The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
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The magical exploits of an ever-optimistic, pigtailed little girl (Tami Erin), who is self-reliant and endowed with extraordinary talents. Based on the classic children's books by Astrid Lindgren, NEW ADVENTURES OF PIPPI LONGSTOCKING features Eileen Brennan as Miss Bannister.

User Reviews
Luke & Jade 2017-06-21
One of the best movies ever

Jeanpaul dube 2015-02-19
This movie was truly wonderful. I have a feeling people who said "not bad" don't know that much about Miss. Longstockings. I think, not only is it hilarious to watch what Pippi pulls out of her sleeves but it's fun to see how kids react to the inspirational use their imagination more often. I know I'm not that old myself but I love love love Pippi Longstockings

Tammy Girl3 2012-07-06
omg i love pippi longstocking

Morenoh323 2012-06-21
Why doesn't iTunes offer the HD Version along with the rest of the Pippi collections?!? Although I wasn't raised during the era of this movie, I recall enjoying watching it when I was a kid. These movies are great for kids as they are entertaining while teaching good moral values, unlike these new movies full of violence. iTunes needs to add more Pippi Longstocking videos.

Tugarb 2012-05-28
Love it!!

Monique Serrato 2012-04-20
When I was a weeee little girl I would make a mess in my mothers kitchen trying to make breakfast and the clean up part in this Movie is amazing...tried it once

-=Matt=- 2011-12-09
iTunes(Apple), who ever. It would be very nice if we could get the animated version. It's a timeless classic and I want to see it again!

Max P. Sterling 2011-07-14
I like the 1960 Pippi Longstocking movies better. I think it was 1960 i dont remember but those movies will always be a part of me and i would like to share them with my niece please put them up Itunes

Smokeyoff 2011-05-21
I would like the soundtrack, iTunes please post it........

Awesumpantz 2011-01-17
iTunes should put up the older version of this movie.

Ashley2789 2011-01-12
Me and my sister grew up with this movie every Friday in my kindergarten class we had movie day and this was the movie we chose I love it it's one of my favs!!!

carrie 1396 2010-07-04
i really didn't like it. But, my 4 year old cousin did. In my opinion this movie is for younger children.

Virgo2744 2010-04-30
I loved pippi longstockings as a child and now I am gettin it for my 6 year old son. Can't wait 2 watch it wit him:)

Flameo 2009-11-28
We need more of her movies on iTunes!!!!!

*giselly* 2009-04-01
This is an awesome movie!! i can watch it over and over again.

misch30 2009-03-18
Hey, pippi longstocking totally rocks!!! Can we get any of her other adventures here on itunes??? :) Pretty please??

laxgal78 2009-02-11
This was one of my all-time favorites a few years ago! It's really cute and funny...itunes please let us rent it though!