The January Man
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There is a serial killer terrorizing Manhattan. Mayor Eamon Flynn (Rod Steiger) wants it to stop now. The agitated mayoral assistant (Harvey Keitel) calls on his former--brilliant, nonconformist--cop brother (Kevin Kline) to return to the force and handle the case. Kline agrees, for a price: a date with Keitel's gorgeous wife (Susan Sarandon). Kline amasses details on the killer and calculates a pattern that allows him to predict the killer's next crime, which will take place in the labyrinthine corridors of a major skyscraper. Screenplay by John Patrick Shanley (Moonstruck).

User Reviews
Abu Idris 2018-01-05
Kevin Kline, Mary Elizabeth Mastrontino, Alan Rickman. Priceless.

ncso911 2017-04-02
It's indicative of the times, 1988. Every movie had that certain feeling to its music and the movie although based around police work actually didn't resemble real police work. Didn't Mary Elizabeth look absolutely beautiful at 30.

ponte vecchio 2014-09-26
Too bad John Patrick Shanley didn’t direct this. His script is genius.

DavGreg 2009-05-23
If you are a fan of Kevin Kline you have got to see this one.