The Whale
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A reclusive English teacher suffering from severe obesity attempts to reconnect with his estranged

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A reclusive English teacher, living alone in the wake of a tragedy, attempts to reconnect with his teenage daughter for one last chance at redemption in filmmaker Darren Aronofsky's transcendent, emotional epic. Nominated for three Academy Awards and featuring a career-defining performance from Brendan Fraser, The Whale is a deeply moving story of heartache, empathy, and grace.

User Reviews
Teamrckt4evr 2023-03-20
This is basically 600 lb life the movie! All that was missing was dr. now and “baby elephant walk” soundtrack!

Thewolfman6 2023-03-20
Brendan Fraser (and a strong cast) puts his soul into the body of a lost man whose profound unhappiness manifests in food addiction, and selective isolation. He shares the moments without a desire to fix anything but the path forward for his estranged daughter. He rejects redemption from a society that he has long since been a part of and asks the viewer to suffer with our own questions, doubts and insecurities right along with him. This is a difficult story that people should see. It is difficult to watch. Fraser’s character Charlie wants to believe in others though he has given up on himself. The Oscar performance is in showing us a story of those we choose not to see, when we lose value in ourselves, and perhaps inspiring those we cannot give up on. Fraser strives to find dignity and understanding and hope in humanity. May the film inspire those who are lost or in self-isolation and those who love them.

Marciakingb 2023-03-20
I enjoyed the movie.. Charlie’s desire to help Ellie to find happiness before he dies..

BrookscuzIam 2023-03-20
Where were all the mummies man ? Isn’t there an expectation once you’ve bought a $20 dollar movie ticket and a drink and popcorn for $40 that there will be MUMMIES ! Maybe he ate the mummies maybe I didn’t sit close enough to the screen to see the mummies! Send in the mummies!!!

Raysavestheday 2023-03-19
Interesting ending

Rickm121 2023-03-19
The acting was incredible. Rarely watch movies like this but I am glad I did.

Charlottean 2023-03-19
Two hours of glorious life and precious attention wasted. Promise me you’ll do something else with your time than watch this.

BamaGirlGing 2023-03-18
I read all the great reviews, and listened to all the hype-- if I had of known before what I know now; I would not have rented this movie. He did NOT make a transformation for this part ( as many actors have & do), he used fat "suit" & make-up to look obese. What is everybody so wowed by- the part where he eats like a KLUMP at a buffet, but with zero table manners, or that he is making clear that he is set on killing himself by eating himself to death! It could have had some drama if they would have built more on his relationships, but for me; it was a hit and miss because it jumped from one thing to another. I don't care what people say; this was totally unrealistic. Wish I could rewind my choice; I would have watched something else!!!

Vincent_Vega_junkie 2023-03-18
I rate very few movies 5 stars & if u have an emotional arc of some kind it has to hit me like a semi truck and make me bawl for joy, sadness, despair or other reason for it to work. At first thought the movie may be dumb but I and you need to let it unfold to revel itself.

Boarsbeforewhores2014 2023-03-17
Spare yourself this wrong-headed attempt at “empathy”. Fraser is doing his best but this character and the entire film is so poorly written, there’s only so much that can be done. Hong Chao is great as always, while everyone else (especially Sadie Sink and Samantha Morton) give absolutely TERRIBLE performances.

Neurodivergent5005 2023-03-17
Its super overrated! They’re trying too hard! Actor are trying too hard! It not natural! They want it to be sad but its just not. doesn't feel natural.. if you want a real sad move go watch “nobody knows “ by Hirokazu Koreeda!

vinylhound 2023-03-17
I really have nothing bad to say about the film. But I have plenty to say to iTunes. Twenty bucks for a standard screen copy? Seriously? Not to mention, the whole film was dark and grainy. There were a few scenes where we were to read a piece of paper or view his computer screen. Not!! I saw nothing but blurry letters that could not be read. There is nothing wrong with my home theater. I have 100’s of films to choose from. And not one is like this. Stay far away until we get a true widescreen image in true HD.

MikeyGMooreOK 2023-03-16
If you watch the first 30 seconds, that should be enough to let you know the movie is a waste of your time. Don’t get suckered in. It’s that bad!

Greg King or Kingdom’s 2023-03-16
Follow the money

flagco 2023-03-15
When you see movies where gives you motivation to act, to work, to be the best, there is other movies where the only intention is, you can be fat it is ok, you can be on antidepressants, just cover your insecurities, do not try to be better on you health, that what this movie was all about it.

Hotdam69 2023-03-14
Gay stuff

Watrukk 2023-03-14
It’s a great movie with Brendan Fraser and Hong Chau giving an honest, raw and earned emotional performances. I felt The Whale did what few movies do well, telling a story.

lipidolite 2023-03-14
Abhorrently inaccurate & insensitive. Please don’t get me started.

JGG565 2023-03-13
Overhyped performance from Brandon.

Dr. Nel 2023-03-10
I think this movie should be up for Oscars. It was very well filmed and really focused on how events in the past can ruin the future if you don’t let them go and focus on the present.

mamma Jaq o 2023-03-10
Brendan Fraser gave bed the performance of a lifetime. Hong Chau is probably one of the greatest actresses I’ve ever seen. From the supporting cast to Brendan’s gorgeous performance I was left spellbound and in tears.

casperpe 2023-03-09
Extremely sad But beautiful .

Marseille 13700 2023-03-08
Great directing and acting

Trashboat32 2023-03-07
Brendan has got to have one of the best comebacks in recent years. The movie is good, depressing with phenomenal performances especially from Hong Chau, Sadie Sink and Brendan Fraser.

Owings Mills Testy 2023-03-07
Great movie!

JC1969 2023-03-05
This film may not be for everyone but there is no denying the quality of the acting and the emotions the film brings (at least to a normal person). BF has a real shot at best actor with this performance. Have some tissues nearby.

evan11paul 2023-03-05
if you've ever been really fat this movie will hit home. Its hard for those outside that to understand. its not a perfect movie but it has a lot to offer of you're patient and really try to understand and put yourself in Charlie's shoes. Its haunting yet hopeful but I get it its not for everyone.

TinyWolf07 2023-03-04
I went into the film not knowing much and was surprised how excellent it was. Brendan Fraser is amazing. I could relate to almost everyone especially Charlie (Brendan Fraser). A must watch!

seanismac 2023-03-04
Takes a little time to pick up momentum, but when it does... wow does it leave an impact. This wasn't a silent cry for me it was more of a sobbing type situation. Well done! I hope Fraser wins the Oscar. He earned it.

BennyBoyNYC 2023-03-02
A beautiful movie all around. Wow

Ruruuroman 2023-03-02
The whale movie was very emotional and touching , The movie has a Strong message and it really captures the emotions and speaks volumes. 10/10 Recommend watching !

jsnooks@denver 2023-02-28
This movie made me think about my own life, and then it made me glad for mine.

bsadancer 2023-02-26
Congratulations to Academy Award Winner for Best Actor Brendan Fraser!!! You truly gave the performance of a lifetime!!!!

peterhenric 2023-02-26
This movie really wasn’t good. It was slow, had a bunch of characters that you don’t want to root for, and the end was unsatisfying. Don’t waste your time.

TFarml 2023-02-26
This movie against moral and christian values.

Daltimari 2023-02-26
This film will most definitely win Oscars, unbelievable performances i was captivated entirely Any bad reviews for this film will come from people who are young or have not experienced any trauma in there lives and cannot relate in some way emotionally

ClaireBear4u 2023-02-25
Do not pay any attention to the bad requests in here. This movie is exceptional. The acting by everyone is outstanding. Brendan Fraser is amazing and absolutely deserves to take home the Oscar. I can’t believe the woman playing his nurse/friend and the girl playing his daughter weren’t nominated. They should have been. This movie shows exactly what life is…it’s being hurt, being in pain because of the people we love and the choices they make and the circumstances we find ourselves in…and hopefully we come to the realization that it’s no one’s fault…it’s just life. So live in honesty, live in truth, and try not to hurt other people while you are on your journey. Because the bottom line is…we all are imperfect perfect people.

Shade711 2023-02-25
Performance of a life

RogerEbertjr. 2023-02-25
Great performances by all actors. My only complaint is that when plays like this are brought to the screen, it sometimes still feels like a play because of one location in the movie and few actors. It might just be me nitpicking, but I think it would have been better if they had delved into more backstory with the flashbacks of his younger self and maybe some flashbacks to his relationship with his ex and daughter. Overall, it was a great movie that shows the reality of what grief and loss can do to a person. I give it 5 stars, since my gripes aren’t necessarily about the quality of the movie and are more of a personal preference. I think it can also serve as a reminder to those who tend to “other” obese people and make judgments that it’s a disgusting thing to do to a fellow human being. You don’t know what that person has been through. Just my take on some of the messaging in the movie.

Disney worl 2023-02-24
Going into this movie, I knew it was going to be a gut-rencher, but the fact that I’ve experienced almost all of this in my life…hit too close to home. I cried multiple times out of sorrow and sadness for Charlie in the film. I hope everyone gets a chance to see this. An excellent portrayal of depression, mental illness, abandonment, death. Fraser pulled this off so well! I was thoroughly impressed by it!

dreamcatcherchaos 2023-02-24
This movie deserves everything. Brendon’s performance is so good, it’s heartbreaking! Everything about this movie hit all the points for me. This is why brendon Fraser is one of my favorite actors.

OmarFig1989 2023-02-24
The best performance of 2022. Fantastic cast as well.

Allie_new 2023-02-23
Absolutely devastating, amazing movie and excellent acting from both Brendan Fraser and Sadie sink. I cried the entire movie. The ending… knew what was going to happen but I had hope. Probably the saddest movie I have ever seen

MORTUUS666 2023-02-23
It was ok but not the hype people gave it.

Tmelt 2023-02-23
I fell asleep twice, during the middle of the day, and finally gave up trying to get through this trash. Save your money and time and paint something so you can watch it dry.

nyctelecaster 2023-02-23
It’s curious that professional reviewers have a completely different standard for a film like The Whale, while films like Top Gun Maverick and Ant Man have a dumbed down, anything goes grading system. I’m not saying The Whale was a perfect film, but the writing and acting were superb and Brendan Frasier’s depiction of self loathing was successfully powerful. Why all the nitpicking? Meanwhile, the Hollywood conveyor belt of P.O.S. films like Ant Man Vs Whoever will continue to receive rave reviews.

Vanhouzer 2023-02-23
I cried like i haven’t cried since The Lion King. Brendan Fraser truly deserves an Oscar for this beautiful achievement.

Maz673 2023-02-22
Opens your eyes and heart, to what a man can go through in life. Showed another side of Brandon acting that was never before captured in cinema. This role was perfect for him, the movie has emotion that adds seasoning to the story of the movie. You get to see first hand the struggles and moments one can endure it’s not easy and the movie was well directed to provide the viewer a feeling of sense how the main character would have experienced. I recommend the movie you need to have a open heart and ability to see the emotion expressed through the move five star’s performance.

egeek84 2023-02-22
Brendan and Sadie gave their all for this movie and it shows. As a gay overweight male myself this film resonated with me and so it was an insta but and I’m so glad it was made. What a beautiful movie

nicklee191 2023-02-22
This movie has mirrored my life in so many ways that it hurt. The morbid obesity is a phenomenal metaphor for the self destruction and isolation that we inflict upon ourselves. Brendan Fraser has to win an Oscar for this. Emotional truth is so hard to find these days, but this is a masterpiece.