The Bad Guys
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After a lifetime of pulling legendary heists, five notorious bad guys--Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr.

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Never have there been five friends as infamous as The Bad Guys—Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark and Ms. Tarantula. After years of countless heists and being the world's most-wanted villains, the gang is finally caught. Mr. Wolf brokers a deal to keep them out of prison and the Bad Guys set out to fool the world into believing they've gone good. Packed with huge laughs and edgy action, being bad has never been so fun in this action-comedy from DreamWorks Animation based on the best-selling Scholastic book series.

User Reviews
k mack m 2022-06-25
Most anticipated book of the summer, Mike epps & 50 cent will star in movie based on this book: the last Mack standing scriptures mackology 3rd edition, available on all book platforms, get a copy now.

missamber927 2022-06-23
Whole family thought it was boring.

gabzgirlie 2022-06-23
This movie is so good

jfjdmcjdkd 2022-06-22

Hoplon719 2022-06-19
Worth the money. Kids have literally watched this at least 20x by now. Highly recommend, even my wife and I chuckle at parts of the movie.

_fahqme 2022-06-11
I enjoyed it, kept me smiling from beginning to end.

Delilahggggg 2022-06-10
This move is good and Karen’s stop bc this move is for kids😡😡

Rabyannette 2022-06-10
Love the movie and book but it’s too much money

frieza kid 2022-06-05
I love it!!!! But where are the iTunes extras?

fiaogskzmg 2022-06-03
It was amazing but the money caused a drop in my allowance

MohammadNej 2022-06-03
This was such a fantastic animation! Not only with was funny but it has also very nice message behind it. Not all good guys are actually good, not all bad guys all actually bad!

missusshank 2022-06-02
This movie is super cool I never played a crime in my life ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I really like Mr. Wolf and the Crimson Paw so cool I love foxes this movie is super fun watch it now I mean NOW

Turd$Ferguson 2022-06-02
I’m disappointed with this reviewing section. I noticed some of the reviews are censored; they’re here today and gone tomorrow. If I hadn’t taken a screenshot I might’ve thought I was wrong, but I’m not, because I did take a screenshot.

jdsjsjsjjdjdjdjdjdjdj 2022-06-01

bbbbbbbb. b. 2022-05-30
I love this movie soooooooooo much!!!!!! My parents watched it with me and they couldn’t stop laughing. Ten out of ten. 💜

ONX88 2022-05-26
Awesome film! Few adult jokes, great animation.

IAMFORCE 2022-05-25
Way better than I was expecting.

good_girl_101112 2022-05-24
Hi, I watched the movie and it was a awesome movie but it is way too expensive for me to purchase on a iPhone, no one would pay that much for a movie, the most I would pay is $15 so I’m not gonna buy the movie but it is a good one so you earned three stars from me ⭐️⭐️⭐️

hjijkopmnbvxcrfcg 2022-05-24
100000/500000 gooooood

a129543 2022-05-23
I saw this movie 2 times at theaters great laughs and some adult jokes lol very good movie but I'm not paying 30 for it.

dude_pink2 2022-05-23
The animation is excellent in this movie, and the storyline full of twists and turns. It was also very funny 10/10

Karen 🥂🍷🥂🍷 2022-05-22
Hi I’m Karen and I’m a mother of a emo kid named Nathan and sadly this made my friend Jay (she dose drink like me bestiesssss) but her child turned emo as well a started doing crimes 😣😣😣 so please watch out and don’t play this movie to kids

lego movie is da best 2022-05-22
Even though it is a good movie, I’m not spending $30 for it

MattSable 2022-05-22
I went to see it at the movies and I liked it a lot the girl that does the spider is Sizu from raya and the last dragon. Pls don’t make this movie 29.99 to buy it its a kids movie pls make it like 3 dollars.thanks good movie

beat movie ever😍😍😍😍😍😍 2022-05-21
This is the best movie I’ve ever saw

😁😆😩👌😳 2022-05-21
The pacing of this movie is outstanding let alone the animation and the character designs have a nice charisma to them.The story is full of action and fun.I also found this movie to be very funny and I enjoyed it as a 17 year old so it’s worth your time.

Guerrrero_99718 2022-05-20
I don’t know

queenzz7 2022-05-18
5 stars

hiihell 2022-05-16
Why 20$? Why not 10$ ;(

Katkat🐅 2022-05-16
The movie was really good

Beatles62 2022-05-16
But why no extras??

Lelexy2000 2022-05-15
I really liked this movie. I thought it was funny and a good heist movie. The actors were good especially Sam Rockwell, Awkwafina and Marc Maron who played the Snake. Would absolutely recommend

Bear3.68 2022-05-15
Great movie a must see

Dabmcdab 2022-05-14
Even tho I’m in my 20’s earlys I was excited for this movie to come out went and saw it the movie was really good and funny and understand for like the age under 3 won’t get the story of it but I like it a lot I hope they have bad guys 2 soon !

wgypsygirl 2022-05-14
I loveeeeeeee thisssssss movieeeeeeeeee

Nea walker 2022-05-14
Love the animation on this and love characters design on all! Highly recommended watching 😍🤩

KrombopulasMichael 2022-05-13
CGI standards are way down. It’s pretty obvious the first 5 star reviews are fake reviews paid for outside the US

lemmy_garbage 2022-05-13
everything about this movie is so good and funny. i think Mr Wolf is so fine😍

Sadone55 2022-05-13
I wanted to watch this but certainly not for $30. I could buy 2 for that price.

Tyttrdfhgdsdtujhgfdssdghjnh 2022-05-12
The bad guys is the best heist movie

Incredible and enjoyable music 2022-05-12
It was surprisingly hilarious and well done

Crazy mamajama 2022-05-12
Best animated movie that I’ve seen in a while!!

amanhouse 2022-05-12
Bad and awful don’t watch it

loveinun 2022-05-12
I love this movie 10/10. Love all the characters,visual,storytelling a bit predictable.but so far love this movie.Movie of the year.