Action In the North Atlantic
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Oscar-winner Humphrey Bogart ("Casablanca") stars in this exciting drama about a Merchant Marine vessel's fight against German attacks at the start of World War II. Oscar-winner Raymond Massey ("A Matter of Life and Death") and the talented Alan Hale ("It Happened One Night") co-star. Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy-winner Ruth Gorden ("Rosemary's Baby") also stars in this Oscar nominated film.

User Reviews
Russ'sSis 2015-02-09
A fine old film filled with plenty of action and a solid dose of patriotism. Terrific acting on the part of Bogart, Massey, and Hale with an outstanding supporting cast.

DonStLouis 2009-05-09
One of the great classics from Hollywood supporting the war effort on the big screen. If you liked Sergeant York, Air Force, or Sahara; you will like this one. One of Bogey's best action films.