The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl
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Another family adventure from the hit-making director of Spy Kids, The Adventures of Sharkboy and

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Another family adventure from the hit-making director of Spy Kids, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl is non-stop fun and stars Hollywood favorites David Arquette, Kristin Davis, and George Lopez. Everyone always knew that Max had a wild imagination...but no one believed that his wildest creations - a boy raised by watchful great white sharks and a girl with the force of a volcano - were real! Now, these two pint-sized action masters will show Max that even an ordinary kid has what it takes to be extraordinary! Bursting with cool, eye-popping 3-D special effects- even the smallest dreamers can become the biggest heroes in this entertaining motion picture!

User Reviews
Carteroie 2022-07-17
Omg u wouldn’t understand but I love The Adventures Of Sharkboy n Lavagirl it’s definitely a awesome movie definitely a good movie n definitely for kids

CESSNALUVER175 2022-03-16
I was 6 years old when this movie came out and I was obsessed with it! I remember wishing I could be like Lavagirl and shoot lava out of my hands and have pink hair lol. I will always have great memories of this movie.

ben scott simpson 2021-03-13
Please put this movie on my iPhone today

batmankool12 2020-12-28
It made me so happy to watch it it was so hood so tough feely. The moral was so good and max reminded me a lot of myself when I drive to school it’s just me daydreamin away exploring with charecters from books and movies more than once I’ve actually dreaming of planet droul this movie really got to me and just made me so happy I wanted to applaud after shark boy Sang max a lullaby(it’s stuck in my head still!) watch just go watch it right now pls.

JEA13007 2020-07-15
I wonder shark boy and lava girl team up with spy kids movie 🦈🔥😎 I want shark-boy lava girl and max team up Spy kids and OSS.

Goku0623 2020-07-14
I swear to you I was obsessed with this movie it’s so bad but it’s so good at the same time I just watch it please for your own good