Gone in the Night
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When Kath and her boyfriend arrive at a remote cabin in the redwoods, they find a mysterious young

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When Kath and her boyfriend arrive at a remote cabin in the redwoods, they find a mysterious young couple already there. But when her boyfriend disappears with the young woman, Kath becomes obsessed with finding an explanation.

User Reviews
Bruno Taut 2022-08-09
What a bad movie! What a bad script! One example of many: Winona Ryder is looking for her boyfriend, but doesn't get the idea to ask his parents, friends or relatives about him. Completely unbelievable. And also: a film without any suspense, let alone tension. The actors: simply bored and bad.

grecovan 2022-08-08
I was psyched to see Winona Ryder on the big screen again. Especially since the captions described the film as “savage,” and other catchy headlines. However, this was film was a total disaster. Besides the lame plot, I found the younger actors to be very disappointing. The younger girl was overacting and the son was silent for the first half. The plot was all over the place and I don’t actually feel like there was even a conclusion. All in all, I don’t recommend it.

Peter DKB 2022-08-05
C list actors on a 1000 bucks budget, what could go wrong? Terrible casting + questionable plot and apresto, a lame mess of a movie. Not worthy of 90 mintes let alone $6. My advice, give this a miss till its free on a streaming platform.

dougksti 2022-08-05
This is easily one of the top 5 worst movies I’ve ever watched. Given the number of movies I’ve watched in my life that’s saying something. Don’t buy or rent this movie - just don’t…

Clavier Ninja 2022-08-04
Why would anyone watch a movie with this woman in it? Did you see her in Stranger Things? The kids acted better than she did. She should go back to shoplifting.

Micha's Elder 2022-08-03
The movie has an interesting half plot. But, the secret reveal is stupid and the mystery becomes too obvious earlier than expected. Wait until this us available for free.

jkrocks93 2022-08-03
So i watched this last night and the only reason is for Winona ryder and the story seemed very good. But i watched it the acting was ok and everything the story was good but then the end. I was just like really that’s what happened and it definitely wasn’t a satisfying end at all. Watch at own risk.

movie2341 2022-08-03
I have had hopes to see a good and entertaining and thrilling movie, but a big disappointment when I saw it.