The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)
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THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is a hilarious cult classic featuring Jack Nicholson (Batman, Chinatown, The Shining) in one of his earliest roles. Things are not looking so good for Mr. Mushnick and his quaint flower shop in Skid Row, as he & his misfit employees sell only a few carnations a day. After Seymour messes up yet another order, Mr. Mushnick has had enough. In order to save his job, Seymour brings in a unique plant that he has created and raised himself. Reluctantly, Mr. Mushnick agrees to give Seymour one week to get the plant looking healthy in order to attract new customers to see his exotic new creation. When Seymour realizes that not only can the plant talk, but also that it craves human blood, things quickly spin out of control. Watch as the chaos unfolds in this original cult classic from legendary filmmaker Roger Corman.

User Reviews
Yuhiime Hana 2011-11-01
I watched the preview and was like "... the f--k?" Steve Martin and Bill Murray doing that scene was much more hilarious and the movie's black and white :/ if they remade it in color, I'd probably give it a try for I love dark, cult classics but I recommend the musical version of the movie.

leboism 2010-05-28
You don't need to rent it. Or buy it. No, literally. It's public domain. I am 100% serious! It can be found on the internet in full and on VHS - legally. That said, I don't know how the technical quality compares to other ones you can get...

Tom42000 2009-07-01
Accidently bought this thinking was the musical. Don't get me wrong, it is a must see for fans of dark comedies. It should not be $10 flippin' dollars.

meepspork 2009-06-07
and CR99: this IS the first one, obviously!

80srockfan 2009-05-26
this movie was funny with those venus fly traps, but i did not enjoy the rest.

Trigonis 2009-05-24
First of all, this IS the "first one" and it's an absolute classic. Many people won't enjoy it primarily because it's a very dark film with an even darker ending, contrary to the musical version popularized by Frank Oz. But, even without music, Roger Corman's groundbreaking and highly original film has inspired many wonderful Broadway and Off-Broadway renditions. And Jack is awesome in his cameo! I highly recommend adding this movie to your iTunes collection.

Mrs.Krelborn (; 2009-05-03
for anyone who knows anything about Little Shop, this is THE ORIGINAL. without it, there wouldn't have been a musical at all! I was surprised to find it on here. (: true Little Shop fans will appreciate this.

DCJ91 2009-04-18
Listen This is the first ever Little shop, if it wasn't foe this there would be no other newer ones. You people should educate yourselves. THis movie was made in three days on a used set on a very small budget. This is the real story the musical completely went off on into something else. THis movie is the ONLY reason there is Little SHop of Horros today!