Magical Mystery Tour
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Magical Mystery Tour—conceived and directed by The Beatles themselves—is a surreal take on the

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Magical Mystery Tour—conceived and directed by The Beatles themselves—is a surreal take on the British tradition of a coach trip to the seaside, featuring the band members along with an eccentric cast of characters. The film was originally broadcast in the UK in 1967. While the music, featuring classic tracks like“Magical Mystery Tour,” “The Fool on the Hill,” and “I Am the Walrus,” was rapturously received, the movie was poorly reviewed by TV critics who expected something lighter and more in the style of of A Hard Day’s Night. As a result, the film never aired in the US and was not widely distributed. But now, 45 years on, the rarely seen classic film has been fully restored and is being presented in its original glory for the first time.

User Reviews
Jackiedo123 2022-10-20
The music is great of course, the story the acting, wow! I can see how it was panned. The only thing that saves it a bit is the lip-sync version of “ I am the walrus”

PETA chip 2022-04-26
I didn’t watch it but I know the boys did great considering the rather inferior atmosphere of the climate at the time.

amandax345 2021-06-22
Sometimes I honestly didn't know what was going on but I did enjoy. They make the wacky somehow beautiful and interesting to watch. They are way beyond their time. If you like the group you will still like this!

rando person (?) 2020-11-24
You didn’t watch this movie because it’s a cinematic masterpiece. You watched it for the Beatles. And in that way, it’s amazing. Required viewing for anybody who likes the Beatles

NHL NBA 2020-04-27
Please lower the HD price for this movie

dothecookieshake 2019-09-27
I’ve watch the movie.. it’s good but when aunt Jessie’s dream starts.. that music scares me!! The movies good but I hate that part

HaydenIsMondo 2019-09-21
This movie is awesome. If you wanna see The Beatles pick up a bunch of randos and go on a trip then watch this movie RIGHT NOW. The music? You know it all. The movie? Super fun.

Mopishfool 2019-08-08