disproportionately impacts people of color, low income individuals and others. For those concerned with victim rights, it is even more important to understand how the system spends resources keeping innocent people jailed while those who are guilty may never face consequences, due to a system more concerned with profits than justice.

Bev likes the Band 2018-02-27
A jarring indictment against our criminal justice system. These horrors have been going on for decades, it has gotten to a critical condition. The innocent are not safe, no one is. Stand up , speak out. We need to clean up the whole prison and justice system in this country.

Cassidy Kuppin 2018-02-25
This movie felt like a god awful proganda film slamming cops and the USA. Thought it was going to be about interesting crime and life inside jail...nope!

B-Man1970 2018-02-25
WOW! Definately a movie everyone should see -- thought provoking and makes great points on the "justice" system in this country. Join the movement!

sunpuppet 2018-02-25
Believe me, you will learn mindblowing truths from this movie. It should be compulsory viewing. Prepare to have your eyes opened to the horrifying injustice of a broken system where people's lives don't matter. This is cleverly woven with two true terrifying stories of life behind bars - for a crime you didn't commit. Watch it now!

Thewoooo 2018-02-25
What a powerful message of the system we allow as citizens to happen. This isn’t a movie, it’s the start of a movement.

bravochico 2018-02-24
Nice film Don Trejo Manolo

Lilly428** 2018-02-24
Everyone should watch this movie! As a criminal justice graduate, this is like nothing you will learn in a book. As a child, I always thought that if you were in jail, you were a “bad guy”. Now through schooling and documentaries like this and biographies have really changed my perspective on prison, punishment and rehabilitation across the country.