The Amazing Panda Adventure
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A terrific family movie! An American boy and a Chinese girl trek through mountainous jungles to find and rescue a stolen baby panda. In the process, they encounter danger, excitement, the unspoiled beauty of a remote wilderness -- and learn valuable lessons about friendship and about themselves. Filmed on location in China's remote Himalayan mountain highlands, it's a beautiful, heartwarming and thrilling family story about one of the world's most lovable and elusive animals. The Hollywood Reporter calls this film "amazingly picturesque."

User Reviews
Pigstrangler123 2013-04-25
This movie is so cute and has a lot of different adventures

Breannas😁❤️🌞👌👌 2012-08-15
I love the movie so much the panda is adorable.I LOVE PANDAS. :)

Eminem lova 2012-05-23
I loved this movie when I was younger

risuhill 2010-03-26
This is an awesome movie. You won't regret watching it. Some boys in my class started to cry because it is so amazing! Trust me, they weren't fake crying! They said, "Oh, my eyes are just watering." Yeah right! :D GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah B.L. 2010-01-04
The movie was so boring. I am a middle schooler and it was just not my type of movie. Part of the movie, the panda looks SOO fake. I really don't think it's a worth-it movie to buy but if you really want to see it, rent it. It's a family filled movie and it does, definitely show the reality some children and how their families are dysfunctional . So I would rent it if it's for the family ... it's cute ... just don't get it for an adolescent's birthday.

dtemlak 2008-12-06
i have loved this movie ever since i was little. don't bother renting it, just buy it for your family. you won't be disappointed!

HuelsKG 2008-11-14
Wow I was in middle school when this came out and I did a project on the book. My parents bought this film for me too and I enjoyed watching it with my family. Any family will like this film

4kids 2008-08-13
Dang!!! this is the movie...its a really good movie for the family