Poison Ivy: The Secret Society
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This fourth installment of the erotic thriller trilogy Poison Ivy, features Daisy, an orphan who leaves her small town life on the ranch to attend a New England University. There, she is recruited by the Ivy Society, which secretly has ties to various murders around the school. The Ivies do not take no for an answer and as they attempt to end Daisys life in school, Daisy attempts to put a stop to the Society and their evil reigns. What began as an opportunity to start and new life and escape a troubled past ends up a being more troublesome than she ever expected.

User Reviews
Justy177 2010-07-19
This movie is okay, but i think the original one with Drew Barrymore was the best in my opinion. iTunes should have that movie on here.

FrostMyCupcakes22 2010-07-09
Watching it right now and its pretty good. Definitely worth watching. But the price is a little high for it. I just bought it at walgreens for $3.99

Ms.Friday 2010-05-20
It was well acted, and left nothing much to complain about, not too predictable, and worth watching. I'm impressed.

Buffyisbetter 2010-01-20
Generic, but worth watching.

True Voice of Reason 2009-09-13
It was only a matter of time till a Degrassi TNG actress went nude. Great movie in the series.

NoOnesButterfly 2009-07-07
I loved it, it was awesome, almost the same, but different. It was good, but thats my opinion, its my taste, and my taste differes from time to time.