High School Musical: The Concert
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Be a part of an incredible concert as the worldwide phenomenon goes extreme! High School Musical: The Concert invites you behind the scenes and puts you in the middle of the action. Step out of the audience and jump on stage with Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, Drew Seeley and more of the cast of the award-winning hit movie High School Musical as they perform their chart-topping songs. High School Musical: The Concert is bursting. High School Musical: The Concert is an experience you'll never forget.

User Reviews
jdsfhkjsdhkjfhskj$drkjf 2022-03-08
By nibbles the 23

brinley🐨18 2020-09-04
I hated it on stage I’d rather have COVID-19 than watch high school musical it should be called high school worst

911bulldog 2020-07-27
I love this but why do most people hate it I think that for them to at least have some some effort to this is amazing I would to see all the haters do all this like making the first movie in months like 🤩😅🤪

SAMUEL MAFFIE 2019-09-13
Robert maffie

B0redom 2019-03-08
Awesome saw the play it blew my mind Loved it

STARWARSGIRLS99278 2019-01-28
This movie is the best kids nowadays don’t know what it is

CESSNALUVER175 2018-10-04
I remember when I was in girl scouts we were all obsessed with High School Musical. It brings back so many AWESOME memories! I recently watched the concert on tv and even though Zac wasn't there, I was transported back to my girl scout days where we would all sit around and listen to all of the songs. The other guy Drew (who sang for Zac in the first High School Musical) was amazing and Vanessa, Ashley, Lucas and Corbin were all awesome.

xxmy1ten0babyxx 2015-10-07
These guys are teenagers and they are very good. I want to be like them because they are big stars.

Simbo25835847746865689 2014-07-14
It's sing songey

zzdanowicz 2013-08-10
The High School Musical concert was my first concert ever (:

Tigerjemm 2011-01-16
Does it show the concert with lucas being the mc and hosting the show, or is it just the music performances and backstage stuff. I'm not buying it if I can't watch Lucas running the show

TAIO CRUZ GIRL 2010-12-30
this is just stupid i dont why drew seeley is on there where the heck is zac efron i mean no affense drew but zac is a way more troy than you are you are more meant for other movies like another cinderella story with selena gomez you are way better in that movie than you are in high school musical just telling ya know ....... just telling the truth

V.A.D. 2010-06-30
For someone who likes to watch "movie musicals" for the music, not just the movie, this was really awesome. They actors didn't come out and say "we're going to perform the movie". They sang the songs. That's what I like about the movie. The songs. And that's what it was all about. Some people will watch the movie a hundred times, some will listen to the songs a hundred times. I'm the one who likes the songs. So for me, seeing all these negative comments are just too weird. They didn't preform the movie, they did the Concert! The music. The most wonderful part. It was awesome. And I don't think they were faking the singing. I'm not sure why people would think that. It's hard, dancing and singing onstage in front of people. I know, trust me. These guys, the energy in the concert, watching from just the computer, was amazing. Lucas was a great Emcee. And Corbin, Ashley, and Vanessa were great. This is definately something worth buying if you love the music.

Blazegirl 2010-03-15
These singers have absolutly NO TALENT WHAT-SO-EVER!!!!!!!

cool cool dude 2010-02-23
Buy the movie

codysimpsonstar! 2009-12-26
the only one that did good was ashley tisdale and she did ok but not good and the minute i saw 2 mins of it i said goodbye to the movie

MADKC4Ever 2009-09-06
I went to the HSM concert, back when I was Corbin Bleu's BIGGEST, and I mean BIGGEST fan. he was the best part of the show in my eyes. But it was an awsome concert!! Really great!! I have grown out of Corbin, and the ret of them, I still remember how amazing the concert was! <3

unsp0k3nxmistak3 2009-04-23
Stop bashing on Drew though he can sing! He's an amazing talented singer! and the reason he was put in this was because Zac was filming hairspray at the time Disney decided to do this and also Drew sang some songs on the first high school musical because Zac's voice pitch isn't strong and Zac himself said he wouldn't fall back in singing he'd rather act.

jonaslover6295 2009-03-02
i saw this with my BFF and we thought it was ah-mazing! i loved the sound track and this one actually had an interesting plot!

ikaylao9 2009-02-18
I loved the concert. Even though Troy's character was played by Drew it was still an amazing preformance. I love Hsm and everything about it, it makes me appreciate my ever fading youth, and if you're open-minded it might just bring you back to high school.

ferest 2009-01-30
No, just no

Whataboutwhattheywant 2009-01-04
HSM and its sequels are for children. If you are over the age of 12 maybe you should find other interest than commenting on a movie or entertainment for children. I like the HSM series because it has songs for my children to sing. Songs without curse words, or other adult themes. The HSM: The Concert is a great buy if your CHILDREN enjoy the characters and songs; however Zac Effron is not apart of the cast in this one.

ms. person. 2008-12-31
HIgh schoool musical is crap singing and bad acting and bad bad bad bad bad :D Seriously, don't waste your money....!!!!

aturner18 2008-10-11
i luv the movies and the concert i bought this dvd i can't wait to see the 3rd movie along with the 3rd ost thanks itunes!

iammeyouareyou24 2008-09-20
That dude is crazy good looking. And he can dance and sing. He made this 3432432 times better. I like ashley and vanessa. But other than that. Stupid

Kokiri-Emerald 2008-09-06
A Concert? Another example of the over-marketed company that is DISNEY.

michaelcoogan 2008-08-26
This was a great performance and it was soo fun to watch! Dwon side was Zac Efron didnt go but like it would have made a difference considering the dude there replaing him sang for him in the first movie. But still ashley tisdale is soo cute :D xX

nicoleihhs 2008-08-20
high school musical was okay when it came out. of course, the cheesy predictable storyline has worn me out! im sick of high school musical being everywhere. its too popular for no reason at all.

hannahetesta 2008-07-26
Even in concert, HSM is amazing! Everytime I watch this and "We're All In This Together" comes on, I literally cannot stop myself and automatically start doing the dance!

bar52898 2008-07-24

hahahha...no 2008-07-13
in my opinion i wish they would just stop with HSM. they sound bad in this.

xoxotay 2008-05-01
dont listen to any bad reviews. this is awesome. it was even better live!

natlee lily ann 2008-03-10
this sucked so badd, its just a horrible disgrace to movies,and musicals everywhere. I highly reccomend to pass by it, never watch it

Miley/Hannah/HSM 2008-02-28
This is really good, it would take a lot of courage to go in front of 50 thousand people live, and HSM1 and 2 are the best movies ever

estrella_bella 2008-02-04
i love drew seeley!

sarah.bee8 2008-02-03
they put a concert because IT WAS A MUSICAL!!!! Duh! and i thought it was good.

§Twilighter§ 2008-01-25
all of them need to go die in a hole. vanessa and drew seely can go first.

ld0889 2008-01-25
personaly I loved this concert it rocks.

Davone 2008-01-18
i so love high school musical. its the best. love the concert i made everybody watch it who was in the room with me and they liked it.

000045 2008-01-11

ami1043 2008-01-03
Ok im tierd of reading about people comment on this movie when clearly they know nothin so heres the truth. That drew seely guy trying to pass for zac isnt. Heres the truth HE SINGS FOR ZAC IN THE MOVIE thats y his vioce sounds almost exactly like s "zac's" in the movie they mix it over with zac's but its mostly drew's voice you hear. Also thats the stars are lip singing during the concert is only partly true. They sing live if they aren't doing any high energy dancing(do you know who hard it is sing and dance around at the same time?) Right its almost impossible to sing well so they lip sync. (duh) Also corbin and vannessa and ashley have porved themselfs as singers AND actors they all have albums out that have at least 2 songs that the popularity is high. Which means one thing THEY CAN SING! Oh and one thing THEIR NOT ACTING! So dont listen to people complaining about thier acting they obviously dont know what they are talking about. Over all this movie is a good buy! So go a head buy it! You will love it!

LnzrLdy 2008-01-02
Zac Efron isnt in the concert because he didnt sing in the first movie! It was semi him, but mostly Drew Sealy, which is why he is in the concert! Im happy though because i love HSM but i HATE Zac Efron. Hes ugly, untalented and cannot sing for his life!

septemberlove 2007-12-30
drew steely stinks! zac efron is the cutest guy in the universe! why should anyone buy this if zac efron isnt in this?

mcjonas5 2007-12-27
the concert is great! it was better live. i was there in houston 4 the concert.drew seely has a better voice than zac efron.i wouldnt buy it 4 ur ipod,but buy it on dvd

Dadie0o 2007-12-27
This is possibly the worst remake thingy disney has ever done. LOL dont buy it. TOO MANY REMAKES rabid strudle YUM

Edward Is Mine 2007-12-27
who would want to watch this? it is horrible.

Maisumize 2007-12-18
I love the movies but disney has gone to far. Do we really need a concert of the movie or and Ice Show. It just makes HSM cheesy and dumb.

jackiedamned 2007-12-08
omg this concert is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh! i loved it!!!!!!!!!!! <3 i saw it live too!!!!!!!! totaly worth it!

chaselindley 2007-12-01
High School Musical is just another example of how ignorant people are. It portrays a completely unrealistic and shallow take on life. Kids all over the world are being brainwashed by this crap. Disney Channel twists kid's minds from an early age, and most all of them are affected by it. It'll start innocently enough, a catchy new song or TV show on Disney, which moves on to buying T-shirts, going to concerts, etc. Next thing you know, they're wearing Hollister, talking on a RAZR phone, and wearing $45 lip gloss. Horrible.

heartsonfireao 2007-11-25
a great concert i espically adore Lucas Its amazing and worth every dime(for Lucas)