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George and Harold have to keep their grades up to go to summer camp. But it's a tall order with Melvin -- and a cyborg Melvin -- running the school!

User Reviews
Romainta Maccarone 2022-10-08
This series is really good but we are missing the third season ITunes

wadepatterson 2021-09-05
its sooooooooooo cool

annoyingorange823 2020-07-06
My brother, Liam, is a huge captain underpants fan!!! He has almost all of the books, he watched the movie! He even saw the show!!! I love it, too!

Player738🐶🐱 2020-01-03
This show has a lot of humor but it’s pretty ridiculous. Overall it’s a pretty good show but it’s not the greatest. Keep working hard.

THE BIG ZAN 2019-10-30
By crisis lord hate this show.

StarComedianVEVO 2019-06-18
Yep, I got from Amazon! George and Harold’s Guide from a Comix for a Whole Universe (The Original Title) and I Loved new author for loved this craziness day! And I loved What Men What and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, before long... One Day at a Time: Series Finale on Netflix, before when it’s gone! Thanks for Wroting!