Superman II
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Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, and Margot Kidder return in this blockbuster sequel to one of the

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Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, and Margot Kidder return in this blockbuster sequel to one of the most beloved superhero movies ever made. On the verge of giving up his powers for love, Superman (Reeve) is confronted by three super-criminals from his home planet who have escaped imprisonment and come to Earth with the same abilities as the man of steel. Imperious insurrectionist General Zod (Terence Stamp), seductive but sadistic Ursa (Sarah Douglas), and mute brute Non (Jack O'Halloran) challenge Superman to a cosmic battle for world supremacy--just as Superman and Lois Lane (Kidder) finally get romantically involved.

User Reviews
fftctfhfth 2022-10-16
It is ok but doesn’t have Richard magic but still this movie is a classic

JacobKitts 2020-07-21
Just so you know, the horizontal iPhone icon for this is the Richard Donner cut. You guys might want to fix it. Good movie, by the way.

refael2004 2019-04-19
For an 80’s sequel... it’s okay.

Shotkake 2018-08-02
Very happy with this movie great love story

UndeadPup 2018-05-11
Great flick! Directors cut even better!

Lebron Kenney 2018-02-16
Not as good as the first movie but still a great movie. Man of Steel will never live up to this

JEKDC 2017-03-03
Don't buy anyone telling you that the Donner cut is better. This is the best version and the best Superman movie by far.

$anta 101 2012-09-05
I did not like it

Force Fan 2133 2012-05-20
I guess i liked it.

Fletch F. Fletch 2012-05-09
While the Donner cut offers some wonderful new moments and never before seen performances, it remains the ultimate cut scene and not really a complete film. Many things had not been worked out before the director switch up and the final product is incomplete even now with some giant lapses in logic (why destroy the Fortress if he turns the world back in time anyway for example) and some great lines have been removed to simply make it different from the theatrical cut. This version, the theatrically released version is complete work, albeit from two directors, but fully realized nonetheless. Lester's work has been unfairly passed over in favor of Donner's work in many circles and in many cases is superior to the Donner footage (Lester didn't have a toilet joke for example). The battle in Metropolis is still the standard for superhero battles and Reeves remains iconic no matter who's in the director's chair. The Donner cut is a must see, but this version is the one that has rightfully earned it's place as one of the greatest superhero movies of all time.

MIkeyG_TAMF 2012-04-30
Title says it all. This is not really a continuation of The Movie & if you pay attention, doesn't even make sense at certain points. Probably bc the "director" was just re shooting Donner's footage, which was already done(some scenes, like All of Lex's still were Donner's footage). It had more action(I guess) , but made less sense is the bottom line...but I still loved it.

Smanfan 2012-02-18
This is my favorite of all of The Superman movies. I loved the original but like this one a little more. I saw the Donner Cut and hated it.

Chastizle 2011-11-22
There is just something about Reeve that other Superman movies can't compare to. I always liked this one the best, but after just hearing about the director's cut, (as I still have not seen it yet) I couldn't wait to see it. Then I found out it is only on Blue Ray (at least that I know of). Apple I am not sure what kind of contract you have but I mean come on your the "Big Apple" and not some "micro window" company. I am sure you could get that version if you wanted to? And I know I am not the only one holding off on purchasing this version in hopes that the director's cut will be out soon.

Al Capone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2011-03-11
one of the only sequels better than the original!

drexul 2011-01-03
It's far past time that the Donner cut be available to buy here...

lil.uhura 2010-12-03
I was one of the lucky few who actually got to see the Donner cut on the big screen the way that it was meant to be seen and in my humble opinion it blows this one right out of the water. Even before I knew the back story about how S2 was filmed (Donner had filmed it concurrently with S1, but got into a huge fight with the producers who then fired him and re-shot half the movie) the Lester version had always felt disjointed to me and was very disappointing. The Donner cut is simply amazing. iTunes, you NEED TO OFFER THE DONNER CUT, PLEASE!

darkknight1938 2010-10-21
Please give us the Donner Cut! It is the best version.

ace32698 2010-07-24
I first saw SUPERMAN (1978) and SUPERMAN II: DONNER CUT on tv a few years ago. It was amazing! But at the beginning of the DONNER CUT II, it said that the actual version by RICHARD DONNER was never completed (because Donner was fired because he had issues with the Salkinds) and what we were about to see was WHAT DICK DONNER HAD INTENDED 2 SHOW , NOT HIS COMPLETED VERSION (which didn't exist) BUT A COMBINED VERSION OF HIS SCENES AND SOME SCENES BY (richard lester) 2 MAKE A FULL LENGTH FILM! (sorry 4 all that upper case.) It was a moving, interesting and fun film that was about Supes and Lois and the 3 villians from Krypton. I later read about all that mess about how they fired him and all that, and so I decided to see Richard Lester's version of SUPERMAN II. It was okay. It was more silly, and had more comedy elements. The 2 versions are very different but overall, THE DONNER CUT WAS WAY BETTER! iTunes, please get that version!!!

Better Bieber 2010-07-17
Christopher Reeve rules I even did his biography for a book report. Superman rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Binnewater 2010-07-05
'Nuff said.

Skier7ra 2010-05-22
Obviously not as good graphics as today's new age stuff, but Christopher Reeves will always be the best (and only) Superman.

-The Challenger- 2009-10-15
Knell Before ZOD

turnerdcentury 2009-07-20
this movie still holds fond memories for was like a comic book come to friends and I still recite lines from this awesome movie.....

Emmet040 2009-05-14
I never liked the second part of SuperMan all that much. But that was only until I saw the Richard Donner cut of the movie. The way it was intended to be, before he got fired from the movie. Please Apple. Put it on.

Spindle A. Webb 2009-02-20
This is a very good movie, and when iIsaw it as a child, one of the characters have been an inspiration for me as a budding artist but the Richard Donner version is extremely intense and leaves off from where the first one ends. That version really needs to be introduced to iTunes big time, if not, I highly recommend the Richard Donner cut. trust me on this one!

Retrofan5370 2009-02-02
As great as this film was when it came out in 1981, I felt it didn't have the same heart as what the first movie had. 25 years later, in 2006, I saw The Richard Donner cut of Superman II at a friends house, and I felt that this version of Richard Lester's now seems a sham that so much of what Donner had shot was all acrecited to Lester. Please post The Richard Donner Cut of Superman II here give the fans the choice as to which version was best.

kickassmusic 2008-12-01
its an ok movie. just one question? wats wit the thing wen he rips the S off of his chest and throws it at the guy

DarkstarXSI 2008-11-28
my all time favorite movie!!!! now , i was wondering when iTunes is going to add the first movie???? , Superman I&II are a MUST HAVE on your movie collection :D

love superman 2008-11-26
this is an awesome movie, the way superman thwarts the bad guys is so smart. i watched this movie so many times and can't get sick of it. christopher reeve is THE ONLY superman. he was awesome

The Wiseman 2008-08-02
This is a good sequel to the first movie. I really like the introduction of the three super villains in this second superman movie. Plus the growing relationship between superman and lois lane makes for a nice romantic story-line. The action scenes in this movie are very well done, and once again Gene Hackman delivers as superman's villainous rival. Add a twist in the story about superman giving up his powers for love and you've got a worthy sequel.

gbumaggie 2008-08-02
I love this movie, even at age 34 :)

Superman2442 2008-07-31
click here if u want number 1

Bluenowait 2008-07-30
Don't get me wrong I love this movie, but I would much prefer, along with others, that the Richard Donner cut be released on iTunes. That version is Superman II, the way it is supposed to be.

C1Knight 2008-07-27
Wow..I can't believe you folks have this just to rent! With all the "Superman" fans out there..ya know we wanna buy it!! Especially with Chris Reeve. To me he became the Superman we all loved in the 80's..and continues to be to this day. Please put it up for sale as well as the I-III-IV-V. I'll buy these too! Sincerly, a #1 Christopher Reeves Fan

Classic MovieMan 2008-07-26
Please get Superman The movie (1st one) include xtras if possible ... Many good xtras on the dvd

Du 007 2008-07-25
I hope you can put this movie for sale not for rent. I love to have this in my iphone. Thanks

halfway2fourty 2008-07-24
this is a classic, even better than the first, and the last good superman movie with Christopher Reeve. Highly recommend adding to your collection.

Elender 2008-07-24
This is one of my all-time favorite films. Superman at his absolute deepest and best, and literally at his most human, as he chooses whether to give up everything--all his powers--to live as Clark Kent. I do not know if this is the darker director's cut with some chilling bits returned to the film, but even if it is not, it is still a must-see for anyone who is into good over evil in their films. As I said, I do not know which version of the film this is because (like everyone else), I refuse to rent. I want to buy it. But do not let that aspect keep you from watching this film if you have never seen it.

MONDIJ 2008-07-24

Accordsport65 2008-07-23
But Im going to walk over to Warner Bros. Studios and personally jack the CEO in the face if they keep putting their movies just for rent! Put it for RENT AND BUY!

Mag 13 2008-07-23
Please, please let us by this movie. This is the all time #1 best movie in the history. Click Yes, if you agree to by......

RJAYY 2008-07-22
this movie is awsome period!!!