The Adventures of Pluto Nash
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It's intergalactic hilarity in the year 2087 when Eddie Murphy ("Showtime," "Shrek") stars as audacious lunar nightclub owner, Pluto Nash. Nash finds himself in lunar hot water when he refuses to sell his club to the local mob, which is run by a mysterious mastermind who is attempting to take over the Moon. Joining Pluto in the danger and lunacy are Dina Lake (Rosario Dawson -- "Men In Black II," "Josie and the Pussycats"), a beautiful earthling trying to further her singing career; Nash's bodyguard Bruno (Randy Quaid -- "Vegas Vacation," "Independence Day"), who is a robot on the verge of obsolescence; Nash's gun-toting mother (Pam Grier -- "Ghosts of Mars," "Jackie Brown"); and his best friend (Jay Mohr -- "Pay It Forward," "Go"). Also starring Emmy-winner Peter Boyle ("Monster's Ball," TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond"), Joe Pantoliano ("Cats & Dogs," "The Matrix") and Illeana Douglas ("The New Guy," "Ghost World").

User Reviews
dohspc 2021-10-01
It’s a quirky sci-fi movie that’s good. Eddie Murphy is funny.

Travisbrian85 2021-03-07
Just a fun movie. Not suppose to take it seriously. One of favorites growing up. Just a fun time in my opinion. 👍👍⭐️😊

JöíFabü 2020-09-16
Loved this movie. Remember when it came out and watched the first time. Definitely entertaining. The special effects aren’t that special nowadays but the content holds up well. Definitely worth it for $5

johns713 2017-05-29
Is this the best movie ever? No. Was it as bad as everyone says? No. What it is, is a good movie to watch on a lazy Saturday. It will entertain and may even make you smile. If you aren't sure if it is worth buying, rent it first. But the Adventures of Pluto Nash is a favorite guilty pleasure.

Josh AnSEMI the movie critic 2014-06-02
This is by far the best movie in a long time! This is Eddie Murphy at his finest! Too bad they didn't make a sequel or make it in 3D :P

NovaRedze 2013-02-26
This movie is HILARIOUS!!!!! Most people that hate it have never seen it and base their hate on the critics. Sometimes critics takes things waaaaaay too serious! Was this movie oscar-worthy? No! But if you look at as it is, and just watch it, its really funny. The music is really cool too!

Link9454 2012-08-18
And not of potpourri. The story line was foul and the jokes, less then funny. One of Eddie Murphy's worst movies, and a black mark on the director of Tremors. How the director of one of my favorite dark comedy movies ever managed to pump out this horrible waste of time I will never get back I will never understand. Think Total Recall meets comedy only without any writing talent to speak of. Actually, thats unfair to Total Recall to even be mentioned in the same sentence.

Gabriel De araujo 2011-10-01
I like the French robot that leans over and says oops hahahaha 0o

gjblanchard 2011-09-13
Thats right, forget about the money you'll waste. The breaths and the heartbeats you'll use up during this movie are the real tragedy here not the wretchedness of the movie. Easily one of the top worst films of all time. Zero stars, including Eddie Murphy.

dudebrobuddyman66 2011-07-09
Well the title is self explanatory. This is a god awful film. How they were able to throw 100mil into this crap fest is beyond me. Awful awful awful, did I say awful film.

Quincy Stallworth 2011-05-01
It's not total recall, but it is a full fun story to watch.

Pop Shock 2011-04-14
I didn't really care for the movie but my favorite part is when that blondie woman use that weird controller thingy on Rosario Dawson and made her booty and boobs get really big it was so sexy and cute.

Daft Punk's Mad Hatter 2011-03-17
This movie is great, its funny and its unique. How many movies can do that? lol Eddie Murphy is the best!

Calisto6840 2010-08-31
To all you people who think you can do better go ahead and try! Pluto Nash may have not won any awards but it was still funny. So what they spent as much as they did on this film it still got a real laugh out of me. Thank you Mr. Murphy your still number 1, you'll always rank at the top with Redd Foxx, and Richard Pryor. You'll always be the man.

u r all haters 2010-01-03
i hated it,it was rated the worst movie of all time in 2002 and i have to agree,will NEVER see it again,its even worse than meet dave.

!!!JoRdAn!!! 2009-09-07
pluto nash is really good i liked it. it was really funny

REVIEW FREAK 2009-01-23
This is a hilarious movie. I was laughing the whole way through!!!

mall52 2008-08-21

juicyfruit90016 2008-07-30
Eddie Murphy is a great actor but sometimes he makes weird movies :)