The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
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Pooh, a bear of very little brain, and all his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood sing their way through adventures that encompass honey, bees, bouncing, balloons, Eeyore's birthday, floods, and Pooh sticks.

User Reviews
angelina1702 2021-09-13
This movie has been in my life for a very long time. I love this movie and it wonderful for the little ones in my life as well.

TheMartinator 2020-10-23
I used to own and watch this movie on DVD, but my parents got rid of it. The movie was gone for a while, but then I got it again on VHS from a teacher who used to work at my school, but my parents gave it away, and I was glad of that because I realized how silly, dumb, and nonsensical this movie can really be. It gives me an anxious and weird feeling in my chest and it gives me stressed out thoughts which I don’t like that much, cause I have some special needs. Yes there are some funny moments to even out some of the silly and weird moments. I liked the voice acting, Sebastian Cobat is great as the narrator, and has the very same voice of Bagheera from The Jungle Book. Sterling Holloway, voice of Winne The Pooh is also on this as well, he’s amazing, too. As a matter of fact, he did the voice of Mr. Stork in Dumbo, The Cat in Alice in Wonderland, and Kaa the Snake in The Jungle Book. This movie is basically all of the story book classics combined into a full length animated feature with some new scenes not featured in the storybook classics. The songs are average, and not in the same league with Aladdin, Pinocchio, and Dumbo musical numbers. The animation is nice, but not as detailed as some of the animated movies from the 1940s and 1950s. Minor flaw: What you’re about to see right at the end of film should never have happened! Beware of a real Pooh stuffed animal winking for no reason right before The End, A Walt Disney Production appears on the screen. I looked away from the TV screen cause it was a little creepy to a person like me, just like I did with the Coachman scene in Pinocchio when the Coachman says, “They never come back, as, BOYS!” The real Pooh stuffed animal winking for a brief second wasn’t as creepy as the scene I just mentioned from above with the Coachman scene in Pinocchio. Plus, they had a musical instrument over Pooh’s blinking one of his eyes, though I can’t remember which side of his eye. Hey this is not a joke, I did this when I was much younger. But I am not that way now. The Tigger Movie, Pooh’s Grand Adventure, and The New Adventures Of Winnie the Pooh Series are my go too’s. Overall, I only rate this movie two starts because of it’s silly and weird moments, including it’s minor flaw. This movie, it’s just better for younger kids.

paris177 2020-06-24
This was the first movie I EVER watched and I love it very much. It’s sweet and innocent and has the perfect touch of humor. My room is themed bears—most of whom are Winnie the Pooh. If you haven’t seen this, it’s definitely worth the money. 🥰🐻

mistydawn118 2019-08-08
Says includes Pooh Sticks episode, but it doesn’t. Disappointed because that’s my favorite I wanted to share with my kid so we could play Pooh Sticks on our Nature walks.

Irvin2020 2019-01-24
This is an amazing film! Nowadays, I watch movies with content made for older audiences, but when I was a kid, I watched this movie quite often. I was at an age where not a lot of content was appropriate for kids my age. So, at the time, most of the movies I watched were rated G. This is probably the G-Rated movie I watched the most in my childhood, and it is a true classic, and it is very true to the ideas and concepts from A.A. Milne. Everyone needs to watch this film at some point in their lives, certainly sooner than later!

GrimCW 2018-11-09
All the classic pooh right here, touched up and beautiful!! But.. 2 of the three trailers shown are from the 2011 movie and not the classic.

Kitty Cheshire is COOL 2018-06-06
This is one of my faves ! I really enjoyed watching this ! I highly recommend this!

JRDad1 2018-04-10
It is a kids movie but it’s innocence is truly memorable enough for kids of any age to enjoy this movie.

ultimate pooh fan 1000 2018-01-13
I love,love,love Winnie the Pooh it is a great great classic in my opinion it is the best disney movie ever I love every part of it and funny love forever and ever.

Lebron Kenney 2017-12-16
This movie just takes the first 3 Winnie the Pooh episodes and makes it a movie. But this is sweet and charming for people of any age.

Brad Sheen 2017-03-18
This was my favorite show growing up and when I bought it for my kids there was no Pooh Sticks scene as advertised.

Mel-O Mel 2016-06-09
I grew up watching this constantly, along with all the “New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh” that my family owned on VHS (old school haha.) I’m now 26 with a 1-year-old who LOVES this movie as much as I do. However, the only thing I have wrong with this (just strictly itunes related,) is the preview is wrong and the episode of “Pooh Sticks” is not on here so the description needs to be fixed. Other than that, I LOVE this movie. :)

gomfucius 2016-05-17
I used to watch this in Japanese when I grew up in Japan and it was great. Now I’m watching this in English with my kids and it is equally great. Animation and art is just incredible. Not to mention all the music in this film, I find myself constantly humming it whenever.

SierraRoseTatertot 2016-01-15
All time favorite childhood movie! Such a precious story!

Marsha Cha 2015-12-13
The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh Since The Winnie The Pooh Movie 2011

SkHebert 2015-10-20
I grew up watching this movie every day. And as you get older, things like that inevitably fade to the back of your mind. When it was put on Netflix, my mom put it on for me because I had completely forgotten about it. But when it came on, I felt like a child again. I suddenly had so much recollection of it. Now I watch it every night until I fall asleep, and I am twenty years old. It's funny, it's sweet, it's cute. But it's also a classic. None of the new movies top this. It is so far greater than perfect. And if you haven't seen it, or haven't blessed your children with it, I highly suggest you do so. It makes you feel beautiful things on the worst of days.

Averagedog 2015-10-16
My family must have watched this 100's of times. Very well done, animation is clean and the stories are spectacular.

Ty Cooper 2015-04-28
I love him so much! He's been my favorite since I was a kid! I ❤️ Winnie the Pooh! 😃

CalebLansing 2015-03-05
Undoubtably one of the greatest films ever made. This brings back floods of memories every time I watch it. I'm 19 and catch myself quoting line after line and chuckling at the goofy antics. I want my kids to grow up on Winnie the Pooh and other awesome shows like I did and not all the crap that's on television these days. Worth buying in a heartbeat but I'll always keep the VHS as a treasure.

CatKeena 2014-10-30
I love this movie but why does it have to be $20.00? That's a little on the expensive side.

Apicc9 2014-09-19
Does it have Winnie The Pooh And A Day For Eeyore like the retail one.

Jewels331 2013-11-30
This is probably the best Disney movie ever, but why do the extra features only have to be available through a computer? It would be nice to watch "A Day for Eeyore" on the go with an Apple device!

Tintinnabulation 2011-12-27
Wonderful movie, but wish I could buy it!!!

Serenity-Revers 2011-12-15
I want to buy this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this movie and I need to own it, not rent it

iTunes_girl10 2011-11-02
I wish they would let us buy this I love this movie!!

sktrchick 2011-10-29
This is rediculous I love Winnie the pooh I don't want to rent it I want to buy it... Come on iTunes get real!!!!!!!!

Abby Wagner 2011-10-22
I adore this movie! When I was a baby, my first stuffed animal was Winnie the Pooh, and ever since, I have watched all of the movies, but I would like to buy them for my iPod (I might be getting an iPad soon) to keep them forever! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take it off for rent! A lot of others want the option to buy it, too!!! Btw, I still have Pooh and I always will!!!

USMNT fan 2011-10-20
i need to be able to buy this!! I need my good old winnie the pooh!

kathryn Sheppard 2011-10-08
I'm 11 and i still love pooh bear and christofor robin too LOL

Karateboy101 2011-10-01
My family loves watching winnie the pooh but can u allow us to buy it plz!!!

Bill1954 2011-09-23
I would love to get this, but BUY it-NOT just rent it! I am 57, run my own animation forum, & am an animation fanatic! We want to BUY THIS!

Disney&Matthew 2011-09-01
Hey, Disney's the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is the best Disney movie ever

Cherrie Bella wella 2011-08-14
It needs to be on sale he is my whole life I love him I'm a teenager I still sleep with my Winnie the pooh but my sister always throws him it irritates me I have had the bear since I was 9 now I'm 14 for 5 years. But anyways haha just put it on sale people want to see it for a lifetime not for a week so please!

Niadon1818 2011-08-13
I love Winnie the pooh and im a teenager. Love ya winnie

Katelyn Dechy 2011-07-20
ITUNES!!! I wish i could buy this!! please let me own this forever!!!!!

keisha danielle 2011-07-17
I'm 18 yrs old and I have always and will always love Winnie the Pooh! I've been into it with my boyfriend about going to see it in theatres. I think if Itunes would just sell it, things (life) would be better for lots of people! Please let it be bought some time soon! Its a classic that everyone wants their kids to see one day! Think about it!

Stefany3455 2011-07-09
I loved this movie please iTunes I need to buy it!

Claudusia 2011-07-08
I LOVE WHINNIE THE POOH!!!!!!!! He's my whole childhood!!! AND HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!

IsIsBaBa 2011-06-20
Yes plz!!!!!! Make this able for me to buy!!!!!!!!

MuzikGeek11 2011-05-30
I want to watch this movie all the time I don't just want to rent it! I grew up to this movie so it would be nice to have it with me. I'm 19 and it's still an amazing classic.

tnicks 2011-05-21
Why in god's name is this not for sale? I am 19 and still sleep with a Winnie the Pooh Bear... that may sound creepy but it's not I just want to buy this so let me buy it!

bitter:sweet dreams 2011-04-15
I used to own the VHS series and ever since I was little loved it. I would love to own it again since now this is digital.

meryle8364 2011-04-14

TeamStottle 2011-03-31
For cryin' out loud!!!! Let us folks buy the darn thing already!

ktromm 2011-03-31
4 stars from a childs point of view but many others would probably see this differently.

Stephanie19364 2011-03-12
I lov Winnie the poo

iwuvpoohbear 2011-02-23
I love winnie the pooh. My siblings and I grew up watching these shows. The only thing I've noticed is that they've stopped selling them in stores? i was out shopping the other day and was looking in the movie sections and couldn't find any adventures of winnie the pooh!! I'm a little upset, they should continue selling them because I want my kids to watch what I love and enjoy watching. The winnie the pooh adventures are one of a kind!! They are to die for! I'd do ANYTHING, ANYTHING, if you let me buy this.

Raymond Brigleb 2010-12-19
A classic. Superb.

kyandky 2010-11-19
This is my child time favorite I would to have this book

skaykay 2010-10-18
I rented this movie expecting to enjoy it, and it never uploaded on my ipod. I tryed pluggin it into my computer to see if it would upload from the computer, but it never did, so i rented a movie for nothing. i waisted money, when i did not even get to watch it.i tryed to file a complaint, but it would not let me. So i will NEVER rent movies from here again, cuz it was a waist of my time, and my money.