Cocaine Bear
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Inspired by the 1985 true story of a drug runner's plane crash, missing cocaine, and the black bear

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Inspired by the 1985 true story of a drug runner's plane crash, missing cocaine, and the black bear that ate it, this wild dark comedy finds an oddball group of cops, criminals, tourists, and teens converging in a Georgia forest where a 500-pound apex predator has ingested a staggering amount of cocaine and gone on a coke-fueled rampage for more blow—and blood.

User Reviews
giannitgtgt 2023-03-20
Guys don’t buy movies watch it has free movies I hope I saved you hundreds and money.😎

AaronLove29 2023-03-19
We went & seen this. & it was Fantastic! Full theatre first time I’ve seen that in 10 years. 100 people 1 Theatre we had a Great Time. These people in reviews are cynical, miserable, over PC, probably haven’t laughed a day in their life, & I’m a trans W, really I am! Heck laugh at me! Long as something in your life, sparks joy! I can take that rather then your miserable ways & reviews! if you can’t watch this movie with humor and a good time. You are wasting life. This is very loosely based on a true story, but everything in this film is fictional! So why are you so mad? Do you get angry at Marvel movies too! or are they just the best thing you’ve ever seen! Crazy girl watching 1980s movie. Have yourself a good time goonies never say die. 😂 😆 love ya.

damien1210 2023-03-19
I can’t wait based on all the negative snowflake reviews from people who have no sense of humor! Before you go saying this film will normalize cocaine for kids ask yourself if you ever though drag queens would be the norm? Also gun violence in movies has created a generation of mass murder.

chi.loyal 2023-03-19
The story is written well but with a sort of diverging plots coming together into the forest for their own specific reasons and doing all the dumb things characters would do in a horror movie but with a bear instead (which is done intentionally). The problem is there just isn’t enough to go off of, it’s really just about a cocaine eating bear killing people. There are some funny moments mixed with gore moments. But it isn’t particularly funny, I wouldn’t consider this movie a full comedy. All in all there’s a good cast attached, it’s worth a single watch and that’s about it. I’m glad I didn’t see this in theaters wasting $50-100 but it is worth a home watch.

Dommysdad 2023-03-18
It was worth the price of admission, but I wasn’t certain that I would watch it three times. Twice perhaps. Anyway. Another person wrote about Hollywood and overhearing a 9-year-old talking about cocaine. Nah, that sounded way too convenient and forced to be true.

Lgjr21 2023-03-18
Awful movie.. had low expectations and still fell below them.

brettmarlin 2023-03-18
You can tell this movie is trying to do a thing. It’s painfully obvious how bad it fail at that thing. Just horribly unfunny.

seanismac 2023-03-17
I guess anyone can make a movie about anything and it doesn't end up mattering if it's good or bad. Some funny scenes, but the movie was a waste of time I wish I could get back.

Balldinho 2023-03-17
Some good laughs, nothing special.

jabress5B 2023-03-16
Yes idiots, it is remotely funny. I haven’t even watched it and laughed multiple times from the preview. Also, to the other idiot, no this isn’t normalizing Cocaine for kids. It’s a movie with a rating. Stop blaming the movies.

mcbain2323 2023-03-16
Figured it would be bad but maybe at least funny. Nope. Humor is off, tone is off. Writing is even worse that it should have been. A waste of time. Not even bad fun. Just bad.

xkevenx 2023-03-15
Are from incels and troglodytes who live in their parents basement. This movie is for adults, not children. Hence the R rating.

Terick 2023-03-15
These reviews have to be fake ! Its not even a little funny ! It’s probably the dumbest movie i have sat through since identity theft ! No funny parts.. just low quality humor ! Waste of $25

DDTillersom 2023-03-15
Think. Titles usually relate to the movie. Don’t go to Acid Bear, but you might like Ecstasy Bear.

KingSoloII 2023-03-14
I was a bit shocked it was mediocre a few laughs but 4.5 stars huh I must be getting old…. Wonk wonk wonk…..

Cizel 2023-03-14
This movie could have been much better given the title but it never found its tone. Neither funny and outrageous (as it should have been) but rather long drags of characters wasted with a poor script. This movie should have been epic. One ☆

TonyFromSyracuse 2023-03-14
there were a few good scenes. but alot of it was talky and not much pay off given the subject. I mean I expected way more kills.

trendingboys 2023-03-14
topshotpicks this bussin

KumahBeatz 2023-03-14
Rolli Boyz, you’re a sped… the movie is rated R meaning not intended for children, if you have a problem with kids seeing it, take it up with their parents not Hollywood weirdo .. all of that is by choice, it’s not forced on anyone .. pull your skirt down, your thong is showing. If they saw it, they chose to, if their parents let them it was their choice to.. don’t blame Hollywood for questionable parenting or early exposure. Selective Outrage for sure.

BamaGirlGing 2023-03-14
Great movie that's so funny, I think NOT! This really happened so I don't find it amusing that a bear ended up dying because of some P.O.S. drug runners. I don't know what kind of parent takes their child to see this type of movie, but whatever; try SCARFACE to watch with them next!!! 🤔❌❌❌❌

nnolel563126 2023-03-14
Best time I have had at a movie theatre in a long time!

Maleficent1999 2023-03-14
When I heard about “Cocaine Bear” shortly before its release to theaters last month, I immediately hated it because of the title because I knew it was gonna be awful. I proved myself right when I briefly saw a gross moment at 1 of the theater rooms at my job that made me decide I hated it. Like late movie critic Roger Ebert said about 90’s movie “North”, I’ll say here; “I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it. Hated every single stupid audience-insulting moment of it”. In short, I absolutely HATE “Cocaine Bear”.

GhostAkaKenji 2023-03-14
The movie is disturbin & not funny 2 me y would anyone watch this garbage, I rather watch sum thin like Wrath Of Man, Pain & Gain, Wolf of Wall Street sum thin dats actually funny in way that doesn’t make u feel disgusted.

Cowboyway87 2023-03-14
Bought this gem from iTunes. Very good entertaining movie. Very good I enjoy it. Glad to have it in my movie collection

jsnooks@denver 2023-03-13
Advice to the folks who didn’t like the movie or found it offensive. It’s called Cocaine Bear, this is not the first movie with cocaine and can you please try to have some fun and enjoy life again?

Swolotz 2023-03-12
Best comedy movie I’ve ever seen

Rolli Boyz 2023-03-10
The world is in desperate need of healing not normalizing cocaine for the youth. it’s only comedic right and will have no negative repercussions? As I walked out of the theatre a guy says man that made me want to do some blow. I’m already hearing 9 year olds talking about cocaine while walking in public, what next meth Shark, How about fentanyl alligator, Wouldn’t that be funny?

HELP NEDD 2023-03-06
Awesome movie ten out of ten

ETC/GS fan. 2023-03-05
I really enjoyed this movie that I actually I did a preorder

majorfulltilt 2023-03-04
Seriously, this was well done. It was like 80s Nightmare with off-comedy, hard to explain. It is a film more than a movie.

John cina 2023-03-04
Me and my mom just saw it, and absolutely ❤️ it

420timekeeper 2023-03-04
Anyone panning this movie needs to get back to their stupid Disney-made woke machine and typical Hollywood garbage. This is a good movie. Funny, likable characters, and unadulterated good time. That’s what movies are for. Great time in the theater with audience clapping and laughing along.

PatrickBackbrn 2023-03-03
You will not stop laughing.

carl hemmings 2023-03-03
100% messed up fun and a little gory

nicki minaj 2020 lets go barbz 2023-03-02

fhxjdjtjf 2023-03-01
Went to go see the movie expecting it to be bad like ANT-MAN Quantumania but it stayed true to the trailers.

Jayz9243 2023-02-28
I enjoyed this movie it was pretty funny and amazing

Pjchavez0901 2023-02-28
We laughed so hard, I almost chocked, especially when… naw! You need to watch it, you won’t be disappointed!

Rough Detective 2023-02-27
When making a comedy horror, the best of the genre strive to make the horror elements truly terrifying and then deliver on comedic moments. Unfortunately, Cocaine Bear is trying to be too many things at once, while (mostly) striking out on either element. The scenes featuring the bear, in most cases, save what would otherwise be an extremely plodding film lacking of any truly likable characters worth investing interest or emotion into. There are a few that could have shined in the film (like the paramedics) if given more dialog and character elements to make an impact, but are ultimately given short shrift -quickly introduced and quickly dispatched. Everything felt both draggy and rushed at the same time. I found myself bored while in the theater against predictable plot twists and what felt like unnecessary gore to push marketing a hard R, when reflecting back on how much better the film would have been with more of a concentration on the comedic elements and a more imaginative approach to the horror/bear attack scenes.

rat boi number 1 2023-02-27
I watched it theaters and it was 100% worth the money. It doesn’t feel like one of those template movies. It will have the family laughing.

bettsyarte 2023-02-25