Born Romantic
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The hypnotic beat of salsa provides the backdrop to this urban drama about three lonely Londoners contemplating life's greatest mystery - women. There is Fergus (David Morrissey), who is searching for the high-school sweetheart he jilted years ago (Jane Horrocks). Eddie (Jimi Mistry), the pick-pocket who falls for Jocelyn (Catherine McCormack), the grave tender. And Frankie (Craig Ferguson), who is determined to find the love of his life while still living with his ex-wife. Jimmy (Adrian Lester) the streetwise cabbie guides them all on their tumultuous search for love.

User Reviews
Movie Watcher from the 24th & 2013-12-30
A romantic movie with four and a half plots delicately woven into the fabric of what makes men men. If you don't get it, you're not paying proper attention. All women should watch this to see what men think of us, and how wrong...and right they are. Make sure you have a guy to go home to, or a good supply of batteries.

Born romantic 2013-08-23
Loved the movie, I wish I could buy the sound track!

Smalls Malomar 2009-09-09
I love Craig Ferguson and it's just hilarious to see him act serious. The movie is quite good though. :D

ButterflyGirlGoneBerzerk 2009-05-31
I love the actors in the film, but there was just no consistent compelling plot to sink your teeth into. Not worth the time and money. Major disappointment!

freeflyingmom 2009-03-29
Great romantic movie with a funny twist...the English always have a funny twist, which I Love!!