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One of Marvel's most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar winner

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One of Marvel's most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar winner Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero, Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success, a darkness inside him is unleashed and transforms this healer into a hunter.

User Reviews
Fuzz84 2022-06-25
I finally watched this only tricked into thinking he says it’s morbin time, he sadly does not.

Ddjboss 2022-06-24
Amazing effects, and excellent audio, very entertaining!

Amazing Grace26 2022-06-24
Jared Leto was one of the problems with this movie

MasterjediBucko 2022-06-23
Morbius was definitely one of the movies to ever exist. Its story is centered on Dr. Michael Morbius, who is played by talented actor Jared Leto. My favorite part of the movie was when Morbius said “It’s Morbin’ Time!” and proceeded to morb all over everyone.

16 HORSES 2022-06-22
I say Morbious is okay but it’s understandable why it gets seen as bad! There was no meat to the Motion Capture, I mean this should have been better than it was but someone clearly bit off more than they can chew!

LazzzyB 2022-06-22
I think this movie is getting bad reviews since origin movies aren’t as non-stop exciting as movies with action the whole time. It was the same with first Captain America movie. I liked all of the science thrown in with the action of this movie and I’d like to see Morbius again— whether a 2nd movie has him in Sinister 6 or just trying to deal with his sweetie being a vamp too!

GoodByeRiddance 2022-06-21
I saw this in IMAX AND UGH The villain is awful and dances around as if he is the Joker. Not a good way to make a villain serious. Morbius himself deserved way better, way darker movie but nope! This movie seemed rushed plus tons of stuff from the trailer was cut out. My Mother fell asleep and I can’t blame her. The best part was the end credits scene.

richrex22 2022-06-21
Love the movie and hope there is more movies in the future.

KellyGirl2345 2022-06-19
Not as good as the Disney Marvel movies but definitely in the same lane as Sony (Venom, etc.). Kind of creepy and dark but if you like vampires then this is for you. I liked it and wish that iTunes would let me put 3 1/2 stars since that is its true rating. I wish there a bit more story but the effects are really good. I definitely enjoyed it. Not for kids, but adults. There is a great story involving the conflict inside of Morbius with how he doesn’t want to hurt anyone as a vampire. Bad reviews lie as this is actually a pretty good movie. The rest I won’t give it a 4 is because it is just not Disney Marvel.

Sano Cj 2022-06-19
Morbius was honestly the best movie I’ve ever watched such a masterpiece I was being to morb because this movie was so great.

Grumps23 2022-06-19
I’ll never get that 144 minutes back

Nyto_242 2022-06-18
Best movie ever made

nova the yeetmuffin 2022-06-18
Morbius is a cinematic masterpiece. This is the first movie in history to get a 203% critic score and a 134% audience score. This is the first movie to sell 3 morbillion tickets. Amazing

AndyNYCAZ 2022-06-18
Absolutely terrible. Save your money.

hfihihyvhguh 2022-06-18

Deldesto 2022-06-18
Please watch so we can get the sequel 2 Morb 2 Morbius

Hugh Munguscok 2022-06-18
After I watched Morbius (amazing movie) my wife decided to not leave me. I recommend this movie to anyone even infants

Nevnicki 2022-06-18
They could have paid me 50 bucks and I would have explained all the medical stuff to them so they didn’t look ridiculous. You had good actors and made a lazy story. Made it 15 minutes.

Coke95 2022-06-18
One of the worst movies I’ve seen. Main actor is horrendous

Eware 2022-06-17
The dialogue was sad Unfulfilling and at times felt thoughtless. The acting and character building was excellent. The lack of detailed science with today’s understanding of meta-humans should have more depth. With the creativity Marvel has built in the film,the dialogue should have been superb.

WALSMW1212 2022-06-17
Loved the movie! It was about time they came out with a new vampire movie!

a Star Wars fan 2022-06-17
This is this best movie to come to cinemas since The Godfather. I especially loved when Godzilla said it’s morbin time and saved the multiverse. This movie has the ability to stop world hunger when played. Seriously if you care about people watch this movie. 🎬

CjSierra 2022-06-17
I’m not sure why so many people are hating on this movie, I thought it was fun and well done.

707santarosaBayrohnertpark 2022-06-17
Movie is getting a lot of unnecessary hate. People think the story should be reminiscent of Scorsese’s Godfather. It’s a marvel movie. My teenager thought it was cool. Mission accomplished.

Angelr29 2022-06-17
I don’t understand why too many memes about this movie. It’s so good and deserves the best reviews

Vauxlient 2022-06-17
Even if you’re a marvel fan, you won’t enjoy it.

DivoDavid 2022-06-16
A major “meh” 🫤 of a movie But if you’re bored with nothing to do, then sure!

Tony Checo 2022-06-16
Jared Leto, amazing actor. Incredible performer. Hopefully they’ll make more. Morbius was an awesome and a simple good time. A visual spectacle and loved the cast! Really well done. Sure the main character is not as popular as all the other superheroes. But his character can eventually play a pivotal role in the spider-verse!

MaddogSquid 2022-06-16
Kind of boring… No one to root for.

Dankmememaster21 2022-06-16
Oh my god morbius is the best movie ever!!! Especially the part where he said “it’s morbin time”!!! I actually morbed when he said that!! Best movie ever!

Papii_alexxx 2022-06-16
Better than the Batman movie tbh

chris&jamie 2022-06-15
Give it back, Sony. Give it back to marvel for the love of all things comics. Keep the animated Spider-Man cus that was good but stop it with the live action.

GameraSoup 2022-06-15
I don’t understand why all Marvel films can’t be this good. This movie is a master stroke of filmmaking. While the Avenger's are playing checker Morbius is playing 4D chess. This movie may not be for the common man. Like director Daniel Espinosa says “Fortune favors the bold”.

Briblair 2022-06-15
Glad I rented it. Okay watch but won’t watch again.

Rebel Grace 2022-06-14
It had the potential of being a very good origin story but it didn’t flow. It tried but failed. The performers did their best but I blame the writers for disjointed story and the director

★Lil bean_23★ 2022-06-14
Not as bad as everyone makes it out to be!

MK10022 2022-06-14
As a stand alone movie, man it was REALLY BAD. I ignored other bad reviews as I enjoyed all marvel movies (Sony, Fox and of course MCU even the pre-Disney ones) but Morbius was just bad…..Skip it for your soul, even $5.99 rent isn’t worth it. Out of the entire movie, best scenes were those mid & post credit ones, only because it connected to Spider-man movies.

Ace Rah T 2022-06-14
Glad I rented it, mad I didn’t wait until it’s free on some platform

ThatOneGuy who reviews crap 2022-06-14
Morbius was such a masterpiece. When Morbius said “It’s morbin time” and morbed everyone in the room, it made me cry. Another amazing part about this movie was the wonderful cover of “Turi ip ip ip” a truly beautiful song. Morbius was an experience that I will never forget. I am now morbiusly a beast.

The Fandom Menace 2022-06-13
Sony, plz bro, release Morbius in the theatres again bro. I was busy last time bro I will see it again I promise bro come on

Xavier Mercado 2022-06-13
Idk what’s wrong with some people. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this movie! Oh and Jared Leto, SO FINE!

lrskywalker 2022-06-13
Watched this film in theatres, the CGI is so absolutly all over the place for this entire movie its almost impossible to track certain scenes and see whats going on. ALL of the characters are completely grey and lifeless (like a vampire lol) and the film is veeeeery much not up to marvel standards.

Cnasty6982 2022-06-13
Boring boring boring worst marvel movie next to Captain Marvel

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King Raze real one 96 L.E.S 2022-06-11
For sure

Dway415 2022-06-09
One star movie

TheRealDecoy 2022-06-09
I’m starting to think that people are leaving bad reviews and they haven’t even seen it. they are probably just following the trend of trashing it without even watching. I’ve asked 2 people what they thought about it but they truly couldn’t tell me any of it other than what was shown in the trailers. i mean it’s not the best Marvel movie and maybe Sony went wrong by not introducing him in another film first since a bug % of the movie fans don’t follow the comics. still not as bad as people are making it seem.

Picklelow 2022-06-08
Apple should let us name our price above $19.99! I’d pay a morbillion bucks for this!

Xxx.RD.xxX 2022-06-08
In all my years of watching movie after movie, the moment I saw Morbius on the big screen I cried in joy. Morbius by far could be one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces I have ever seen. The story line is absolutely complex and understandable, and we cant forget Jared Leto’s outstandingly breathtaking performance. Leto deserves a well awaiting Oscar. I could never imagine a movie such as Morbius to ever in my entire lifetime come out! Absolutely incredible!

lilherbert 2022-06-08
It’s morbin all over me bros