Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
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In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry, Ron and Hermione, now teenagers, return for their third year at Hogwarts, where they are forced to face escaped prisoner, Sirius Black, who poses a great threat to Harry. Harry and his friends spend their third year learning how to handle a half-horse half-eagle Hippogriff, repel shape-shifting Boggarts and master the art of Divination. They also visit the wizarding village of Hogsmeade and the Shrieking Shack, which is considered the most haunted building in Britain. In addition to these new experiences, Harry must overcome the threats of the soul-sucking Dementors, outsmart a dangerous werewolf and finally deal with the truth about Sirius Black and his relationship to Harry and his parents. With his best friends, Harry masters advanced magic, crosses the barriers of time and changes the course of more than one life. Directed by Alfonso Cuarรณn and based on J.K. Rowling's third book, this wondrous spellbinder soars with laughs, and the kind of breathless surprise only found in a Harry Potter adventure.

User Reviews
hg G bff h 2022-05-21
I love this Harry Potter is the best one out of all of them thank you

FootclanRyGuy 2021-04-25
This movie is amazing. Sirius Black is just perfectly casted and Hermione starts to join the trio in their hate for Draco. But the best of all in this film is that you get to see the relationship of Ron and Hermione blossoming during Buckbeakโ€™s โ€œdeathโ€. This is a top tier Harry Potter film and a must watch.

Miriam AMRAm 2021-03-10

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chjfd)7( 2020-12-22

ThankyouJewel 2020-12-13

ilistentomusic(obviously) 2020-11-15
The Prisoner of Azkaban, under excellent direction from newcomer Alfonso Cuarรณn, soars through its runtime with fantastic performances from its leads and a strong core of supporting players. But what elevates this installment above the others is its clear and drastic turn into seriousness and possesses a deeper level of maturity compared to the first couple films. 10/10

Sea Bright 2020-11-01
Perfect movie for me

Nicholas becerra 2020-09-05
There's no doubt that the Harry Potter franchise is argubley the best saga ever to be put on cinema history. Now to be quite honest the Harry Potter series has gone off to a fantastic start and sure gave a lot of serious fan service towards the general public and J.K. Rowling fans alike. Although the second one was a bit entertaining, soopy sequel with little to know visual effects and recycled the magical elements from the first film in general, Prisoner of Akzaban in opinion turned out to be my favorite Harry Potter film not because of the brilliant set piece and intriging characters that moved the story towards a dark turn, It was Alfonso Cuaron at the helm to put the past two directors in the back seat and help remodel Harry Potter and I like this film a lot, the movie centers around Harry, Ron, Harmminoe as all of them hopp off to a quest to find Sirus Black an escaped killer who broke out of the Akzaban prison and sets out to find and murder the boy who lived that is Harry Potter, then demons and strange creatures start to torment Harry and his friends as they must find this sadistic killer. Needless to say Prisoner of Akzaban is entertaining, has a rather vanilla storyline and Cuaron evelates this movie into a darker path rather then play that child friendly concept. And mixing finding serial killer to devil's breed wizard fighting is all i needed out of Cuaron and Harry Potter. I won't call Prisoner of Akzaban a bad movie it deserves to be an amazing set piece told right by Cuaron and has certian visuals that stick to my brian like doing an essay in school, and i suggest watching Prisoner of Akzaban it's more cinematic, dark and entertaining between two hard rocks which makes this thrid entry so thrilling-9/10

ILikeTheNameBob 2020-08-09
This one is just right for me, the rest r kinda scary to me (AND IM NOT A 5-YEAR-OLD ALRIGHT??? Iโ€™m going to Hogwarts dis year!! IMA GET MEH LETTER!! Or Hagrid will dang is big hand on the door..). This is also the movie where you meet my favorite character, Buckbeak. So yea all Iโ€™m trying to say is, this movie is great, and I would totally recommend it. - Me UwU

Wow2092 2020-08-01
I wasn't sure about this movie at first. Then the end came. I'm a huge Back to the future Fan so it was cool to see Harry and Hermione time traveling, avoiding their own selves ( Just like Marty in BTTF2). It was really cool movie for me as I am just starting to even care about Harry Potter. I did catch one major mistake. At one point in the movie, Harry's scar is on his left side, not his right. So if your watching this movie, look for that. But everything else was really good.

Jfl188 2020-06-26
Please add extended cuts of 1 through 7 please guys add in the extended cuts that air on syfy and USA to all the iTunes digital copies

djdzkajfb 2020-05-12
Love ol Harry poooioter

Suferdudefrank 2020-03-26

Iheartdoggys๐Ÿฅ€ 2019-07-05
Weird, bad acting, no character development, and obvious twist

Alden Solo 2019-03-13
Because Hermione decks Malfoy!!!!!! And Lupin, the coolest DDA teacher ever, is in it. And you see my second favorite trio hanging out together, which is adorable. The film DOES overlook some tiny things in the book, but it still manages to capture the main idea and majesty of the story. And did I mention how cute Emma Watson is?

loveHarryPotterBooks1 2019-02-28
WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE MOVIE SPOILED DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW! Itโ€™s a good movie, but I read the book and then watched the movie and itโ€™s missing a bunch of parts and has some mistakes. 1.its missing when Harry meets Cho Chang and falls in love at the quidditch game (sorry if I spelled that wrong) 2. Itโ€™s missing when they do the quidditch cup and win 3. Harry is supposed to get the fire bolt on Christmas in the middle of the movie but instead in the movie ITS ALL THE WAY AT THE END 4. Harry is supposed to go to Hogsmade twice but he only goes once AND heโ€™s supposed to get in trouble for being seen 5. Thereโ€™s lots of other stuff but I donโ€™t have time to right anyway itโ€™s still a good movie overall just missing some things

Milo Lestrange 2019-02-04
One of, if not the, best movie of the series! Never going to stop watching it!!

refael2004 2019-01-01
The third Harry Potter, will not disappoint, all of chamber of secrets is forgiven! Lupine is such an amazing character, everyone in this movie is great! The action scenes are just epic, even though Voldemort is never even mentioned. The plot is just so good and interesting and complex! The way the time turner works, ingenious! I like the other Dumbuldor better, but this one is still pretty good... Aside from that, Iโ€™d give Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; four and a half stars and an 86%

,jghkghj 2018-11-19

WJRE 2018-11-02
It was awesome

123nugget 2018-10-30
Best Harry Potter movie ever๐Ÿ˜†

cncowj is 2018-10-21
All yallโ€™ are complaint about how they didnโ€™t fit anything from the movie. ITS NOT LIKE THEY CAN FIT EVERY SINGLE LITTLE DETAIL INTO AN HOUR AND A HALF MOVIE! I think everyone here needs to be thankful that there WAS a third movie. I say good job to the people who worked to try and make our lives great! 5 stars to the people who entertain us, even if it not PERFECT. no offense to anyone๐Ÿ˜›

cats rule๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜บ 2018-09-23
The first movie is the best


Yebee968 2018-09-10
I bought the first and second and loved them, they were all with deleted scenes but this one didnโ€™t have them. I checked and double checked. They werenโ€™t there. Iโ€™m very disappointed.

Color_Brownie101๐Ÿ˜› 2018-08-15
This is the movie where all the critics say that Harry Potter is the most Harry Potter. I mean, besides the blue eyes Daniel is really spot on. This movie was AMAZING. Me and my husband were so excited when this came out. WATCH IT NOW (but read the books first ๐Ÿ˜ฌ)

melikemovies 2018-07-20
100 stars

GamerTy21 2018-07-20
I really love the books. But hearing they were made into movie installments, I was very ๐Ÿ˜†

beech09 2018-06-10
Decent movie but was definitely a letdown after reading the book. Many parts are left out of the movie and it still feels a bit rushed. Could have easily been a 3+ hour movie to cover more elements from the book, but that might have made it challenging to keep it interesting for that long. I'm guessing that's why it was kept shorter.

143336 2018-05-31
This is not a good Harry Potter movie it is the worst one they have ! The plot was no goood ! just get the book !

lolkyle57 2018-03-22
Iโ€™ve already read the 3rd Book, so that means the 3rd Movie is gonna be AMAZING!! (But will probably have less information)

Code 6543 2017-12-23
Without a doubt, this is the best one out of them all. Not much needs to be said

Cashfleak 2017-12-21
Loved it

Emma Tonks 2017-10-01
My favorite one of them all! My favorite character is from this movie: Remus Lupin. I feel like he gets me, and I have a lot in common with him.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

hucklebaryfinn 2017-09-07
Third times the charm. This movie is a great addition to the franchise with more iconic lines and all the things that make a good Harry Potter movie. This one is my personal favorites because I believe it is one of Daniel Radcliffe's best performances.

Best show for whole family 2017-09-03
It was amaze balls

gyfchgc 2017-08-04
I love this movie! My favorite part is the Time-turner incident. I recommend watching this movie after you have read the book, cause' you'll understand it better. Wonderful acting! A big thumbs up๐Ÿ‘

Emmy.bear38 2017-06-30
I love the movie I just don't understand when you rent it, Apple says you have 29 days left to watch it and own it but as soon as you start to watch it, it says 23 hours left like I don't understand it, why not just let us have it for a few days

Beri310 2017-06-16
The best Harry Potter Movie I have ever seen!

kenziecat_101 2017-04-18
Jk I love this series it feels like I are there with them in that world it really pulls you in and always has a shocking ending I love all of the Harry Potter movies so far I'm in love

KbCheetah 2017-02-04
This is a great, exciting, entertaining, fun movie. Harry, Herminoe, and Ron are all of my favorite characters. I love Buckbeack the big animal. Half eagle, and half horse. He is a cute animal. I love all of the magic in it. I love all of the Harry Potter movies and it is one of my all time favorite movies ever.

Scoop881 2016-12-25
A movie can never do complete justice to a series as complex as JKR's Harry Potter, but A Prisoner of Azkaban comes fabulously close. It well-captures this beautiful, fun story and the actors are fabulous. 10/10.

PotterHead229 2016-12-13
I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, but his has to be one of the best of all the movies.

your typical guitar player 2016-09-03
It's so awesome I'm just left speechless Daniel Radcliffe made a movie where I live and it's called imperium, check it out. Way better than goblet of fire If someone hates Harry Potter out there, you're stupid.

That girl who loves dogs 2016-05-29
POA is one of my favorite HP movies and books. I read the book after i watched the movie, and the movie really could have added the part where McGonagall takes away Harrys fire bolt or when Ron wakes up the whole Gryff cr when he spots Sirius.

Paulina1013 2016-02-18
This is a rip off I want my money back I rented it and it didn't download it took my money and now it says i don't even have it and I couldn't watch it at all I really want to watch it as well it's been at least a week I finished the book now I'm on 4 and I'm almost done with it so I wanted to watch prisoner of askaban

CrJuPhD 2015-11-13

dibbalicious91 2015-09-28
This film really captures the magic with its very artsy feel and with its medieval style while building up the stellar cast and breathtaking visuals. Plus, the music by John Williams- his absolute best work to date.

dorkyhead732 2015-07-26
this is what im talkin bout! the first epic thrilling movie in the series PRISONER OF AZKABAN