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The drama continues on the seventh season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation where everyone's favorite forensic investigators continue to solve crimes in Las Vegas by examining the evidence. Gil Grissom (William Petersen), grave shift supervisor, heads up the crime lab's dedicated team, which includes Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger), a hard-working single parent with a checkered past; Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), a top analyst with insider knowledge of the gambling world; Nick Stokes (George Eads), a stand-up guy who empathizes with victims via his own experiences; Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), an inquisitive investigator whose romance with Grissom seems to be heating up; and Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda), a wacky tech analyst turned field investigator. The team also works closely with Captain Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle), the former chief now assigned to Homicide who narrowly escaped death last season, and Dr. Albert Robbins (Robert David Hall), the ever-professional medical examiner.

User Reviews
aidenjamesring 2022-08-12

Leoboy265314 2021-06-11
Man is it just me or does each csi franchise have a great season 7, I mean miniature killer arc, the who roger daltrey guest appearance, Catherine losing her dad, lady heathers back in the story, and of course great episodes ranging from Toe Tags to Sweet Jane

Johnbrian109754 2014-02-18
An amazing comeback.

Rock on girl! 2012-02-18
I love csi but I wish iTunes had ncis

Fnbraves 2011-04-07
I love c.s.I. But cost of each show way to much!!!

Rz22d 2010-06-10
For the past 6 months all of the csi seasons were 14.99. Now they hiked the price up 20 bucks! So now they are close to $35. I don't think I will be buying any more csi seasons! Rip off!!

nicknamegirl 2010-04-03
i love all the crimes, which keep me busy while i wait for my food to be cooked. so much crimes, so much connections from crime to crime, and so much mysteries. if i dont get my career in acting, ill use this as a second option!

Chaseheck12 2010-03-29
I am obsessed with this show!

lilblueninja 2010-03-04
i absolutely loved season 7! greg got his own cases and the Miniature Killer was intense!

haleybeanx 2009-01-30
nicky is way cuter thhan sanders !!!

J-man29 2009-01-05
This show is very good and this season is looking good.

ArmyMachine225 2009-01-04
CSI is the greatest show but i think that they are ending to soon..Grissom is ther greatest on the show and shouldn't leave. they should show more episodes of the miniature killer in them on television..they should have the episodes from season 6,Grave Danger pt.1 and Grave Danger pt.2.. those were emotion episodes.. but great..

BassGuitarGirl4 2009-01-04
....everyone's leaving! Grissom, Warrick, Sara...I mean come on! The new girl Riley is fine, but we all are gonna miss Grissom. Buy shows from last season or just watch them on TV would be my advice.

MilewsSC 2008-12-06
Basically what the title says. I love CSI. I just hope thet iTunes will put ''The Mentalist'' on, sometime in the future.

Julie&Greg P. 2008-12-04
I appreciate the show and I found CSI to be entertaining and intruiging. I found it to be helpful also, because of the reality of the show reflecting on everyday life. Actors or not, it seems a lot like daily life to me. It makes me keener on things that could happen now, have happened, and might happen in the future. When i watch the show, I feel like I've been drawn into the action myself.

Guitarist975 2008-10-07
why did brown have to die he was the best

Rittto 2008-09-25
Best episode of CSI ever!

harley quinn231 2008-09-03
luv this season of CSI!!!! it was freaken awsome!!!

devyn2 2008-08-11
CSI is the most thrilling tv show ever. It's mystery and ecxitment all in one show!

UofMboyz2143 2008-07-29
This show is amazing trueley outstanding. I watch it almost every day. Keep up the good work guys =)

Katrina P. 2008-07-17
Wow CSI keeps you at the edge of your seat ever season and that's also goes for season seven as well. You'll also love to know that Roger Daltrey makes a guest appearence in episode "Living Legend"., probably on the request of Jerry Bruckhimer the show's producer (he loves The Who, that's why all the CSI show's have The Who music for their theme songs). But other than that CSI is my favorite show and I have not missed a show since the it came out in 2000. I love it SO MUCH!!! and so will you.

gvb1 2008-07-08
Ive seen every season and this one is byfar, the best. btw, im in love with greg sanders (guy on ladder)

dancer1711 2008-05-30
I think that itunes should add season 5 it is my ultimate favorite season...and the finally is amazing so you guys definatly need to add it.

Ruthii Gaskarth<3 2008-05-09

ibebethany 2008-05-05
Not only is it amazing with episodes that focus on crimes, unlike csi miami which focuses alot on herachios life but it has Gary Gourdon, Eric Szmanda and George Eads in it. They are very easy on the eyes.

wrcsvt 2008-04-16
I got hooked up to CSI about a year ago and ever since I havent missed a single show (and well if i do I tottaly flip out) . Every single day I watch CSI from 6 am to 8 pm no matter what. I have spend over 100 dollars of just CSI and I think its TOTALLY WORTH IT. CSI is the best show ever, and theres no way im changing my mind about that. :)

biskitgeorgi 2008-04-13
OMG. i love this show. it is soo intense, and its great. i love the miniature killer episodes. their great. =]] i wanna see all of them!!

soccer rocks 2008-03-26
i love csi and i love this season especially the ending. and the begining. and every episode in between. and i love gsr. lol. and i'm going to miss jorja fox in season eight. but dont hesitate from buying this cuz its the best show ever. peace.

survivorlover 2008-03-20
I seriously want to start watching season 8 since the writer's strike is over, but what is up with it not available in the US? All the other great seasons have been available to me the entire time i have been on i iTunes. What's going on?!

Proskittles 2008-03-19
This was the first CSI i watched (then Miami). Doesnt Greg look like Ryan (<-Miami) If he does can you click yes :D

anmar1027 2008-02-27
OMG i love CSI:Crime scene Invastigation it is like the best. It just keeps you hook. Ok living doll i absoluelty loved it!!! I liked it because it shows how Grisson really loves Sarah and how without her he isnt the same... And i love the part when nick rescues her...It just seems like a brotherly thing

kissesfou 2008-02-17
I can not get enough of this show!!! My hearts starts beating oh so fast but in a good way!!! i can not believe all the twist and turns CSI has. CSI is officially my all time favorite show!!!

jessicamorgan19 2008-01-23
they're not killing her off, just sending her away for a few. she'll be back. i frickin' love CSI.

iloveitunes 2008-01-08
I'm totally in love with Eric Szmanda!! His character, Greg, is soooooo adorable. I was like screaming when greg was getting beat up by that gang and when he started crying in the hospital!!! I love everybody on C.S.I !!!! But my all time favorite it Greg. It brightens my thursday to see him on TV on a new episode!

csi geek 2007-12-20
All the episodes are the greatest.

j1buckl 2007-12-08
Why are the other episodes gone?

Gunflyer 2007-11-19
There's no denying CSI was a great show at first. But then it became repetitive to the point of inducing nausea. Each week they hang the episode off some gimmick, like "miniature killer" and turn it into a series where they barely spend one or two minutes a week on important character development and plotlines designed to try and hook us that are more appropriate for a soap opera than a serious crime drama. Ever since the fourth season or so the shows have been formulaic and utilizing cliches and plotlines, and when they started to lose viewers, that's when they instituted the gimmick every week policy. That's why these days, it's a series thats better off ignored.

Dee Dee! 2007-11-06
i luv CSI it's a wicked good tv.i always luv watching it and seeing new episodes.i luv greg(the guy on the ladder) he is wicked funny and it's funny how he likes to listen to like hardcore or rock music,so do i.i hear some people aren't into stuff like that cuz it maybe to gross or just don't like it.but if you do like shows like this (& have the money) then by all means buy won't be appoited b'cus it's a wicked good show.WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -dez

moviemcomp 2007-10-04
The miniture killer is simple THE COOLEST mini series of CSI. The writing is incredible, the story is never boring, and the actors are wonderful. CSI Las Vegas is by far the best of all the forensic shows on television.

quoth_the_raven 2007-09-28
Hoping to see season eight soon! The premiere was incredible.

Reigh LAS 2007-09-27
CSI gets better with each passing season. Season 8 started with a mellow, yet captive episode. I've purchased Season 7 via iTunes, but will also buy it on DVD :-) Can't wait for Season 8 to be available.

AwB123 2007-09-26
SO PUMPED FOR SEASON 8 PRIMERE ON 9/27!!! Living doll was great and i'm on the edge of my seat in the premieres for season 8!!! love csi

river1 2007-09-23
I have to admit, I wasn't a big fan of CSI in the beginning. To tell the truth, I've always been a CSI: Miami fan. I recently started watching CSI via iTunes. I began reading the show's descriptions and the more I read, the more I liked it and wanted to watch the show. I started with the first episode of seaon 6 then the second and so on. A month later I ordered the entire seaon of 6 and 7 indivdually. I am totally hooked. I now watch the repeats from the show's enception on the Spike network. I love it. Grissom is my absolute favorite. I totally dig the relationship between him and Sara. I will be so disappointed if she dosen't come back. Grissom is so in love with her. He will be destroyed if she dies. It seems that all of the characters have had personal relationships except for Grissom other than with Lady Heather, but I think he was just intrigued by her occupation. Sara just seems right for him. It's no secret that she has always secretly been in love with him. I think he has too. He just was probably to scared to do anything about it. Anyway, I hope this relationship isn't over. I hope Jorja Fox comes back for Season 8.

Alice9555 2007-09-22
CSI has been AMAZING! i love the 7th season with its miniature arc and what a finale!!! its the only show that i've watched that has been consistingly producing GREAT quality episodes over 7 years! and now reaching their 8th! i love all the characters! grissom, catherine, nick, warrick,sara, brass, and even hodges! i love you all!!! horatio who?

Arissie 2007-09-16
They are all great, When I walk in the door I turn on my TV and everyone has to watch CSI Crime Scene investigation. Their acting is so real you feel like your right there in the crime scene. I wish I could meet them all. Keep the good work up. Arissie

Anakin Rocks! 2007-09-11

OLIVIA!!!!! 2007-09-08
CSI is the BEST show EVER!!!!! George Eads is so HOTT!!!!!

Jesusfr3ak 2007-08-27
i have been hooked scince the first season and it hasnt changed a bit i can't wait till season 8!

NerdFaerie 2007-08-26
CSI is my favorite show next to Desperate Housewives. I own the first 6 seasons on DVD and it only took me a month to get through all of them. However, season 7 is the best on all fronts -- the Miniature Killer, the film quality, the music, the development of relationships and personalities. Let's just hope CSI continues long after this season and that the cast stays on-board because I don't think I could bear to lose a single one. They're all personable and realistic enough to form "friendships" with and you find yourself talking about them in everyday life. Oh, and Sarah can't be dead!! When the season returns in September, let's hope she's right there with them.

mcbsid23 2007-08-26
It was nice to see a procedural take on a layered, season long approach to tracking down a bad guy... best story arc on this show.