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In Columbia Pictures' heart-racing sci-fi adventure Zathura, two squabbling brothers are propelled into deepest, darkest space while playing a mysterious game they discovered in the basement of their old house. On their fantastic journey, they are joined by a stranded astronaut and must survive meteor showers, hostile lizard-like aliens, a rocket-propelled robot run amok and an intergalactic spaceship battle. Unless they finish the game and reach the planet Zathura, they could be trapped in outer space forever.

User Reviews
ColorfulBLVCK 2020-04-10

Farrett180 2020-01-20
They should make a 2nd one

Jolovesgum 2019-02-11
W0w. Eye ju$+ w@+ched Z@+hur@: @ $p@ce @dven+ure 0n hulu 2d@y & !+ wuz b@$ed 0n +he b00k by Chr!$ V@n @ll$burg. Gr8 F!c+!0n m0v!e.

Tinykitty_104 2017-12-06
Sooo cool I love this movie I watch it all the time

Ninexthirteen 2015-04-05
1) This movie is great. 2) The movie was based on the book Zathura which was written by the same writer who wrote the book Jumanji (which the movie Jumanji was based on), Chris Van Allsburg. So there was no "copying" or "ripping off" etc. Zathura the movie was meant to be a sequel to Jumanji.

peekois1 2014-12-07
Wish there was a free movie list

I WILL SURVIVE BOSS N!!! 2014-10-08
I thought this was Jumanji when little, but then I saw it was another movie and I was thinking "Jumanji Wannabe!"

Jared2187 2014-02-14
This movie was great when I was 7

luis tijerina 2013-07-10
This movie is awesome the people that say its a copy off jumanji WHY DONT YOU LOOK AT THE TRAILOR IT SAYS "from the people who brought you jumanji" WATCH IT this movie is GREAT

Panda Bear Sparkles 2013-07-05
This is one of my favorite movies. I highly recommend it.

Cool apps rater 2013-03-28
It's great, good special effects, good actors (yes even kristen stuart did at LEAST over decent) and the whole movie has a good story line of family love, so I would give it a huge recommendation

Arzzzz221 2013-02-24
Its one of those movies u can watch over and over without getting bored!

iHaveWINGS 2012-08-04
At first I was saying wow rip off of Jumanji but then I saw who wrote it.. AMAZING story. Great acting! Especially on Kristen Stewart's part. Josh Hutcherson? Yes..

Cubsfanjoe13 2012-08-02
Get me a juice box, biatch. I was dying with my friends, then my little sister said it to my mom. They didn't end well for anyone

Ember202 2012-07-29
THAT'S HOW GOOD IT IS! Kristen Stewart played her part very well. And so did that little boy. They all played great! I really recommend for families.

Person of Few Words 2012-07-19
This movie reminded me a lot of Jumanji. Except this was the space version of it.

c23allard 2012-07-11
Great movie!

TinyDancer!!453 2012-06-11
1. Little Josh!!!!! Sooo cute  2. Kristin stewart actually has expression!

Ben71275 2012-06-05
the older brother in this movie is Peeta

Patlibertino 2012-05-13
This is a great movie! If you've seen Jumanji you'd love this. Don't listen to the people down there, I don't understand why people are saying this is "RIP OFF" of Jumanji because it is not. It is by the same author who wrote Jumanji, which is a jungle based board game, this is space, and they are pretty much exactly opposite save the magical board game!

Emilyscott1234567890 2012-05-13
This movie spaced the house up. It was so cool . I really liked josh's part.

Azurehue22 2012-05-12
It really isn't just a carbon copy of Jumanji, although it does follow the same premise. Two boys find a game, and stuff happens. The acting is amazing. These two actors, one of which grew up to be...uhm, amazingly attractive. (Josh is such a perfect specimen.) did amazing. Josh at 13 could pretty much hold his own. Kristin Stewert actually had facial expressions in this movie! But yes. It's an amazing movie full of humour, drama, and siblings growing back together. I recommend it highly.

Maddy...sup 2012-04-14

Saint Logos 2012-03-29
The characters are annoying, and the story doesn't make as much sense as you'd like, but it's suspensful, kind-of entertaining, and delivers a unique and effective message about brotherhood near the end. The story is, on the surface, not as compelling as that of its spiritual predecesor, but the effects are vastly improved.

Deltafuzz 2012-01-16
This is one of the best sci-fi films I have seen in a long time

10 Suns 2011-11-29
A journey of cosmic proportions! Zathura is every kids dream, a game that lets you experience a sci-fi medley firsthand. What kid could ask for anything more? This film has (by far) the awesomest theme somg ever in sci-fi history.

Very good movie!

Teenwolf21 2011-08-10
Kristen Stewart is so weird in this movie:)

Rsinl 2011-07-23
I was watching zathura with my sister when my mum bring it back to video club. I and my sistre we always quarrel

Caleb Nehrbass 2011-06-01
My cousin has this and he and I must see this every time we have a sleepover! I love this type of movie, I like all movies having to do with space. I would definitely recomend this to a friend.

Kamo32 2011-04-23
Great movie I'm eight and my name is kamryn and I love it

dmaull 2011-03-17
the first time i saw it i feel in love.......oh yeah and sandra clipp was right spelling

Rainbow power 2011-03-12
I really loved the movie I think it was really good and funny I really liked how Kristen Stewart played Lisa she played the roll very good she's also my favorite actress!!! So I think a lot of people should watch the movie and I hope they enjoy it like i did!!!!

TheEpicLevi 2011-02-24
The Zathura books came out BEFORE the Jumunji books so don't say there copying. Zathura gets 4 stars!

Jasline D 2010-09-09
I ignored this movie simply because I thought it was going to be a copycat of Jumanji. But, having nothing to do, I sat down and watched it to find that it is indeed very funny and follows it's own unique story. I simply fell off my rocker when the little boy was running around the living room screaming, "Take evasive action; take eveasive action!" And when he was hungry and asked his brother what he knew how to cook, he said "Water". Simple lines, yet classic in their own right. Great to watch with the kids, but the little buggers are not needed to enjoy yourself.

Gabby Portu 2010-08-28
I love this movie it's super cool!! You know the part when there house gose up into space huh?! Yea that part Is the best!! But they say the d word in the beging of the movie it it your such a Dick!

pirategirlash 2010-08-01
itunee you guys spelt Kristen Stewarts last name wrong. its Stewart not Stuart. just hought you guys should know. awesome movie. loved it.

rosiegirl95 2010-07-08
i love this movie so much! the acting is really believable and i love the whole concept. it is definitely different than Jumajii but anyone who liked Jumajii should still see it! PS. There was a typo in the cast list. Kristen Stewart's last name isn't spelled Stuart. Itunes, please correct it because she did an awesome job and deserves to be recognized! she is an amazing actress! :)

hill123s 2010-01-11
i've basically given my opinion. but if i were to chose what this movie would be rated, it would be PG-13. my reason being is there are sequences of peril and scary images in this film. when my family is trying to chose which movie to watch, my 10-year-old sister would probably say "no. it's too scary." she is terrified of it. still, great movie.

Live09 2009-12-30
This movie is a great movie to see with the whole family. I liked this movie a lot because I will keep you on the edge of your seat. This movie also has a shocking ending. So if you like exciting movies you won't find a more exciting movie.

American girl doll lover 1 2009-12-07
Omg I love zathura soooooooo much

top 25 2009-11-29
I like this movie A LOT!

porky monster 2009-05-27
iTunes you mispelled kristin's last name.She's the same girl from twilight

gingerted12 2009-05-21
I think this movie is really great, espically with the characters in the Movie. Way to go Zathura!

CPT Kirk 2009-04-21
My whole family watched this flick. We all loved it! You knew what it was about, true. You could predict a lot of the scenes. But it was fun and entertaining. It was as close to a real safe, fun, family film as you get these days.

samanthacronin 2009-04-04
See in the credits, They list Kristen "Stuart". Her name is infact spelled Kristen Stewart, the same girl who plays the lead, Bella, in 'Twilight'. Just thought I'd share...

sofiegreen13 2009-03-21
Hey, my subject line said it all.But did anyone notice that in the credits, iTunes put Kristen Stuert- it's Kristen Stewart, as in Bella in Twilight!

RainyCalifornia 2009-03-07
Where can I start? It's just bad I didn't like one single thing about this movie. I'd like to give it a - star rating, but sadly they don't exsist.

ampattic 2009-02-23
terrible acting, plot holes, and the worst part is tht they spat onto the face of jumanji which is soo much better

taylormarie1224 2009-02-08
Itunes spelled kristen STEWART's name wrong. its stewart not stuart. this really irks me. c'mon! shes in TWILIGHT, PANIC ROOM, THE MESSENGERS. how hard is it to spell her name right?! please fix this. btw, this is a really good movie.