The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
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In this wildly entertaining, action-packed comedy, Oscar® winner* Nicolas Cage plays…Nick Cage!

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In this wildly entertaining, action-packed comedy, Oscar® winner* Nicolas Cage plays…Nick Cage! Creatively unfulfilled and facing financial ruin, the fictionalized version of Cage accepts a million-dollar offer to attend the birthday of a dangerous superfan (Pedro Pascal). Things take an unexpected turn when Cage is recruited by a CIA operative (Tiffany Haddish) and he must use his legendary acting skills, channeling his most iconic and beloved characters to become a real-life action hero. *1995, Actor in a Leading Role, Leaving Las Vegas. Oscar® is the registered trademark and service mark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

User Reviews
Fuzz84 2022-06-25
I liked the first half more than the second but if you’re a Cage fan, you’re gonna watch it regardless.

MikeAudiDriver 2022-06-24
What an awesome film. Very entertaining and highly recommend viewing. Rented through Redbox DVD and best $1.99 spent in awhile. Must see!

boilerfan1 2022-06-23
Very tough to get over Cage playing himself in this movie.

snarplaya 2022-06-22
The best part was when they took some LSD and drove into town. Everything else was pretty boring and uneventful. Something about CIA and drug lords or something. The plot was nothing we haven’t seen a billion times already. I couldn’t finish it. I bet Nicolas Cage really likes this movie. It’s an homage to his entire life as an actor and how it affects his personal life. But who else really cares?

mvperalta 2022-06-22
This film was sooooooo enjoyable. Hilarious. Great story. Great character chemistry. A true modern day classic. Loved it. Will def watch again.

MortySilver 2022-06-22
Loved this, nic cage is back. A testament to his willingness to experiment.

JLPARTIDA 2022-06-19
I don’t understand the ridiculous compulsion these days to include so many F-bombs. It’s like each main actor wanted to outdo the next for the number of times they were able to use the word. Absolute Idiocracy of writers; what is the appeal writers? Maybe invest in a thesaurus to find better ways to articulate an idea. If it didn’t have a decent story, I would have given it one-star.

OliverDreitzler 2022-06-19
Glad I did not see this in the theater, it did have its funny moments but it was for sure not a normal Cage movie. Bought this movie but probably will not be one I watch multiple times.

JungJedi74 2022-06-18
Good film, fun and entertaining.

vacant speed 2022-06-12
The acting is superb, the story is tight and takes you thru all of the emotions. Beautiful setting, great music, very tastefully done. Nicolas Cage deserves an award IMO for this film. When comparing this movie to others in the last decade you can see it sets itself apart. Great film, well directed, a pure comedic joy!!

Twalk Mr 2022-06-12
I saw the previews thought it was going to be a great movie. Found myself fast forwarding through the movie. Too much of this to be that to be anything. Huge dissapointment.

Not impressedddd 2022-06-12
So much fun to watch

GameKing Reviews 2022-06-12
It’s good to see a Nick Cage come back movie, not that he went anywhere. … yea, let’s face it, actors like Nicholas Cage and Bruce Willis, former big A-listers, have been proving lately, that Hollywood is as unforgiving as the American voter. In this mid and post pandemic world, “block buster” has taken on a whole new meaning. The most honest line in this movie is when Nick Cage says that unless one makes a Marvel or Star Wars movie, it can be very hard to draw a crowd (or something to that effect). So True!… I digress. This movie was a welcome surprise. Pedro Pascal and Nicholas Cage onscreen chemistry/bromance(???) was exceptional from the introduction. The film manages to showcase what super star Nicholas Cage once was, while simultaneously minimizing (and perhaps even explaining) the horrible movies he has made over the last several years. It’s important to remember the film is purely fictional, though may not feel it, and thus somehow offers the viewer a fabricated explanation of the cinema swill Cage has been cast in. The film is entertaining, with enough action and humor to keep the viewer engaged. Every moment Pascal and Cage share the screen, is pure gold, and the scenes involving their LSD trip, and shoe-swapping, still manage to bring boisterous laughs. The plot is a bit unclear in the intro, but quickly takes shape, and while the film will certainly not draw the crowd of a Marvel or Star Wars movie, it’s also not meant to. It’s a worthwhile movie with a strong main cast, excluding Lily Sheen of course, (further proof that Hollywood still prefers semi famous parents in place of talent). The supporting cast is good as well, and it’s nice to see Sharon Horgan again since her exceptional performance in the Prime Original series ‘Catastrophe’. As always, Tiffany Haddish is over the top and once again seems out of place in yet another of her movies, but other supporting actors like Neil Patrick Harris, more than make up for Haddish’s inadequacy. The film is for anyone remembering the era in which the mere mention of Nicholas Cage in a movie meant blockbuster! It’s also for anyone thinking that Cage is passed his prime, for Pedro Pascal fans (who isn’t?), and for anyone wanting a solid piece of cinematic entertainment rather than the continual plotless eye candy being dumped on us from Hollywood these days. Well worth a $20 purchase if you don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy.

Allen9876 2022-06-11
Great to see Cage in a mainstream film. It was hilarious. Highly recommended

Likyoon#1331 2022-06-11
I never write reviews but this movie is worth the review. It was hilarious in the right spots. Full of action in the right spots. Sad in the right spots. Like this movie was perfect in everyday. The only bad thing is it ends. I wanted it to never end. Was great.

Some punk 2012 2022-06-11
I bought the movie wondering what on earth has he gotten himself into now. Expectations were blown away. Entertainment and acting at its finest.

Jules-86 2022-06-10
Nicholas Cage is a gift to mankind

Rockabye0 2022-06-10
I really enjoyed this one. WTG Nicolas Cage👍👍👍

Joshyomy 2022-06-10
Definitely a solid movie. Nic Cage is the man!

R7AA7R 2022-06-09
I have mixed feelings about this movie. However it was entertaining.

HUSSLORD 2022-06-09
Awesome!! Waited for this since it was announced and it didn’t disappoint!! Amazing Nic Cage and Mandalorian bro fest!! Love it! Well worth $20!!

Spleenless2001 2022-06-08

backpacker51 2022-06-08
Superb storyline. More than decent acting. Enormously entertaining.Would have given it 5 stars exccept that although the movie was filmed in Mallorca, Spain all the accents were south american. This is typical of hollywood when trying to represent Spanish characters.

Bones to pick 2022-06-08
Best cage movie in awhile!!!! He did perfect

D.N.TN 2022-06-07
What a waste of time and money! Absolute stupidity...

All Might * 2022-06-07
7star nic cage

CriticalLovee 2022-06-07
This movie was hilarious and awesome loved everything about it and I’m not a big nic Cage fan

John cina 2022-06-07
I wasn’t a Nicholas cage fan, I only saw the ghost rider movies and national treasure, but this movie instantly changed tht ❤️ and I agree him and Pedro pascal the duo tht was meant to be

nyctelecaster 2022-06-06
I'm a big Cage fan and I often compare Nicolas Cage to Vincent Price- both actors raise the real estate of any film they are in- good or bad. Of course Mr Cage is an academy award winner and Mandy, Pig and other recent films were excellent... but Nicolas Cage does capture the imagination. Why is he doing all these films? Did he really buy an Action comic for a million dollars? Does he have to make all these films to pay for his lifestyle? All this is captured in "...Massive Talent". It's an entertaining film, with a bit of too much fluff for my taste but it's cleverly written by a fan for fans. Well done! A must see for any Nicolas Cage fan- for certain!

AlaskanRanger 2022-05-29
Nicholas Cage and Pedro Pascal made an excellent duo. I haven’t laughed this much in a long time

Zerowingx 2022-05-22
Finally something worth seeing other than super hero movies.

theodore robert bundy 2022-05-22
Very curious.

Ramadan Kra 2022-05-19

Appplayrr 2022-05-09
Funniest Nicolas Cage movie I have ever it made me laugh and also made me happy

Here's a suggestion 2022-05-05
Reminded me of how massively talented Nick Cage is

amandax345 2022-04-26
Funny not as bad as I thought it would be.

Noah Pfister 2022-04-25
Nic Cage, Nic Cage. Nic Cage, Nic Cage Nic Cage Nic Cage. Nicholas Cage. 10/10.

mobot93 2022-04-22
MuSt watch !!