A Christmas Carol: The Family Musical With a Scrooge Loose!
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"A Christmas Carol: The Family Musical with a Scrooge Loose!" is the Ross Petty panto version of the timeless holiday classic. In this fractured tale, everyone’s favourite curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge discards his Humbug credo and pushes his big plan to own the holiday season. “I MUST HAVE THE HOLIDAYS! I MUST HAVE THEM!! I MUST!!!” With a show full of pop songs, dances, zany humour and slapstick, will Scrooge succumb to the true meaning of the holidays? One thing’s certain - Ross Petty’s “A Christmas Carol” puts the “Hah!” into “Humbug!” and creates a wacky new Christmas classic with appeal for children and adults alike.

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