Bullet Train
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In Bullet Train, Brad Pitt stars as Ladybug, an unlucky assassin determined to do his job peacefully

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In Bullet Train, Brad Pitt stars as Ladybug, an unlucky assassin determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs gone off the rails. Fate, however, may have other plans, as Ladybug's latest mission puts him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the globe – all with connected, yet conflicting, objectives – on the world's fastest train...and he's got to figure out how to get off. From the director of Deadpool 2, David Leitch, the end of the line is only the beginning in a wild, non-stop thrill ride through modern-day Japan.

User Reviews
ProfPolish 2022-12-06
This movie wanted to be a Guy Ritchie or Quentin Tarantino flick but it fell short on every level.

Accurate Critic 2022-12-05
Skunk. I think Brad Pitt is trying to write a Tarintino movie. Tried way too hard.

marvelfanboy99 2022-12-05
Not a masterpiece or anything. But definitely a really fun time all around.

S. Teh NY 2022-12-04
The movie tried so hard to be cool. Absolute fail. Waste of time.

88ma2 2022-12-03
Comedy, action and so much great movie.

Ganonslayer91 2022-12-03
I loved this movie more than I thought I would. Just go in with a empty mind and no expectations, if you do that, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised watching this awesome and hilarious flick. The characters are so likeable and the action is great fun. Really feels like an awesome blockbuster that you can watch again and again, I’d love to see some of these characters in another movie sometime.

Kevinater35 2022-12-01
The english actors are annoying and poorly cast. They are not cool at all and just keep speaking in cockney the whole time. The action scenes with guns and cars were very fake and cartoonish with obvious cgi flames sprinkled throughout.

datcarltonboi 2022-11-28
Ladybug did amazing… just watch!!! This movie is hands down one of my favorite films it kept me on the edge of my seat… I recommend watching highly

Berkeley Rooster 2022-11-28
Very well made action movie!

bosox555 2022-11-27
It’s a fun assassin movie and entertaining

Ssseebbbasx 2022-11-24
Worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life. I went in to see Brad but he wasn’t enough.

Rye_Lou 2022-11-24
If you want to watch a bunch of people get beat up/shot/stabbed/killed…this is your movie. It is what it is. I enjoyed it. Simple action/little comedy movie. People are expecting a Oscar worthy script or something, or too offended by the violence. Do your research if violence isn’t your cup of tea.

Stickyfingaz27 2022-11-22
My wife and I were pleasantly surprised with this film. Didn’t have high expectations going into it but it was a great movie.

JakeVanks 2022-11-22
I thought this was a pretty fun flick. It’s a bit of old Guy Ritchie mixed in with John Wick. The propulsive plot still makes time for some legitimately nice character moments. There are some strong laughs and one or two poignant moments. Each member of the cast is either as charismatic as Brad’s Pitt or close enough.

Zerowingx 2022-11-21
The movie is great but give the book a try totally different and if you can’t read or don’t have the time to read audiobook it you’ll enjoy a new twist to the story believe me it’s differently good.

fybarr 2022-11-21
It was non stop action thinking movie You don’t know what’s coming next. A lot of story lines. Great. ! Very Quentin!

wywypie 2022-11-21
It was a really funny movie. Action and funny in the same movie is just the best. But if they kept wolf in longer it would of been a 5STAR MOVIE

jkeitz 2022-11-21
I went into this expecting John Wick On a Train. I quickly realized I was in for so much more! It is hard to describe Bullet Train without giving anything away, but this is far more like Pulp Fiction, except that Bullet Train succeeds where the massively overrated Pulp Fiction fails. All the little details matter here. The story plays around with the non-linear storytelling while making it an asset rather than a problem. The dialogue is old school witty, and you really need to pay attention.

Hotkarate636 2022-11-19
Yup I said it.

Fitnesss 2022-11-15
It said earlier it is being sold for $9.99 but then you guys charged me full price $19.99…i demand my refund, this is bad business on you guys side

meldropper130 2022-11-12
Fun movie! Dark comedy.

DMILMAN 2022-11-07
A total mess. Save your money.

YC/JC 2022-11-07
Brett Pitt was excellent to here! Sandra Bullock - can do anything. I love seeing Bullock Pitt and Tatum in one movie again. Every single one of the actors were excellent. Plot, directing, producing, editing. Excellent. It had action, comedy, irony, fun camaraderie.

MASEWALL 2022-11-06
I loved it.

ace compostela 2022-11-04
...don't waste your time.

Brokeall08 2022-11-03
Went in not expecting much and found myself entertained the entire movie!

DntSellOut 2022-10-30

Devoni Swaby 2022-10-30
The best app with movies and tv shows

DRam2387 2022-10-30
This is not a deep movie, the acting won’t evoke any award nominations, character development isn’t there, but if you remove your expectations of what you want this film to be you won’t be disappointed. The film blends humor, action and a simple message about fate and reframing your experience(s). It’s a fun and entertaining watch, which I feel was well executed. For those “expecting more of Brad”, research why he signed on to do the film and maybe you’ll appreciate it more/why he is involved. The film boasts a recognizable cast and you can tell they were all in for the fun of making the film and telling this story. If you’re looking for humor and action give this film a shot.

Bill1369 2022-10-30
If Pitt wasn't in this movie it'd be a Tomato 0. But it did have a few yucks. Recommend only to Pitt fans....

Havock squad 2022-10-29
I dont understand all the pent up donuts who give this a bad review! Very entertaining and fun the whole train ride. Ignore these short bus critics who never happy with anything apparently, this was a good time.

TTTGMa 2022-10-29
Enjoyed the movie. Brad Pitt is always funny. We had good laughs.

Metatron32 2022-10-28
I ordered this because I never thought Brad Pitt would assign himself to such pathetic garbage! I could not even watch this for more than 20-30 minutes! The violence protrayed, in lieu of actually creative capability was astonishing! Who ever funded this made a huge mistake! What a waste of talent and perfectly good movie making capital!

MarkmacdonaldOKC 2022-10-26
Very funny and extremely exciting. It definitely had a Deadpool vibe.

Maryeu 2022-10-25
This is the worst movie lately, I cant imagine how they expend millions of dollars making such a bad movie. No trama at all, not even funny!

dean25416 2022-10-24
Loved it. Brad Pitt was awesome

MrG1678 2022-10-24
I fell asleep during the movie. Needless, do I need to say more.

Jax,Fl 2022-10-24
I usually like anything Brad Pitt but his judgement on making this movie was poor! Unfortunately I bought it and I wish I hadn’t! I couldn’t even finish it. Didn’t even make sense!

RECRMarques 2022-10-23
Waste of time

slouiyhtttciioi 2022-10-22
Is it possible to give this dumb movie a negative score? I’d like a refund. Awlful.

virtuosoDrummer 2022-10-21
This movie embodies much of what is wrong with Hollywood and our culture and apparently Apple wants to broaden distribution of this sort of "entertainment". I watched about 20 minutes of it and had to stop. Gratuitous violence, profanity and who knows what was next. NOT entertainment for the righteous of the world. NOT something I would share with any of my family ...utterly disgusting. Big budget - negative return. Apple, you should rethink streaming this crap on your system. It reflects poorly on the brand, not to mention it's dubious impact on your customers social health.

LT Stormchasen 2022-10-20
So many plot twists. Worth the rental.

xupdrocks 2022-10-20
silly movie.... purchased and can't download... tried several times .....error msg

JT102030 2022-10-19
My husband and I have sat down twice to watch this and both times he fell asleep. It’s a bit confusing to follow. We wasted $20 because we’ve moved on from it now.

lorenaocarr 2022-10-18
If you like Brad Pitt, and you like Guy Ritchie style movies, and you like shoot ‘em up movies, you’ll like this too. The only gripe is the ending with the bad cgi of the train and one bit of the story not fully concluded. But whatever, it was good. Great casting. Funny, entertaining, nicely shot, good set ups. Watch it.

abir000 2022-10-18
With the quality of actors you expect better, it looks as though actors are sacrificing their names for a quick buck.

whiplash439_ps3 2022-10-17
Great, over the top, funny, action flick. Something going on from start to finish. Saw this in the theater and loved it. I’ll probably buy it when it goes on sale and watch it again. Enjoy!

Guerrrero_99718 2022-10-16

Gorilla-Tech0114 2022-10-15
Awesome movie

Fernando1312 2022-10-14
Not a good movie to watch, boring.