The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
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"Welcome to Sherwood Forest!" Errol Flynn ("Gentleman Jim," "Captain Blood") stars as the famed bandit king of Sherwood Forest who romances Maid Marian and leads his Merry Men in a battle against the corrupt Prince John. Co-starring Oscar-nominee Basil Rathbone ("Romeo and Juliet"), Oscar-winner Olivia De Havilland ("Gone with the Wind," "To Each His Own") and Oscar-nominee Claude Rains ("Casablanca" "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington). Nominated for four Academy Awards (including Best Picture) and winner of three. Selected by the prestigious American Film Institute as one of the 400 best American films and listed Robin Hood one of the 50 Greatest Heroes of all time. Inducted into the Library of Congress National Film Registry.

User Reviews
E-Dog!!!!! 2021-01-30
I love this movie so much. It's beautifuly acted, and it is such a joy to whach!!

Hatter60 2019-07-12
This is the original Robin Hood with Mr. Flynn and Ms. de Havilland also with Mr. Rathbone and Mr. Rains.This is a timeless Classic film that cannot get any better.Perfect for the family.Don't miss out on this great adventure ....

471tam 2018-08-21
Maid Marion: you speak treason Robin: Fluently Another Curtis/Flynn/de Havilland/Rathbone Classic. Enjoy

J Hersey 2018-04-04
Kids love it

prrbill 2015-12-04
Every once in a while, a film might have 3 or 4 of the 5 essentials (excellent cast, director, music, script and those needed intangibles) that make it not only enjoyable but some-thing that says, "I want to see that again". To have all 5 of 5 usually means in today's world that the movie is nominated for 8~12 Oscars and wins most. But for older films of 70 or more years ago, it's usually the one that not only do reviewers, critics, hosts of oldie movie channels (i.e. Bob & Ben) wax poetic about but one that viewers say, "Show it again"! And one more time, please. This is one of those movies. It has the rare combination of an absolutely sparkling musical score, significantly great cinematography, a wonderfully tight script that complimented the action and not vice versa, deft direction, the timely luck of being filmed in color and that cast. That cast was magnificent & became an essential in just about any meaningful Warner Bros-Errol Flynn action/adventure. And Errol Flynn is there in his absolute best film role whatsoever. Bar none. It's non-stop entertainment at, for its time, the top of the mountain. One downside. Way back 25-30 years ago, there were still some scenes included from the original film release that were being shown on TV and have bern cut. One such scene was towards the end when Richard and Robin went to the castle of the Church of the Black Whomever (ok, I forget his film title) who was to lead the investiture of Prince John and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. It, along with the others, need to be reinserted as we don't worry about the video needing to fit into a window of a certain number of minutes.

iancognito 2014-12-14
This is where the term feel good movie came from! It’s got everything, romance,humor and action. This copy is beautiful, the direction is excellent and what a great cast! Really great!

Scrabble81 2013-08-28
This movie has everything: nostalgia, romance, appropriate wonderful music, beautiful scenery and cinematography, great collection of actors, and most especially the presence of Errol Flynn, who did an absolutely superb job! This movie remains an absolute gem after all these years.

Yummi ninja 2011-06-16
Best movie ever! Romance, action, chivalry, and a classic tale all mixed together to form a cinema for all time! Definatly a must see!

Yensid4030 2011-04-30
I have to admit, the Errol Flynn Robin Hood is pure spectacle! Arguably the Most Splendid Robin Hood film in history! Errol Flynn is absolutely awesome as Robin Hood! His charm and wit is marvelous! The sweeping technicolor cinematography, Erich Wolfgang Korngold's outstanding score, the fantastic artwork and the incisive acting by Olivia De Havilland, Claude rains, Basil Rathbone, Alan hale, Eugene paullete and much more are all first rate, and pure spectacle! See it!

ginalollobrigida 2009-12-22
Awesome. Enough Said. This is the BEST Robin Hood version ever done.

IPLAYDRUMS123 2009-12-04
Were watching this movie in history class and it's freakin cool. Ill give it 20 stars if i could.

kma35han 2009-11-27
I just watched this movie a little while ago and I cannot believe it is 71 years old! It has stood the test of time! Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland were (and will remain) one of Hollywood's best on-screen romantic pairs. Olivia de Havilland is 93 years old and still looks fantastic. I will definitely be showing this movie to my kids and grandkids.

Elarinya 2009-07-23
I love old movies, and this is terrific! THere wil never be a better version of Robin Hood produced! If you even are slightly interested, get it! You will love it!

JoeInJamaica 2008-11-21
Mr. Flynn was one of a kind, like the characters he played or shined through.

Dallas Burgher 2008-10-31
The equal of Star Wars. The light saber duals were based on this movie. The sword fighting doesn't get any better.

Brat1266 2008-10-04
Fun, romantic, great acting and one of the best movies ever! If you are a fan of the classics don't miss this one! The story will sweep you up and the music is phenomenally beautiful!

freeus 2008-09-09
I believe I have seen every Robin Hood ever made and it is my humble opinion that this is the best one. Errol Flynn is completely superb as is Olivia de Havilland. I would definitely suggest that people buy this movie.

Gojirafan1985 2008-08-19
This movie is the best Robin Hood you'll ever see. The surprising thing is that it is very funny and it is well balanced. Errol Flynn is absolutely awesome, Olivia de Haviland is stunning, and Basil Rathbone is simply one of the best villains you'll ever see. Even though the movie is 70 years old, it still looks awesome thanks to today's restoration technologies.

miss goozie 2008-08-11
This movie is not only great, it also has a lot of memories attached to it. Anyone who hasn't seen this cannot say that they are a movie fanatic! It's a movie that just cannot be duplicated in this day in age. I love it so much!

Jonesykc 2008-08-10
This version of Robin Hood, though slightly campy, is one of the most heartwarming versions to watch. Errol Flynn is as dashing as ever, and Olivia de Havilland is absolutely beautiful. It also has the added bonus of being the movie that the Disney classic is based off of, so if you love that film it's a sure bet that you'll love this!

Scuba Dooba 2008-08-02
Kudos to itunes for getting this. This is definitely one of the greatest classics of all time.