Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison
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Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison is a comedic tale of a stubborn ex-convict with dreams of

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Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison is a comedic tale of a stubborn ex-convict with dreams of becoming a world renowned motivational speaker. Two things stand in his way: his attitude and his no-nonsense probation officer.

User Reviews
K_Will1980 2021-09-21
HILARIOUS AND INFORMATIVE. There are so many gems in this movie that WILL change your life when APPLIED. Can’t wait for next movies and a tv series!!!

miami_rrr 2021-04-22
This movie is so under rated Romey killed it with his character and casting of the other roles. I hope more individuals get a chance to see and share. Don’t forget “if it only benifits you how great can it be?”

Dsmooth1986 2021-01-27
Real life in movies be the best

Rekkhan C 2020-10-31
Thos movie was exceptional. Definitely , hit home in alot of places for me . Crazy funny. . I highly recommend people watch it to be inspired.. How you fall 7 times , get up 8.. .Gteat job Romany Malco!

Mr.Goodnight3121 2020-10-30
This movie is a true to life, in a comedic form, of what it’s like to get out of prison. Then try to hustle to find a living & purpose in life. The obstacles the lead character goes through , is a learning lesson on not to give up on whatever you set your goals on. Keven Lamar

surferben182 2020-10-26
Very funny movie. So excited for Romany to get his project completed and that it came out so well!

Da Pizzle 2020-10-25
Incredibly funny movie. Well worth the wait. I knew when I sent my donation years ago that I was gonna laugh and learn the entire time I was watching this movie. If you haven’t seen it, you trippin’.

Afrdytee 2020-10-25
I’m glad I was one of the contributors of such a well put together movie with a stellar cast! Romany Malco is a very talented man. When he first introduced us to Tijuana Jackson in Funny or Die I laughed so hard! I thought, I hope he makes a movie with this character one day...and he did! Definitely a must see!

loudsnares 2020-10-24

Kaheem mr loud Dudley 2020-10-24
Hilarious film worth every penny. I rented and preordered this. Make you check this on out

kaym8ch 2020-10-24
If you don't get anything else from this movie you better get the life gems disguised as comedic genius. Definitely can see this as a cult classic.

CandaceFo 2020-10-24
The movie was so funny and heartwarming at the same time. It shows the real struggles of daily life for some families, especially in adapting to the return of someone from prison. RM and the cast did a great job. RM should be very proud of himself for getting his project out there to the masses. Job well done!

Gamer2810 2020-10-24
Really enjoyed this movie. Funny with a positive message.

Rulomaes 2020-10-24
Hilarious movie! This will be watched over and over again.

Vanita69 2020-10-24
Hi Guys, I am really encouraging everyone to watch this movie it was awesome!!! It really makes you sit back and reflect on the true meaning of life. I am sure a lot of us can agree that life is what you make it to be. Good or bad the choice is yours ! Blessings ❤️🙏🏾💯👍🏾😀

Ianacreate 2020-09-27
This movie had me rolling on the floor laughing and also thinking about the broken prison system. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did. They did their thing in this movie.

Fralickm 2020-09-25
Great job Romany Malco!

Mr o 281 2020-09-05
Came in expecting a comedy which it was and hilarious at that! But I wasn’t expecting were the moments that catch you off guard that show the reality of life before during and after prison, but a man destined to fulfill his dream and purpose. A must watch please support this movie!

invisiblegoddess_ 2020-08-29
Hello my name is Talishia Anderson Hawkins Before I watched this film I was depressed with my life . I am a entrepreneur looking for real love and support to live out my dreams I was having trouble sleeping 3 weeks ago so I decided to order the TijuanaJacksonMovie! The movie was awesome and I kid you not ! Right at the end of the film I smiled so hard ...I was filled with so much joy that two seconds later I was out like a light! Yes I slept like a baby! I woke up the next day with no depression in my spirit! I was instantly cured and I feel so blessed and happy and super motivated to keep pushing forward with what I love to do as an entrepreneur 💪🏽🙏🏽 I watched this film 3 weeks ago! It’s 3 weeks later and I’m still filled with joy ! No depression at all! I’m cured!!! !!! PLEASE ORDER THIS MOVIE !!! I TRULY RECOMMEND IT!!! I WILL EVEN CASHAPP PEOPLE MONEY IF THEY ARE STRUGGLING TO ORDER!!! THIS MOVIE SAVED MY LIFE!!!

JamesT88 2020-08-25
This movie is right about the justice system is not fair for black men thx bro I watch it all the time

momo j&n 2020-08-25
This movie was well written by a very talented Romany! I am not at all surprised by how much O enjoyed this movie. Everything he touches is great! Bravo to the cast of Tijuana Jackson! I loved seeing both Regina Hall and Tami Roman in this movie! Great job ladies! All the casting was great. This is a comedy and inspirational movie no matter your background.

morgs217 2020-08-15
This movie was low key one of the most hilarious movies of the year!

Elvis Kaberuka 2020-08-13
First review ever on iTunes! I loved the heart of the story and words of inspiration that touched me to begin with, but the comedy is superb as well!! Rented it and now I’m buying a copy!!

Big Kaine 2020-08-13
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Been a fan of Tijuana Jackson since his Prison Logic YouTube videos. He definitely didn’t let me down with this movie.

Roc122 2020-08-12
Had to buy this. This is some classic funny stuff

BrittBurks 2020-08-11
Well written, performed, and directed!!!

C-ludey 2020-08-08
Excellent movie! Great acting, superb timing, and smooth editing. I laughed through the whole movie! Theater-worthy for sure!

Shyne Washington 2020-08-08
My husband and I watched the movie over and over again and every time, we find something funny we missed from laughing so hard at the other funny stuff! So good! Much needed during these times! Thanks🔥🔥🔥

Apple is to expensive 2020-08-07
I lived a life of crime and mayhem. After watching Tijuana Jackson Purpose over Power I have been reformed. I have not sold any drugs or robbed anyone since tomorrow morning at 8a.m.. specific tandem time. Thank You Tijuana Jackson.

FADEAWAY Haircuts! 2020-08-06
It’s a must watch! Lotta laughs and messages

Livn4fun 2020-08-06
Thoroughly enjoyed this movie! It was hilarious, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and had a powerful message about redemption. The plot twists were great too. Well done!

Bugg214 2020-08-06
Brilliant idea! Excellent movie! I Love It!!!

Rayyof_sunshine 2020-08-06
Wasn't a fan honestly... reminded me of humor you would see on "the office"

MovingMountainsCoach 2020-08-05
Great movie! TJ is funny! But, there are so many important messages in this film. It’s a story that needs to be told. So much of what people go through goes untold. This movie sheds light on so much that is often left out of black film and the truth about our princess through pain in the black community! Love this film

king_cheeze 2020-08-05
1 of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my life

Ms.Sjm 2020-08-05
This film delivered so much more than I expected. The entire family laughed and enjoyed it, from my children to my parents.

Xxxfn 2020-08-05
Great characters who don't fall into the one-note portrayl of most TV shows and films. Casts a light on the difficulty of survival when the system isn't focused on support. The humor and engaging story keep the message from being heavy-handed.

Tanny5 2020-08-05
This film is hilarious! Filled with nuggets of truth of the failures of the American Justice System and family struggle. It is a GEM!! Congratulations 🔥

Kg_fsu 2020-08-04
Love it. Been following since he started prison logic on YouTube. Still movie definitely needs to turn into a show

Jain1920 2020-08-04
This movie will not disappoint! Funny, captivating, and inspirational! Loved it!!

Smh Fr 100 2020-08-04
Message!!!! A lot of game is dropped in this movie

Illustrate Sharp 2020-08-04
This movie has a great message and needs to be seen! The fact that it's coming out NOW is pure coincidence but it also speaks to the fact that systematic racism is real and needs to be addressed! This movie is a raw look at the topic of incarceration and rehabilitation along with systematic racsim but it's also packed with enough laugh-out-loud scenes and quotes to keep the moving flowing right along. It's a movie with a huge heart that fights against all the odds!

sbrew85 2020-08-04
It’s a perfect balance of laughter, emotion and inspiration

jagypsy 2020-08-03
I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. Romany Malco and cast were brilliant. Camera work and script excellent and funny. This movie deserves to be shown mainstream!

lildaddy3800 2020-08-03
This Movie was well worth the wait. I enjoyed the entire cast. The FEEL of the Cast definitely delivered on the Laughter, a inside look on how it's hard for a convict to find SUPPORT once released. TIJUANA JACKSON LIFE COACH WITH A GOON HAND... #FACTO

teris04202013 2020-08-03
The movie was hilarious, but also has a deep message. The performance of the actors was outstanding and I was able to relate to them. Seek purpose..

rashaadblack 2020-08-03
This movie is definitely not your average comedy. The direct Romany Malco takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions as he explores the character Tijuana Jackson. This is a must rent, must buy. A film like this is a rarity in that there subtle messages that hit in a different way that allows the movie to resonate with you long after it ends. Kudos to Romany and his team for putting together a wonderful film.

Debour17 2020-08-03
You will laugh. You will cry. Great movie.

Jrj261989 2020-08-03
This movie was soo epically funny, willfully skills, with a clear sincere story, filled with DEEP truth, what a powerful way to use comedy and bring truth to the systematic racism and harsh reality of the prison system all while being the funniest movie I seen all year!

Themacboys 2020-08-03