The Black Phone
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Oscar® nominee Ethan Hawke, in the most disturbing role of his career, stars in a new psychological

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Oscar® nominee Ethan Hawke, in the most disturbing role of his career, stars in a new psychological thriller from Blumhouse and the director who brought you Sinister and Doctor Strange. Finney, a shy but clever 13-year-old boy, is abducted by a sadistic killer (Hawke) and trapped in a soundproof basement where screaming is of little use. When a disconnected phone on the wall begins to ring, Finney discovers that he can hear the voices of the killer's previous victims. And they are dead set on making sure that what happened to them doesn't happen to Finney.

User Reviews
Need snore towers 2022-08-10
Pretty good, more suspenseful than gory like I figured seeing the description. It is almost a little too much like the book. The acting was brilliant and I enjoyed Ethan hawke’s performance especially. I felt the kid did better than I was expecting going into it. There is no sister in the book but I liked the added changes.

grecovan 2022-08-08
Goes well with the mainstream “stranger things” theme. Small town, best friends, bicycling… It was not as “horrific” as I had imagined at first. Not very many gruesome scenes until the very end. Some good comic relief provided for by the younger sister and the grabber’s brother. Great acting! Great cast. All in all, I definitely recommend!

Kelbob 2022-08-08
Good movie. Definitely feel a prequel coming at the very least. Wouldn’t mind seeing a direct sequel picking up where the first left off also.

HBICCHLOE 2022-08-07
It’s a rlly good movie one of those ones you can watch over and over without getting bored but it’s just hyped up a lot to be all of that it’s mid they made it seem it’s was traumatic and had jump scares it doesn’t it’s not scary at all that’s all false info…

DJ Cordova 2022-08-06
Wow just wow

ac76usa 2022-08-03
My daughter wanted to watch for the second time, this time with me and I went without any idea about the movie and came out loving the movie. Another one to my movie collection.

pete dunzo 2022-08-02
If the studio had spent as much time on making this a watchable movie as they did making iTunes accounts just to give this a ton of five star reviews maybe this would be a positive review. They didn’t. It isn’t.

WackyMarioBros 2022-08-02
BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should really make a Part 2, and Discount the movie for $9.99

ivanblak 2022-08-02
Love this style of horror.. Watch sinister 1&2 and then this ☝️

movies011 2022-08-02
Definitely a movie to watch on iTunes on not in the theaters. Could’ve been better but still would recommend. Should’ve explained why he has mask and more backstory on the killer.

DarthBuckeeSpock 2022-08-01
Great casting, directing, writing. Has a serious Sinister vibe as well. Really engaging and keeps you the edge of your seat from start to finish. Enormously rewatching experience.

Biker Rick 2022-07-31
This story is set in North Denver/Westminster, Colorado, which happens to be where I grew up since 1974. This story is set in 1978 and used period cars, clothes and even the now defunct newspaper, The Rocky Mountain News (My only complaint about this is that they had the Rocky folded like how the Denver Post is where as the Rocky was a magazine style layout and folding). The Grabber had an entire community watching their kids a little closer as many teen boys have turned up missing. There is something different about the Grabber’s latest victim. While hidden away in a sound proof basement, the newest victim hears a black phone hung on the wall ringing. The odd thing is the phone isn’t connected to anything. There are some twists and turns while the police and the victims sister try desperately to find him before it’s too late. Based on a short story written by Steven King’s son. This movie wasn’t perfect but it was very captivating and had great acting from the young cast as well as Ethan Hawke as The Grabber!

EricGarcia4 2022-07-31
Great horror film, great story, just wow!

Clavier Ninja 2022-07-31
Finally, a well-written, well-acted and well-directed thriller. Nice to know that some people in Hollywood can still make a good film.

Kira0320 2022-07-29
Probably one of the better film I’ve seen this year. The story line is top notched and the cast is stellar. Watch it!

nettiem95 2022-07-29
don’t watch because don’t make waste your time. this really really pretty bad movie… so lame

La.chismosa 2022-07-28
Best horror/suspense movie I’ve seen all year!

i need help innersloth! 2022-07-28
This movie is AMAZING. For starters, the acting in this movie is so on point!! There are jump scares, and the story is awesome!! There are some funny spots though too! I would DEFINITELY go see this movie if I were you!!!! :)

ysnsnvnbc 2022-07-27
Omg this movie is most definitely my favorite now I love all the cast members especially Robin 💗💗 and Vance hopper!! Super cute lol

jacob.lesesky 2022-07-27
Better than most horror films nowadays , but still, nothing happened to the main character that got kidnapped. The black balloon serial killer that preys on teen boys is hyped up to be some psychotic, ruthless killer, yet he does nothing the whole movie

AndyNYCAZ 2022-07-27
The “why” is left out.

jffjidfjfjux 2022-07-26
mans got grabbed

Anonymous blue13332267 2022-07-25
It wasn’t all that, definitely not worth the hype. Has a few jump parts but doesn’t really get “good” until you’re close to the end.

DONNIE 5280 2022-07-25
10/10 stars worth the money!!!

Aaron escalera 2022-07-25
Must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ifyoulikemyopinion788791 2022-07-25
Spoiler alert! It was good. instead of pad lock I would have went for a knife duh

voit21 2022-07-24
Great movie

redplant22 2022-07-24
Not a typical horror movie with some jump scares here and there, whole body was tense the whole time, the suspense and anxiety…haven’t felt that in a long time

EngellSosa 2022-07-24
Awesome Movie.

my fav this year 2022-07-24
Felt like any other Netflix movie. These critics and reviews act like its a modern day “shining” movie. It’s forgettable. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Dvera94 2022-07-23
I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but I wish they would’ve gave the killer a back story so we could see why he did what he did.

Dollartree1591 2022-07-23
No for real this was a great movie

Punkspiration 2022-07-23
I just saw it in theaters last night. It was ok not the worst movie I’ve seen but it was really weird. Lol Also HUGE trigger warning for anyone who has a hard time with child abuse, when the father started whooping the little girl I felt extremely uncomfortable and had PTSD flashbacks. I wouldn’t watch again but the acting was really good the ,Obie was just all over the place.

winter050764 2022-07-23
Good film, loved it

Matthew 3 2022-07-23
Very much enjoyed this film. The plot and acting were spot on

Lani Bo Bani 2022-07-23
Very interesting. Love the movie visually and the plot is unique.

daveycai000 2022-07-22
I love this movie so much! Scott did amazing with picking the Actors for this film. Lets start off with Maddie Mcgraw. Ummmmmm she gave it more then her all which she does in everything she is in. Maddie can act for sure. Maddie is in a show called Secrets Of Sulphur Springs. It’s disney but way more mature then what disney use to be. Even in that she does amazing! Now to Mason Thames. Mason did amazing! The bond between Gwen and Finny is so amazing to watch. That ending scene where Gwen runs to Finny after he escapes the grabber from snaping his neck is so good! Now the man,the Myth,the Legend. Ethan Hawke👏👏👏👏👏👏 This is Ethan Hawke’s second film with Scott. The first one was Sinister(such a good film, it’s on peacock if u have it) Ethan was Flipping scary in this movie! He is so good at his job that it’s scary. I loved him in Moon Knight. I love him in Sinister. Anything Ethan is in is Amazing! The final Guy we are going to talk about is Finny and Gwen’s drunk Father. It was one of those characters that if they died I would not shed a tear. But that scene where he has Gwen repet “My dreams are just dreams”three times is so hard to watch. Which fun fact is that scene is improvised. Is it just me or did anyone want to just hug Gwen after that sceen?😭😭😭 that is my review of the movie :) do u agree or no? Let me know :) bye now😁

WBC71 2022-07-22
I was really excited to see this in the theater after saw the preview a couple of times…man was I disappointed. I really liked the ending…but this was more of a dark drama than a horror or suspenseful movie..

YelawolfAlabama 2022-07-20
Beyond stupid

takethisassley 2022-07-20
a must watch

Undead rocker 2022-07-20
Definitely an amazing movie. Worth buying it!!

cake2253 2022-07-19
I wanted so much more from this move. The antagonist was really cool looking, but the idea of the story was better than the end product. I also felt there was a lot of holes in the story that I kept asking myself why did this happen or why did the black mask do this. It was very weak movie.

CrAzY_77 2022-07-19
This movie feels like more of a suspense/thriller/and a little horror, but this movie is still a good movie! Definitely worth the price of admission.

Jurrbbe 2022-07-19
Loved the movie with great performances.

nickrodrigz 2022-07-19
I don’t understand how people are loving this… its the most most boring “thriller” in recent memory, which will for sure be forgotten soon anyways!

DannieA 2022-07-18
I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. Great characters. Great plot. So nostalgic. Ethan Hawk was superb!

HUSSLORD 2022-07-18
Has the Stephen King vibes (after learning his son wrote the short story). Very well done! More of a thriller. Slow early on but, kept my attention. Love to see a prequel! Ethan Hawk was great!

Reeber73 2022-07-18
Good movie. Enjoyable till the end.

SamanthaJewel 2022-07-18
I knew this movie was going to be good. Ethan hawke is amazing in this film. The child actors are rare talents. Great story line! Beautifully filmed

Cowboyway87 2022-07-18
Very well and well acted horror movie .I enjoyed it . Purchased this gem from iTunes Store and had zeroes issues while watching it. I would recommend this movie.