Jurassic World Dominion
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Experience the epic conclusion to the Jurassic era as two generations unite for the first time.

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Experience the epic conclusion to the Jurassic era as two generations unite for the first time. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are joined by Oscar®-winner Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill in a bold, timely and breathtaking new adventure that spans the globe. Four years after Isla Nublar has been destroyed, dinosaurs now live—and hunt—alongside humans all over the world. This fragile balance will reshape the future and determine, once and for all, whether human beings are to remain the apex predators on a planet they now share with history's most fearsome creatures.

User Reviews
Ca Fly boy 2022-08-09
So like many new movies there seems to be two main views. Either you love it or you hate it. I stand more towards the love it side. I’ve always deeply enjoyed the Jurassic series, park and world, and this final installment was a neat perfect cap to both. The amount of call backs and references to the original movie keeps you watching every scene, yet there’s enough new things there that you’ll never not find something. Ya there’s a few “what the heck?” moments but it’s a movie at the end of the day, not a documentary, so of course there’s going to be some silly moments like that. Overall I loved it, but don’t take my word for you. Watch it first yourselves and make up your own mind.

Ghostbusters slimer 2022-08-09
Jurassic Park Movies Ranked 1. Jurassic Park 2. Jurassic World 3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 4. Jurassic World: Dominion 5. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 6. Jurassic Park 3

My gaga love crush! 2022-08-08
The only exciting part was seeing the original cast! Beyond that the story is terrible, long dull dragging story, the final dinosaur fight is a joke and lasted maybe 35 seconds! Blue fans are gonna hate this, such a prominent part of the trailer, she is almost non existent in the entire film!! The worst installment of the franchise easily

EtienneAs 2022-08-07
I enjoyed this franchise very much, well at least until I literary fell asleep during watching this latest release in the cinema and was woken up by people leaving early. Even if you’re a fan, spare yourself from watching this, it’s so bad that even 1-star is too much.

kigjkjg23 2022-08-07
My opinion I think this is one of the worst movies of this year 2022. It is really really bad. The writing the storyline everything was horrible this one was hundred percent the worst one out of all the Jurassic movies and I would say probably one of the worst movie this year so disappointing it’s one of those movies where it’s so bad you start laughing at it that’s when you know when I gets really bad lol

Ty Cooper 2022-08-05
I waited four years to see it. And it’s awesome! Complete with the original “Jurassic Park” trio: Sam Neil as Alan Grant, Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler and Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm. 😃🦖🦕🧬

Nicnac36358 2022-08-04

Mirzagsxr 2022-08-04
Don’t waste your money. This was just not it.

Puredhd 2022-08-04
Captures the “Jurassic” spirit! Sure there are some disappointing bits but overall the entire point of these kinda films is to step aside and just let the dinosaurs be. Human nature gets in the way whether thru greed or explotation or any other means. The dinosaurs were exceptional, the sounds were amazing, the plot could’ve been better but overall I was pretty happy with what was presented. Yes the series is about the dinosaurs but the theme is about human nature and our inability to question “whether we should” do something. I enjoyed this movie

lil bpush it 2022-08-03
What wrong with people I love this movie

Systerwick 2022-08-03
I saw in theaters and wasn’t worth even the $14 I paid for one ticket! Surely won’t be buying this for that highway robbery price!

CWALK6 2022-08-03
This was by far the worst Jurassic park movie

OMG BEST MOVIE!! 2022-08-03
This is the best movie I’ve ever seen!

givitachance 2022-08-03
While it is great to see Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum join up with the cast from the newer Jurassic Park movies, it still feels like something is missing. The idea of the dinosaurs walking along side humans seems interesting. However, what made the other movies work so well was that the dinosaurs were on an island surrounded by jungle, rivers, etc where they could jump out of anywhere at any given time. Humans were dropped into the dinosaurs’ natural habitat where the animals have learned to live and adapt. This makes it more terrifying and thrilling.

gb0923 2022-08-02
My friend from church randomly messaged out on Facebook not to see this movie and save our money calling it the “worst movie.” The reviews were ruthless and every clip they show reeks of misguidance.” The film made 940 million or so at the box office worldwide so it did not flop but it is still a flop movie people do not like it and I won’t watch it I own every Jurassic park movie prior.

Blokerbomb228 2022-07-31
Story line was garbage. Acting was horrible. Good cast, but since the writers were so bad made it seem like a low budget film. Graphics were bad from the first western roundup scene. How to people in Hollywood actually this was good to release?

??!!$$?()!,( 2022-07-31
This movie sucked its not even about the dinosaurs its about giant bugs that are eating all the plants no one cares don't waste your money wait until it goes on sale bc no one will buy it its boring i really wanted to leave the theater it started off ok then it plummeted into a boring movie the acting was terrible the plot had nothing to do with the build up of the previous movies it wasn't even scary there was like one on screen death there was no return of the dilophosaurus well there was but it sucked this was the first jurassic movie i hated i will probably still buy it so i can own them all but never watch it and wait for it to go on sale bc no one will buy it im hoping the final season of Camp Cretaceous will be THE EPIC CONCLUSION OF THE JURASSIC ERA

sassy tha ape 2022-07-31
I think that is was a great movie and it was my favorite out the three

GIGAVSREXY 2022-07-31
I love how they brought back the old cast and had them be with the new and I really love you new dinosaurs they are amazing and I hope they make a new story line for something like Jurassic world

Beatles62 2022-07-29
And no extras Awful !!

buke👽👾🧛🏻 2022-07-29
I feel like the girl should get more storyline and they should make another movie but in the future her and her adult years just seems better for her storyline and that would be probably the last part of the movie

Tyre fiat 2022-07-28
I actually enjoyed the movie but it’s not worth paying 30 dollars for. Although I do believe it will go down in price as soon as it leaves the theater.

MARSOCRaider 2022-07-28
This was absolutely the worst of any of the JP movies. My wife and I finally pulled the plug at about 1.5 hours in. That's time and money I will never get back.

JMM2112!!! 2022-07-27
Garbage. So much for “conspiracies “ they are telling you want they want to do to us. Garbage 🗑

DLGRAINGER 2022-07-27
Like Jaws 3

dino-dude-123 2022-07-26
This is the best movie of them all! I love all the new Dino’s like the Giganotosaurus and the Therizinosaurus! The scenes are thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat! I love it and it was worth every cent! I definitely recommend! Also LIFE FINDS A WAY!!!

unt@ngled 2022-07-26
They need to change the actors and storyline cause it was just mere nonsense. Dinosaurs on ice lol. It more looked like Indiana Jones and James Bond put together. This movie aint worth more than a dollar.

blechaz 2022-07-25
Seemed like a money grab rather than part of a decent story (just like the second one).

Movie opinions 2022-07-25
Hollywood is just Falling Towards the Burning Pit of Terrible Movies Right now! Just Trying to Destroy Every Good Franchise and Movie with a Bad Continuance or Sequel!! Burning Every Bridge they see! And I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with What they did to this Beloved Franchises!!! 🥺 Emily Carmichael- Death note (Joke-Not Threat)

The worst of the entire franchise! Shamefully...

movies011 2022-07-24
Got to say the movies for 2022 are extremely disappointing. Couldn’t finish this movie. Like the movie Everything, Everywhere, all at Once, so boring I stopped half way through.

Trumpster81 2022-07-24
For some reason the director thought that a bunch of cameos from actors from previous movies would make this movie somewhat better, but no it doesn’t. Also I didn’t like the villain that looked like an evil Steve Jobs. and the locusts are absolutely just the most annoying thing ever, nothing can save this boring piece of work from the trash bin. I think it’s absolutely bonkers that Apple is charging $30 to buy this trash, you would be better off spending that money on something else like a quarter of a tank of gasoline. whenever this movie comes out on a subscription service like HBO Max or wherever it comes out on I might watch it again but not until I don’t have to pay to watch it again because I wasted money one time at the theater that’s all I will ever wanna do with it. this movie suffers from screenwriters that don’t know what the heck they’re doing, either that they just don’t care. i’m not exactly sure how this movie got the greenlight I wouldn’t have authorized it because it’s a steaming pile. entirely way too much CGI to the point where I couldn’t tell what was real anymore, And that’s a bad thing. I don’t often review movies on here but I had to because I want people to stay away from it.

Just_beingE 2022-07-24
I was here

And then go get a few more and more things and get a little while and get it too and too I have

Pa1leg 2022-07-23
The movie was still extremely enjoyable but there were way to many humans main characters who never got developed, and the bug plot point was plain out stupid.

Kingsfanj 2022-07-23
Filmed during COVID and it shows. Lifeless and boring. The worst yet and a far cry from the magic of Jurassic World.

Rulitesm US 2022-07-23

Sean Modifier 2022-07-23
This movie is so bad. So, so bad. Such a huge disappointment considering how long I have loved these films. Just, awful. What is with the whole locust theme? Such a terrible movie.

Notapigeon 2022-07-22
I took the reviews with a grain of salt but I’m taking that risk for $30!!!

mrhunt46 2022-07-21
Seriously? $30 to buy this? No, no, no!

m z to d s m 2022-07-21
HMy company ewe. Ahah pu m

EyeP00pKorn 2022-07-21
I was excited for the original cast members but unfortunately they couldn’t save this extinct movie series. Please don’t waste your money, wait a couple extra months and they’ll be giving this movie away for almost free. Put a fork in it

oilmanowen 2022-07-21
Don’t even bother to rent this, it was so bad stories ridiculous, just a shame, to the series ! I hope they don’t make anymore

I eat books 2022-07-21
All positive reviews are BOT generated. Terrible movie.

jocelyn025 2022-07-21
I watched the movie, and i loved the old cast with the new cast! everything you would hope for in jurassic world dominion

wweSDRAW 2022-07-20
Loved the original Jurassic Park trilogy growing up, and have enjoyed the Jurassic World movies since the first one from 2015. Jurassic World Dominion was another great addition to this franchise. Was excited to see Owen, Claire, Maisie meet Alan, Ellie and Ian.

nofaSe151515 2022-07-20
I did not watch this movie but my cousin did and he said it was 100% on goodness meter so I/he thinks you should watch it so give it a try!

Cmonster14 2022-07-20
A lot of fun call backs to the first five films, great to see the old cast and the new cast together and thought it wrapped up the movies nicely

My2016Mac.com 2022-07-20
This Movie Is Awful! What The Heck?! Giant Locust?!?!?! Shouldn’t Have Done That! Giant Locust In Dominion Looks Like Almost Pegasus In Teen Titans Go! Pyroraptor You’re Not Megalodon! You’re Not Shark! Jurassic Park VI: Jurassic World In Dominion You’re Not Despicable Me! Better To Jurassic Park VII: Jurassic Explorer (2035) New Movie This Is Were Supposed To Be Jurassic Park VI: Jurassic World In Dominion Come Out In June 11, 2021 I’m So Grumpy! Where’s Indospino? Where’s Arthropleura? Where’s Indominus Rex Cub In Dominion? It’s Missing! I Can’t Believe! I Hope Universal Studios Jobs Gets Fired After June 2022! Were Supposed To Be No Giant Locust Allowed In Dominion! Thanks You For Universal Studios Boss! My Guy Name Is Zavodila Killer Christmas Guy Dunn Is So Grumpy Watch Ipad Jurassic Park VI: Jurassic World In Dominion Messed Up Movie! See You Later!

kini10 2022-07-20
I’m sure all of our favorites were paid handsomely. The viewer was given a B rated experience with the poor plot, the overuse of dinosaurs and woke ideology. I cannot believe I paid 30 bucks ( not Dino dollars) for this ridiculous conclusion to the JP movies. My nostalgia for this was bruised badly. Maverick is only 20 bucks and it is a blockbuster. Shame on me for not finding a better activity on a Tuesday night.