Ticket to Paradise
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Academy Award® winners George Clooney and Julia Roberts team up as exes who find themselves on a

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Academy Award® winners George Clooney and Julia Roberts team up as exes who find themselves on a shared mission: to stop their lovestruck daughter from making the same mistake they once made. Ticket to Paradise is a romantic comedy about the sweet surprise of second chances.

User Reviews
sb11256 2022-12-06
I found myself distracted doing other things during this movie I think it could've been a little better I'm not sure what they were going for to shame I really like Julia Roberts

Music4LifeVA 2022-12-06
Finally saw this one after a long wait. If you’re a Julia or George fan you’ll love it. I laughed more than I expected to… it’s a simple storyline with a nice touch of romance and heart.

Ghgfyindsg&&@ 2022-12-05
Like this movie

Seashoredrive 2022-12-04
Really not sure what’s up with the complaints…this movie was hilarious! So much of the entertainment now is lewd, laced with obscenity and vulgarity. This was a nice, funny flick! So much fun to watch…wish I could have started all over once done viewing.

P-body 2022-11-30
Two of the Hollywoods most terrible actors…horse face and can’t act clowny. You couldn’t pay me watch this trash.

RoyalMasterpiece 2022-11-26
Love Julia Roberts since Pretty Woman. Beautiful love story and Rom Com. So glad I purchased this.

RFJB 2022-11-25
We’ve been tortured long enough!

IrishPirQueen 2022-11-25
You’ve got to be kidding.

Gusgazooguava 2022-11-25
Not good

AnonnonLauri 2022-11-20
See Above

itdsis3440deka34dkkasss 2022-11-20
Not gonna watch, looks too predictable. But Julia Roberts looks beautiful in the trailers.

tfloyd 2022-11-19
Saw it at the theatre with my wife and we both laughed out loud several times and were entertained from beginning to end. Not many movies do that anymore so 5 stars it deserves.

Lah297 2022-11-13
Laugh out loud funny

Marie Handywoman 2022-11-12
Nothing truly memorable, just light entertainment

Smurf483 2022-11-11
It was fun to watch.

French_Friies101 2022-11-11
Overpriced for a horrible movie it’s some overprotective parents that both have daddy issues

R7AA7R 2022-11-10
What Saves the Movie is Clooney and Roberts Charm

Reality escape 2022-11-10
Not worth $24

isneyeansjei 2022-11-09
It’s so great to have a fun, feel good romantic comedy with Julia Robert’s again!! ❤️

jlstephens 2022-11-09
Was an enjoyable had laughs from beginning to end.

420timekeeper 2022-11-09
Who may not recall any longer what a self-absorbed d-bag Clooney actually is.

Psychonan Doyle 2022-11-07
I liked it and the scenery was gorgeous

tha Bat 2022-11-07
They must be desperate