The Adventures of Milo and Otis
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A curious kitten named Milo and his inseparable friend, a pug-nosed puppy named Otis, tumble through one exciting escapade after another in The Adventures of Milo and Otis, a heartwarming live-action film. Milo and Otis start life together on a farm and spend their days exploring the barnyard and the surrounding countryside. One day, the little feline is swept down a rushing river and Otis takes off in pursuit to rescue his friend, thus beginning a series of adventures. The Adventures of Milo and Otis, which took four years to complete, is a film that will delight both the young and young at heart.

User Reviews
yhhhhhjjjkkllkfdgjjjkk 2022-07-09
I heart pugs and if I’m from Kansas I would be a senior like Jane and her Great Dane max

Bruinsnhl#1 2020-12-01
If you ever wondered why movies have the tag at the end ‘no animals were harmed in the making of this movie’ it’s because they went through several milo and otis's to make this film

Mute R. Kelly 2020-07-07
I’m heartbroken from when I done some research about this movie and they said about animal that died during production. I never want to watch this movie ever again, whoever made this movie should be arrested and the movie should be banned and forgotten.

wise owl 2020-06-26
My 5 year old loves The Incredible Journey (1963). I (perhaps cruelly) hoped that for all the reports of animal cruelty this may have been a work of art - maybe the original Japanese movie is better. The visuals are beautiful and watching the animals give birth was interesting. The story is simple enough but the drama is forced and unconvincing even for my kid. It was something like 70 hours of footage that they edited down and it feels that way. There is a near constant and soundtrack that adds nothing and the a constant voiceover by Dudley Moore which is just too much. Overall it is tedious and I think we were all relieved when it was over. The Incredible Journey is much much better.

alice wolter 2020-01-20
Idc if this is an oldish movie but it’s the best of the best this was my childhood movie and still my fav movie till this day I love it and it was so worth renting

4b454e 2019-05-05
Plot, editing and voiceover aside, this movie is full of scenes that clearly could not have been filmed without putting animals in genuine distress and danger. I don’t recommend it for anyone, least of all kids and their parents. I’m left wondering when and how to explain to my daughter that probably that cat really wasn’t OK after “jumping” from the cliff (and how a cat wouldn’t really jump off a cliff like that, ever) And maybe the dog that fought the bear didn’t really get away. He did look different in the other scenes...

OtakuWhoWontShutUp 2018-04-07
First of all, the animal cruelty could be PLAUSIBLE, not absolute. And the killing of cats and dogs were urban legends, not actual fact. And if I hear about somebody saying they shouldn’t have featured birth in this, stop. This is a way of teaching kids about the glory of life, and I knew how children were created and born when I was six (my mom was a nurse, and I got a hold of her medical books). This is just an opinion. I just think people should chill.

Why should I worry 2018-01-08
milo and Otis is what I've seen All my life

Alysha Victoria 2017-05-24
10/10 I'm almost 24 years old and still love this movie from when I was a kid. The goat for sure.

Kyra ;) 2017-04-14
So cute!! I still love this movie since I was little

Guitar nerd😄😃😀😊 2016-12-21
My parents showed me this movie when I was a month old, I couldn't really acknowledge it, but at 24 months I sort of did and by three I knew pretty well what was going on, this was my first movie and my favorite, recommend for animal lovers❤️❤️❤️

TheEnderborn530 2016-06-11
This was the first film I ever saw and over my childhood I have probally at least scene this film over ten times.

Chancieblaze24 2016-03-15
Best movie ever features "Gonna Take A Walk Outside Today" best song ever and 2 or the most cute and cuddliest pug and orange curious cat ever Milo and Otis such a great movie reason I got a cat and named him with me since kindergarten now in 7th grade don't know what I'd do with him

Jca2003apphater123 2015-10-04

Tucsontuscanbrianj98 2015-09-20
I first watched this movie at school in 2009 and I saw Milo in the box in the river and drifts downstream and it made me sad and scared. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I even had nightmares about it. And I didn't watch it again ever since. Until I watched it this year at school and it came back to haunt me. And I thank my teacher for not showing it again. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'LL WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Lilgum 2015-09-18

Mr. Blooboo 2015-09-17
Boring and secretly has animal cruelty in the making!

Night505 2015-08-26
I love it it has great music and everything 5/5

Happypattyprott 2015-05-18
I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH I cry every time I watch it I know the lyrics to the songs IT MAKES ME CRY BUT LAUGH I wanna have them!!!

SusyAD 2015-01-31
I laughed and I cried when Milo's family met Otis's family.

hotskullgirl 2014-09-20
This movie might seem all cute and all, but cats and dogs were killed in the making in this making. THEY THREW CATS OFF A CLIFF AND GOT THEM KILLED JUST TO GET A GOOD SHOT FOR THE MOVIE! And you think this is cute? Sick humans...

Kalin Sharp 12318 2014-08-24

Rainberry123 2014-03-25
Ok so when I watched this a long time ago I loved it. I forgot about it in the past few years. Now that I’m buying it on iTunes and took the time to read reviews, I’m starting to wonder… DO they use animal cruelty? It was made in Japan, Milo falls into a box in the river, Milo goes down a waterfall, Milo faces a bear, Milo falls in a hole, the animals have puppies and kittens, they are out in the snow, Otis is stung/pinched by a scorpion/crab and jumps in the river, and probably a lot more stuff that I haven’t noticed yet! The movie is cute and all… but I’m going to be really upset when I figure out that they use animal cruelty… Poor Milo and Otis!

paul walkers girl 16 2014-01-09
im sixteen year old gurl and this movie is sad but funny it moved me so much that this movie makes me laugh so hard I loved the frog I loved when he kept saying Otis

FilmMan1234 2014-01-04
I watched this movie exactly 246 times and each time it warmed my heart best movie of all time

DegandCoffee 2013-09-20
I always found this movie so cute and fun, but sad too as a kid. Then I grew up, watched the movie again and realized THE CREATORS of this film TORMENTED THESE ANIMALS to get every shot. The cat alone got its nose pinched by a crab, was thrown over a waterfall, and stuck into scenes with a bear. I wonder how many cats they went through in order to make that movie! Let me clarify, I am not one of those people who freaks out because someone let a fish flop on a deck or yelled at the dog when it didn't deserve it. I'm not that sensitive about animals. But when I saw this movie an adult, every fiber of my being was just screaming that this was OUTRIGHT ANIMAL CRUELTY.

Caitlyn1111 2013-07-17
I watched this movie because I read the book and it was awful like each time I saw the cat in the river or it almost died I said poor cat it had to suffer through this. Also the voice was horrible and wen the cat and dog had baby's I closed my eyes cuz it looked gross and showing that to kids is even grosser. And in some parts I didn't get like Milo's wife he knew her name but wen did he meet her in the movie? So I don't recommend it to your kids AT ALL! And I also don't recommend it to animal lovers like my self.

Camryn87 2013-02-02
Frist time I watch it I almost cry buy It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$!$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jakkkobbb 2012-07-26
My favorite movie of all time!!!! If you haven't seen this movie, you don't have a heart. Plain and simple folks, this is the most adorable film of all time. This is a movie that should be in your collection, so stop thinking about it and buy it.

jpf9925 2012-06-20
So many childhood memories with this movie! Love it!!!!

Charizardman 2012-04-16
My whole family but mostly me and my mom love this movie ( and she loves pugs and kittens A LOT) and I got it at a closing Blockbuster and we watched it and I watched it a long time ago. But to describe this movie in 2 words I would say , EXTREMELY ADORABLE

Jhyt 2012-02-09
This movie is amazing every one should Watch this and it is a good movie for the family or kids it is a amazing movie so get NOW it's a very very very amazing movie for little kids so I really think you should see it it's funny,cutie,and last adorabal WATCH IT:) :) :)

One and only burger 2011-12-30
Stop giving this movie 1 star ratings, so what if on 2 scenes they treated milo wrong, but that is no reason to be rude, even though they got treated a little bit incorrectly, after the movie, with the money they made, they probably bought 5,000,000 bags of dog and cat treats and gave it to them, so YES! they were treated correct, and the narrarator is fine, he has a great voice, and any other ratings you have that are bad, YOU CAN SHUTUP, thank you for your time.

Katttlovesanimals 2011-11-19
Wonderful movie for kids and the whole family! Super super cute story about friendship. :)

CruelReview 2011-09-14
Can't ever watch this again after finding out about the fact that several of the animals died and they did things like break a kittens paw to make it limp. This movie's got too much innocent blood on it's hands.

Evan Weiss 2011-06-27
this is the best movie ever and you know it. buy this. its heartwarming and it will touch you in all the right places. thats right. buy it. right now. dont rent this. BUY IT. you know you want to, so whats stopping you? are you afraid to get in touch with your inner child? BUY THIS MOVIE. dont think it makes you any less manly to cry a little. MANLY MEN WILL LOVE THIS MOVIE. who am i kidding. EVERYONE LOVES THIS MOVIE. everyone. even hitler. thats right, HITLER THOUGHT THIS MOVIE WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER. so buy this movie and watch it every day of your life. EVERY DAY OF YOUR PATHETIC LIFE. you can thank me later. BUY THIS MOVIE THIS INSTANT. WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS. YOU COULD BE WATCHING MILO AND OTIS. STOP READING RIGHT NOW AND CLICK ON THE BUY BUTTON. YOU ARENT GONNA STOP TILL THIS IS DONE ARE YOU? FINE. GO BUY THE MOVIE. IM OUT.

Rokeroller 2011-06-23
The movie was so beautiful it almost mad me happy crying

13 and strong 2011-04-29
I watched this when I was, well I don't remember how old I was but I do know I was a kid. I watched this movie when I was living in Stockton, now I live in Ceres. I miss the times I lived in Stockton because I lived close to most of my family, and that's what Otis and Milo were, a small but close family with their farm to plus they lived on the country side where I want to live. Instead today I'm trapped in a cage in the city where everything is so small and cramped.

Spoot!!!!!!!! 2011-04-24
This was my favorite childhood movie, i watched it until the VHS tape eventually broke from being watched too much! It's a great movie for both children and adults which makes it all the more amazing. :)

Mikey DC 2011-01-28
I'll start off by saying that I hardly ever post reviews but I had to on this one. We rented this and started watching it only to have it dawn on us very quickly how exploited and abused the animals were in this horrible movie. Look it up folks. It was filmed in Japan for a reason. Absolutely heart breaking. You can see the fear,pain and suffering on the animals faces when put/thrown/forced into rivers, oceans, forced to fight etc.... All just trying to be cute and make a buck. Don't let your kids watch this and think this kind of abuse is OK no matter how cute they look playing together. Stick with animation for big animal adventures. Thanks for reading this review. I would give this 0 stars if I could.

Bobster112233445 2010-08-29
Omg I've never laughed so hard in my life it's so hillarious the Random things that happen

Emily chartier 2010-06-26
Me and my friend would watch this movie almost all the time when we got bored! I have loved this movie since i was a kid and one of my best friends is named milo!:) when i watched it just last night i was like i need it on my ipod! And so here i am looking it up! I am 11 almost 12 in a few days! OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE!:)

kayjo101 2010-03-25
Pure poetry every time!

Lessette & catheleen 2010-01-11
I am a cat lover my sister is a dog lover. We love it. Anyone who dislikes it Is not a animal lover.

Tyler Hart 2009-12-30
one of the worst movies ive ever seen, i was 5 years old, and hated this movie, the narrator was terrible, the movie setting was terrible. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE!

ipod nano 5 gen 2009-12-05
i like this monie alot because of the cute little pug its very good. one of my favotite

manofscissors 2009-07-04
This is the best film of its kind—bar none. At a long-running party of kids and adults, we had 12 kids in front of this film, from ages 2-10. It's the great equalizer among children and even the "hardest" of the older ones sat quietly. ALL HAIL DUDLEY MOORE!

pumpkinortiz 2009-06-12
I agree this is a great movie, I am 28 yr's old and I still love this movie, what I dont like is the price $10.00 for a movie I paid $6.36 and no shipping. At wal-mart, wide screen....HELLO! WISE UP PEOPLE shop around...

DEATH KITTY 2009-05-25

summerr! 2009-05-16
This is one of the best movies i've ever seen. It is by far the cutest childrens movie and story ever! So if you love stories about animals and adventure then I'd definetly recomend this movie. I'd recomend it to most people. It is awsome!