DC Showcase: Constantine - The House of Mystery
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After rewriting time and preventing the Apokalips War from ever happening, John Constantine finds

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After rewriting time and preventing the Apokolips War from happening, John Constantine finds himself imprisoned in the House of Mystery, facing a punishment he does not yet understand. As he explores the House’s labyrinths, he soon finds Zatanna and many friends, but these meetings repeatedly end in his brutal death. Facing an endless loop of his own demise, the ever-brilliant Constantine begins to unravel the path that led to his hellish confinement. Can he outwit his captor and escape, or is he destined to serve his eternal sentence? Plus 3 more animated shorts - Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth!, The Losers, and Blue Beetle.

User Reviews
John Constantine earth666 2022-08-30
I thought I was purchasing a Constantine feature film not shorts. Shame on WB pictures, shame on the current C.E.O. Just embarrassing, the Constantine short was good that’s why it got the star, because that was good up until it ended in 30 mins.

Guillermo Bonilla 2022-06-20
This is the biggest miss namer ever. Yes the first mini movie is true to the title, but ends and you have two or three other mini movies to follow that have nothing to do with anything. Waste of time and money.

WOLFy84 2022-06-01
Broken up to short stories and not even related !!Not that I know of anyhow…shouldn’t be Titled Constantine !! It should be titled DC animation presents 4 new shorts .. Also the animation the Constantine short was related to Justice League Dark:Apokolips War should’ve kept the same Animation style also Catwoman: Hunted sucked as well Not a good start for DC animation in 2022 . Luckily the new GL title looks good , but y’all need to step it up that’s the only thing you beat Marvel at Animated Feature Films

Kasespaces 2022-05-26
It’s not a movie

NCJim2010 2022-05-21
I was not a fan.

lokiito8 2022-05-10
The movie was like 15 min long

GoldenBoy978 2022-05-09
I personally enjoy the all of DC Showcases because of the multiple stories in them. It helps learn about characters I didn’t know about. The artwork of the character was questionable, but I really enjoyed the Constantine story line regardless. Not everyone will agree with me, which is fine but it’s a A+ for me lol 😂

navyvet2009 2022-05-08
Expected a full, but got DC shorts. Constantine was a short movie that had no excitement, not a difinitive end.

Turtlebutler 2022-05-07
I bought it thinking it was a new animated Constantine movie, but it's just a bunch of shorts.

KrombopulasMichael 2022-05-06
Typical Dc

tukaii13 2022-05-05
Bought it for Constantine storyline but got just a hint of it and little shorts that I didn’t ask for. Total waste

ninjaturtle123456789 2022-04-29
Good movie didn’t like the design of Constantine it’s a step down from apocalypse war but still good

Tony 2Toes 2022-04-27
Stop hiring this garbage to be made so poorly! Only idiots will see past it and think it’s great. Just like all the trash comic books, just completely oblivious to the design.