The Ritual Killer
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A detective (Hauser) hunts an international murderer committing ritualistic killings in a small

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A detective (Cole Hauser) hunts an international murderer committing ritualistic killings in a small Mississippi town. He seeks help from an anthropology professor (Morgan Freeman), who is an expert on the ancient rituals being performed.

User Reviews
BamaGirlGing 2023-03-18
WoW, I am just blown away by this movie, it was even better than I expected. Freeman's one of my fav actors, but I feel he does not get as many of the worthy scripts he deserves. I was so pleased with this movie, and adding Cole Hauser to the mix sure was pleasing to me also. Without dropping any spoiler; I just want to say that it was EXCELLENT to be shocked by an ending, loved it!!!

nyctelecaster 2023-03-15
The Ritual Killer was mediocre without any highs or lows, cliche ridden and transparently thin. I found myself multi-tasking by the middle of the flick and I didn't miss a thing ...

LuxeBunny 2023-03-12
For fans of Morgan Freeman and Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser, it’s worth the watch. A bit Seven, DaVinci Code (with regard to ritual practices), and western (cowboy justice) all rolled together. I would give it five stars had the plot and characters developed a bit more. The initial scenes of Freeman are important. I only wish it would have incorporated more of that. However, then it might have seemed too much like a Seven ripoff. Otherwise, it’s a worthwhile thriller that highlights differences in culture from a bit of a gruesome, morbid sociological and anthropological point of view.