The Adventures of Elmo In Grouchland
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Join Elmo in his biggest adventure yet! Co-starring Vanessa Williams and Mandy Patinkin. Elmo and his beloved blue blanket are inseparable. When Oscar carelessly tosses the fuzzy blanket into his trash can, Elmo dives in after it. He is suddenly plunged into Grouchland, the land of Grouches, stinky garbage and the greedy Huxley (Mandy Patinkin) who hasn't learned how to share. Elmo and all his friends from Sesame Street embark on a fun-filled adventure with one mission: to rescue Elmo's blanket. On the way, Elmo encounters a giant chicken and even the Queen of Trash (Vanessa Williams) herself! It's a grouch-loving good time filled with fun, sensational songs and all of your favorite characters!

User Reviews
TheMartinator 2020-10-25
As a kid, I grew up with the show, and I saw this in the movie theater back in 1999, it was better back then, but not now. Elmo is wonderful and humorous in the Sesame Street Series, or as a cartoon character in a computer game for smaller children. But here, the little red monster, Elmo is an idiot! What do I think of this movie now? It’s awful! The plot is downright stupid, it’s about Elmo and his blue blanket, and how things get out of control when Elmo looses his blanket. Part of the movie spends a good amount of time on Huxley (Mandy Patinkin) and his friend, Bug who becomes a good character in the end. There is a scene near the beginning where Zoe, Elmo’s friend try’s to take Elmo’s blanket. Elmo gets angry, so he and Zoe get into a fight by pulling the blanket until it rips at the top of it. Elmo forgives Zoe later and they stay friends. Things go out of hand even more, Elmo’s blanket accidentally gets taken by Telly who has a roller skating dilemma where he can’t stop. “I can’t stop! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he shouts. That was pretty darn funny! Then the blanket gets into the hands of Oscar The Grouch, and then he throws Elmo’s blanket down his trash can where he lives. Elmo yells down to Oscar, who sees this happens and shouts down to him to bring his blanket back up to him, but Oscar ignores Elmo. After a short time, Elmo just can’t take it anymore, so he falls down Oscar trash can, I think is about 4 stories high that Elmo falls down from on the Sesame Street Level, he survives the fall, no harm done! Elmo sees his blanket and try’s to grab it that’s left on a door that says Elmo will get lost if he opens it. The door opens, and his blanket gets sucked down a tunnel, followed by Elmo when Oscar notices. It’s a short ride and when the tubes split up, Elmo goes down the left, while his blanket goes down the right side and Elmo happens to lose it and he doesn’t notice. A short time later, Elmo ends up in Grouchland, a horrible place where grouches are mean, and don’t treat Elmo with respect when they first meet him. A short time later, Huxley and his friend, Bug show up in a helicopter with a built-in vacuum nozzle. Once the helicopter lands, the mean greedy Huxley operations his vacuum nozzle and steals things from other Grouches that he owes. After a little while, Huxley comes off the helicopter with his friend Bug showing everything that Huxley owes into front of Elmo and all the citizens of Grouchland. And worst of all during this scene was when Elmo’s blanket happens to get into the hands of Huxley in front of Elmo. He didn’t rent his blanket, he didn’t borrow it, he owes it! The way that Huxley treated Elmo and steals his blue blanket I found kind of upsetting and a little embarrassing during this scene. He leaves with Elmo’s blanket and nick names woopie and lets out a fake cry as he closes the helicopter door. Elmo shouts out to him that’s his blanket. After a short woopie, blanket argument, Huxley gets away with blanket and shouts, “MINE! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” Very sad and a bit sinister for a children’s movie, especially when we here Huxley’s creepy laugh right when the helicopter is getting ready to fly away. Elmo is very frantic and noisy yelling, “BLANKET!!!!!” This scene will never stand out like the parade scene in Ferris Bullers Day’s Off, never will any scene in this movie, so sad. Elmo meets a girl grouch just a short time later and they make a good friendship with each other. She shows where Huxley lives with Elmo’s blanket, located up on a high mountain, and far far away. Elmo eventually gets his blanket back from Huxley after his friends from Sesame Street happen to find him. The scene where Elmo gets back at Huxley and traps him in a basket was funny, rather than showing the villain dying by being blown up by a firework, falling off a building, or being run over by a Subway train. That’s Disney villain nonsense, this is not a Disney movie! There are a number of bad and dumb special effects featured in this misadventure muppet flick. Elmo’s blue blanket moves and floats like a ghost, it’s looks freakin’ real cause it’s done with great special effects, and not done in a good way for adults too like, but it’s wonderfully easy for children to adore. Probably the best thing out of all the special effects is seeing the muppets full body’s, but still not in the likes of the cat chasing Stuart scene in Stuart Little. The songs are another weak part to the film. Why do so many kids movie need to have so many songs? Mandy Patinkin singing is so annoying! The Bert and Ernie scenes are the only highlight of the movie, appearing about 6 times throughout the whole movie to tell the younger audience about Elmo and him needing your help, kids. They also do a good job trying to even out the sad and scary parts, too. Wonderful movie for kids ages 7 and under, for adults, no can do.

a guy that love cheese 2019-09-13
A really good movie with Excitement and wonder. everything in this movie is entertaining.

Why should I worry 2016-12-21
I remember this movie and I still like it

Jolovesgum 2016-08-06
Grouchland was full of junk and stuff. It is a great thing that Elmo got his blanket.

Should be for kids 15+😠 2016-07-12
10/10 would put blanket back in the box again (I am homestuck trash)

JessKicksButt 2013-12-13
I love everything about this movie! He gets to go on an adventure and fight grouches and meet Bug, who comes in a close fourth after Elmo, Abby Kadabby, and Cookie Monster. I love all the interactive stuff and when he has to give the queen rasberries and he has to get to a hundered in a minute. I love how Bert and Ernie are the narrators and that he stopps the movie at least twice since he was worried. Huxly was also a wonderful villian. He was just mean euough to scary but funny enough that he wasn't too scary. He also had a really cute song about if he touched it it was his. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! I swear, he's my favorite villian after the Onceler from the movie the Lorax. All in All, i felt that everyone, no mater what age, should watch this movie at least once.

Ibuykidshows 2012-12-18
Extremely disappointed... I got this movie to watch in the minivan on the way to school, errands, etc for my 5 nanny kids... Ages 4 and under (3 different families).... Now I have 3 sets of parents on my case because not only did they learn to spit or do "raspberries" but now they also use the word "STUPID". I thought the biggest benefit of watching Elmo & Sesame Street was to learn vocabulary with the word on the street and such. Extremely disappointing.

N!ikk! B 2012-11-20
This movie is a great purchase! Even my husband liked it. Mandy is especially brilliant. Thanks Sesame Street and Jim Henson.

Lvillatx 2012-11-16
This is really well done. My 2 year old son loves watching this movie!

Fish!egirl1157953 2012-10-01
How does iTunes get away with a $17.99 price tag?! I bought this for $5.00 at Target.

jtkf0706 2012-08-16
My daughter is a year and a half and loves this movie. From the countdown in the beginning to the credits at the end, she'll watch it over and over. Thank goodness I found it on itunes so she can watch it on the ipad. It will make flying next week so much easier!

Disney&Matthew 2012-06-05
Well, what you know! The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland is the best Sesame Street movie ever. Just like Disney's the Muppets as in the best Muppet movie.

im more amaing than u 2012-05-28
this has to be the bestest movie in the world love it so much but it would be better to rent it instead of paying $9:99 for it but still best movie ever!!!!!!!

Txjlddjkfasooog 2012-02-01
It was the worst movie ever it's do annoying

Specterwriter 2011-10-23
A congrats on a job well done to the power of Jim Henson to Kevin Clash! The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland was super radical!

Wiser new Mom 2011-06-30
My son really enjoys this movie but seriously did they need to teach him how to blow raspberries? It is a struggle as it is to manage all the inappropriate things he picks up at school without a Sesame Street character off all things requesting his help by in effect spitting! Thanks Elmo, that was a great help. I would never have allowed him to watch this movie had I known. I should have watched it first...lesson learned...I thought I could trust the Sesame Street I have a toddler running around spitting because Elmo told him to...

aubriecurci 2011-03-13
this was one of my favorite movies when i was little and so much better than the kid shows that are on now !!!

Bugaboo57 2010-09-23
This is the best movie I have ever seen that has Elmo in the movie

smiler11:) 2010-09-05
when i was litte i used to watch this movie and cry cuz poor elmo lost his blanket but i just watched it yesterday and i think back and im like wow this is like i movie for 2 year olds and i cried when i was six.... its kinda sad if u r affected easily by slightly sad situations lol but an adorably cute movie

Starbrooks 2010-07-09
2 year old loves this!

wakamoto 2010-06-13
I am 33 now, and I had the same experience like Elmo, looking for my blanket in a garbage field in the east part of Taiwan during a summer break trip with my first boy friend when I was 19. I thank him very much for the understanding and kindness to help me searching for the branket by stoping the trip. I was a seasme street fan all ready and this movie mean very different for me. I think it tells the true story that there are millions of people in the world can't sleep well without their blanket they used to use.Of course will be one of my collection.

Vickpato 2010-05-11
I love this movie soo much (and im 16 btw) and me and my neice are always singing the songs for this movie! soo i only have 1 question for itunes: where the heck is the soundtrack!!! ive been wanting to get it for te longest time now and i bet im not the only 1! so come on itunes hook it up!!!

willie baseball 2010-05-09
This is a good movie, but for some reason it makes both my kids cry. My daughter first watched it when she was 3 and we stopped showing it to her because she would always cry.....but she wanted to watch it.??? So a few weeks ago we showed it to my daughter (now 6) and my 4 yr old son. Next thing you know, they are both crying. It made me and my wife laugh, but we're not gonna show it again.

I am 11 and i LOVE this movie!!I have a 2 year old cousin and we watch it toghther ALL the tine.Worth your money!

umm okie dokie then??....... 2010-03-29
this movie is the best and i loved ever since i was born!!! i think all kids should watch teaches good lessons..and if any child loves it then love it as much as i do..and im 13 and i still watch it because its an awesome movie GO ELMO...elmo called me when i was little saying happy birthday...IM DEAD SERIOUS!!!! I LOVE YOU ELMO!!!!!!!

Potion802 2010-03-20
I watched this movie so many times when I was younger. I forgot the name of this for so long and then I found it here on iTunes. It's great for anyone and everyone. I can't wait for it to finsh downloading for me!

Jake Miller ;) 2010-01-28
BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

Peanut&Button 2010-01-27
The picture is great and my daughter loves the movie but the sound is sooo low a d I have it all the way up

M.A.C.H. 2010-01-16
I watched this in 3D and it was simply insane and I LOVE this movie if u hate it I will find u and tape u down and force u to watch it over and over again!

marissa4121 2010-01-09
Elmo is the best and I loved him for EVER and still do and I'm 11. Me and my brother would turn the T.V on everyday and watch Elmo and sometimes we would sit in front of the computer and sit there all day and play. And so now I'm in school and everybody found out tht I still like Elmo and now they call me Elmo and I don't care cuz I'm Elmos biggest fan!

teamtag 2010-01-04
great movie seen it 100s of time - my 3, 7 & 9 year old will all watch it

Helloiamawesome 2009-10-25
I used to luv this movie when I was a little kid (I'm 11 now so what) but still I luv it

rhails 2009-08-30
I love chocolate

SplatteredInk 2009-08-07
I have loved this movie for as long as I can remember, and I love showing it to all the younger people in my life who end up adoring it just as much as I do. It teaches good lessons (as only Sesame Street can), and tells the story of a beloved fury little monster finding his blanket. Some people would put an age limit to how long you can love stuff like this, but as for me, my eyes still mist a little every time I watch this movie.

wkristy77 2009-07-22
I love this movie. Elmo is just so cute. I Love this movie so much. Ihope everybody who watches this movie loves it!!!!

Volley11Baller42 2009-04-28

Love Elmo 2009-01-07
My daughter (2) loves Elmo. She loves interacting with the movie and even pulls her Elmo Live toy to join in on the fun.