The Contractor
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Chris Pine stars in the action-packed thriller as Special Forces Sergeant James Harper, who is involuntarily discharged from the Army and cut-off from his pension. In debt, out of options and desperate to provide for his family, Harper contracts with a private underground military force. When the very first assignment goes awry, the elite soldier finds himself hunted and on the run, caught in a dangerous conspiracy and fighting to stay alive long enough to get home and uncover the true motives of those who betrayed him. Also starring Kiefer Sutherland, Ben Foster, Gillian Jacobs and Eddie Marsan.

User Reviews
Fedup with cheater 2022-06-16
This movie starts out a little slow however after about 10 minutes or so it picks up. I’d say compared to whats coming out of Hollywood these days, this is one of the better movie in the last two years!

TJ WW 2022-06-11
Not sure if it was action but I liked the military angles. What was going on with the chase near the river with motorcycles? He was outrunning bullets. That was far fetched. Great film for many sections. Sad to hear it has been crushed at the box office.

Kv-cpt 2022-06-07
was hoping for a good Chris pine action movie...this was not it.. slow and confusing in bits..the climax was too short avoid it

tha Bat 2022-06-06
This was the corniest most boring movie i ever saw. If you are reading this then you have just been informed to save your money and bypass this film. Thank me later trust me.

Ask&Seek123 2022-06-02
Good story line. Great acting. To the men and women who have served, thank you!

Love Itunes Music 2022-06-01
Boring, slow and although Chris Pine is a suburb actor, he didnt' pull this one off. The movie was just not that interesting, athough the premise had promise, the director did not get it done. When Kiefer Sutherland died, I was happy though, that was my happy spot. Ending was predictable and was just so-so

Mihay42 2022-05-30
Chris Pine does well. If you’re in for a good telling that explores the depths of the contractor this is a good watch.

k2atydee 2022-05-28
Okay movie if you have nothing else to watch. Some actions scenes definitely not believable. Really glad that I did not buy it.

Pushba 2022-05-27
Typical bait and switch from Hollywood. I wanted to enjoy this movie, but it was too dark and depressing. Unfortunately I had to pay money to watch this movie.

Gizm0man12 2022-05-27
Would have liked more attention to detail, but good movie. Part two should be better than this

100%alturas 2022-05-19
With a little more time and attention to detail would have supported this plot better. Buy it with it drops to 9.99

lhr155 2022-05-15
really $19.99 to rent this?

Cheechiecherry 2022-05-13
This isn’t good. The premise is very weak and unrealistic. PMC company working for corporations to make sure a virus is launched si they could make money on the vaccine. The PMC run by Kiefer Sutherland’s character misinforms and lies to his operators about missions, ie kill this guy cause he’s a terrorist when he’s actually not. Like that wasn’t going to go badly eventually to keep lying to your contractors about the purpose of the missions? The fire fight at the end was a bit ridiculous. Ben Foster’s character (supposedly a former operator as well) exposes himself from cover with a pistol and just walks into gun fire. I’m no military expert but I think a former operator would be smarter than that in a fire fight. Just a ridiculous lazy movie that seemed to do no research on anything. PMC could bring a lot of interesting plot lines. This isn’t one of them.

immurf 2022-05-12
Watch the trailer it as all the good parts. I wish I hadn’t of bought it didn’t make it through half and stopped! So so so slow and boring

subtleeaj 2022-05-05
I sail the seven internets pillaging and plundering for my treasures. It sure is a heck of a lot cheaper than paying for this. If you know how to google, then you can join ye Black Beard.

AnonnonLauri 2022-04-29
5 stars for Chris Pine. I’ve never seen any movie with him in it be bad. One star for the price only because I can’t give that a negative -100 to infinity & beyond. Never going to watch any movie released at that price. Seriously $24.99 ? Y’all have lost touch with reality.

Tr4766 2022-04-20
If you enjoy action movies, you will enjoy this.

Electrician 2022-04-20
Not at that price! 24.99 to buy and 19.99 to rent? Somebody needs to check theirselves.

Jax,Fl 2022-04-17
I think rental and purchase prices were better during the worst of Covid. I would rather put gas in my car! Sorry but I’ll wait until the prices come down to being reasonable. Most of the time these movies aren’t worth it anyway!

DocNartman 2022-04-16
Movie overall is good. Not expecting Oscar winning acting here. Wanted to watch a Tom Clancy type movie, and this served it’s purpose. If you enjoyed Amazon’s take on Without Remorse then you will be fine with this. Only issue I saw was the slightly slow start but the action pace picked up and stayed consistent thereafter. Simple plot line. Good Saturday night movie. I knew what I was getting and rented it for $19.99. I rather spend $19.99 in the confines of my home than to sit in a crowded theater with crap seats, other people, and lame food…or spend more for the higher end theaters with OK seats and Applebees level food. I’ll also comment that it seems other reviewers don’t believe in reviewing the movie but complain about the price. You clicked buy/rent. Not Apple’s or the movie’s fault you clicked it. If you can’t afford $19.99 or can’t stand to see these few dollars wasted on the movie then don’t click rent. Life choices. In summary, decent movie, I was entertained as was my family. Moving on.

woo wooo woo 13 2022-04-13
I have to say the run time cuts off a lot of character development. The idea was there, but it all seems so rushed, I know productions can be so complex and can always be mismanaged. That being said take it for what it is, it’s fast and quick but all in all it is a good view. The characters could have been developed from all sides and thus the plot would matter more but original material these days is hard to get funded.

Joker15121 2022-04-13
Movie was truly amazing, at the end his brother helped him at the end. Messed up how it ended.

Stephen's iPhone7+ 2022-04-13
Apple has so much audacity. $25 to own $20 to rent With a 43% positive review. No thanks.

aramis2764 2022-04-12
As opposed to unnecessarily writing about the cost of the movie or what it’s worth to rent and then judging based on that, I’m just going to stick to the was released in theatres at the same price and same time. Welcome to 2022. Pairing Pine and Foster again was a treat as they play well together. The action scenes were genuinely interesting and usually realistic. Pine seemed to show a different side of himself, a more aged mature type. The movie has enough twists to keep you engaged but it’s simply a great action film as opposed to a guessing game. It hints at some of the darker realities of military life, but as a whole stays firmly paced and focused on the main characters.

beep834 2022-04-06
Without writing an in-depth review. It was just ok. Im a huge Ben foster fan so I wanted to check it out. Go in with low expectations and a few beers & you might be pleasantly surprised. People that leave reviews and don’t even mention the movie are so obnoxious. How are their reviews about people complaining about the price? Smh

Oliver M. Snipes 2022-04-05
What else do you need to know? You down for the cause?

Dipotyght 2022-04-03
Not worth it

Charles_79 2022-04-03
This movie is DEFINITELY worth a watch and shouldn't be rotten.

Rpcoyote 2022-04-03
Relevant. Moving.

Sugma Bauls 2022-04-03
His uniform is clearly Army not marines. You could do a little research before you write something you know! Guess whoever wrote the bio is too lazy to type something on google to help him be accurate with the facts.

Z3CHB4DB0Y 2022-04-02
Great movie, our family loved it

wellhamful 2022-04-02
Watched with my boyfriend, he’s a fan of “Tom Clancy’ish action movies” and I’m a fan of red wine and Chris Pine. It was a good afternoon. It was a good movie.

beansla 2022-04-02
This movie is surprisingly good

Billy7915 2022-04-02
You don’t get let loose from the military, with an honorable discharge and not get your benefits.

raffols 2022-04-01
Totally agree with you. From the 3 studios Lionsgate is the worst. I simply hate it. So many bad films and then their price won’t go lower for months. I mean for the few titles that might be of little interest. The pandemic prices won’t work for too long anyway. People are now going to the Movies, myself included, therefore the $19.99 and $24.99 will have to go back to $14.99, $12.99 and $9.99.

ZIBA123 2022-03-01
Wow for a movie that goes straight to digital, it’s a high price to pay, would purchased if it’s was standard $20.00 like any other new movie coming out. I guess I’ll wait until it’s reduced to to $15 or under. Just have to be patient. Don’t know why Paramount and MGM and lionsgate hasn’t jump on the movie anywhere band wagon yet.

fhruduehhrhd 2022-02-23