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Baseball-size hail, violent winds, and churning tornadoes make supercells deadly, and when William

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Baseball-size hail, violent winds, and churning tornadoes make supercells deadly, and when William Brody was a boy, his father – a legendary storm-chaser – was killed by one. Now, the family business belongs to Zane Rogers, a reckless tour operator who sees dollar signs where others see storm clouds. When his destiny arrives in the form of one of the most powerful storms on record, William leaves his mom and home behind to team up with his father’s ex-partner, Roy Cameron, barely surviving a tornado yet determined to chase one of nature’s most terrifying creations: the bear’s cage.

User Reviews
Ranglerstrangler 2023-03-20
Slow Bad effects Slow

jaimeegan 2023-03-19
Kept me on edge throughout the entire film. Haven’t seen a good quality thriller in ages. Would highly recommend!!

Tco94 2023-03-19
Thriller from start to finish. Very powerful scenes that keep you engaged throughout the entire movie.

Megansanders82 2023-03-19
Loved the nostalgic feeling

Alexander8819 2023-03-19
You can absolutely tell that this movie was made with so much care and devotion for the world of stormchasing. Firstly, the cinematography is breathtaking. The shot of the chasers driving out of the canyon and into the vista of a mushroomed supercell is truly awe inspiring. To anyone familiar with stormchasing, you’ll probably know of Pecos Hank, and some of his footage is actually in this film. So give him (and the filmmakers) some support and watch this - even if for his footage alone. Also major kudos that very little CGI was used to make this film (or they hid it VERY well). Secondly, the wonderful nods to the movie Twister are poignant and put a smile on my face. From the subtle nods in the music to Bill Paxton showing up in a very small but unique way. Thirdly, to those hating on Baldwin being cast in the film: the filming for Supercell took place before Baldwin’s Rust incident. Imagine being the director/writer of Supercell, pouring your heart and soul into your film, and an incident occurs (after your filming) on another movie set - do you just scrap your entire film? Because Baldwin (and others) were negligent on a film set doesn’t mean I’m going to stop watching Hunt For Red October. Likewise, it won’t stop me from enjoying a film that is clearly a love letter to storm chasing. All that being said, the film isn’t perfect: I don’t think the story about the tornado finding device was totally fleshed out - I think more explanation regarding the device would’ve helped. To me, it doesn’t have enough energetic hook moments; take the ‘Humans Being’ scene from Twister: it is iconic (for the music and cinematography) and really puts you into the tornado chase. But this film kinda lacks one of those moments. BUT what it does have is sweeping/epic cinematography that was sorely lacking from the movie Twister. So maybe it was a conscious choice by the director to keep the film less of an action film and more about the beauty of the storm (which he captures perfectly). If you’re going into this expecting a high-budget explosive-action Avatar-level production film you’re going to be disappointed. However, if you watch this film because you love stormchasing, have a love for Spielberg films, and enjoy beautiful cinematography, you’re going to like this film.

Ryryguy1275 2023-03-19
For an independent, that’s how you do it!

chefhitsdafan 2023-03-18
This movie is far beyond the original Twister movie!! Action from beginning to end!! The special effects are too notch!

Jacki41 2023-03-18
Worst weather movie ever! I think there were about 2 scenes of excitement. The main character talked maybe for 10 sentences the entire movie and I had no idea of what the main plot or climax of the movie was. I’ve read better childrens books. The only real clear point was that the main character was sad about his dad and they kept playing really dramatic music every time for this. Instead of Supercell, the real title should be ‘sad about my dad’. Complete waste of time and money.

movie_engineer 2023-03-18
Barely no action 😒

timmy2chainzz 2023-03-18
In this film tornadoes kill people, not Alec Baldwin. Sad…

Professor Willow 2023-03-18
Nice to see these kind of films come back.

dham26 2023-03-18
Cut Alec Baldwin out of the cast and you may have a decent film left to salvage.

Rrrccvvv hhhhh 2023-03-18

rls1138 2023-03-18
I have purchased well over a thousand movies off iTunes over the years and there are only 4-5 I would never watch again. This is one of them.

Agent37620 2023-03-17
Man, you know they lost revenue on this. What was their budget?? I’m guessing just shy of $40. This movie gave even the worst B-Rated movie ever filmed a bad rap. No wonder there are lawsuits against Alec Baldwin. If you’re gonna let the guy get away with murder, at the very least, ban him from directing or producing another film.

IPassionwear 2023-03-17
I’ll never watch or support Alec Baldwin ! He’s a murderer !