The Dunwich Horror (1970)
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A young college girl falls in love with a boy who is the last descendant of a race of strange creatures who once inhabited the Earth. In an attempt to use her as a sacrifice in an unholy rite that will bring his people back to life, the boy comes face to face with a university professor whose knowledge of the occult is more than a match.

User Reviews
Child of No.133 2011-10-14
Interesting adaptation/re-creation of Lovecraft's short story "The Dunwich Horror." Instead of making an attempt to stick to the original story's plot, this film tries to spice up the original story by having Wilbur Whateley as a romantic lead. (This would have been comically, or gruesomely, unthinkable if the film's Wilbur had looked at all like the description of him in the Lovecraft original.) Since HP Lovecraft has no explicit sex scenes (just very disturbing sexual implications) in the story, the filmmakers had to create them. One of them was quite 1960's-era cheesy, in Sandra Dee's character's erotic dream that involved naked frolickers in body paint. (Are these cultists or Great Old Ones?) Other sex scenes were quite creepy/disturbing, ritualistically so. The strange mixture of genuine creepiness and silly campiness made me wonder what the film was trying to be. And I had no idea that the invisible, inter-dimensional Yog-Sothoth was so good in bed. At least, Sandra Dee's character thought so. Who knew? I guess it was a good thing she never had to see him... Cheesy dialogue, inconsistencies/holes in the plot, and loose ends make the movie unintentionally laugh-out-loud funny at certain points. The film had the potential to be a creepily disturbing horror flick, but came off rather campy (inconsistently so). Was this intentional? The world may never know... If you like the original short story, go ahead and watch it, but be advised, this is definitely a "remix."

Rick Drais 2011-06-24
This isn't a great film by any means, but it does have moments of real horror. The problem is that they threw in Sandra Dee as a love interest/victim where none was needed and switched the locale from New England to California for no obvious reason other than the fact that the film company was based there. Still, it's slightly fun, and the final confrontation between Dean Stockwell and Ed Begley (Senior, not Junior) is quite good -if not all that convincing. The one true bright spot is the score by Exotica legend Les Baxter. Hey iTunes! How about reissuing the original soundtrack for dowload???

Son Of Qayin 2010-01-05
I think it is a good movie, just remember it was made and released in 1969, so it is dated. If someone could find a director with the vision and power, this movie could be redone and come out incredible.

OurFriendLex 2010-01-04
This movie isn't for the typical thrill seeker but indeed for the person that's looking into finding out how The Illuminati and witchcraft work. John Todd, former illuminatist says this movie is the closest way as a movie will get to reenacting witchcraft. The rituals are virtual the same way actual rituals are played out! Great in my opinion!