A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
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Did you ever see a dream stalking. . .? The kids on Elm Street have. For five years, a walking nightmare named Freddy Krueger has haunted their sleep--seeking revenge for the horribly disfiguring death he suffered at the hands of the children's parents. Now, through the dreams of an unborn child, Freddy has resurrected himself. . . and he's looking for new victims in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. Starring Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger ("Urban Legend," "The Mangler") and Lisa Wilcox ("Black Friday").

User Reviews
Charles Patrick Henry 2017-03-19

RL50 2014-02-27
This film is right in the middle of the elm street films in my opinion in terms of quality. It is not incredible like the first,third, or even New Nightmare, but not horrible like the 6th one. What makes it fit in the middle is its mixed features that accompany it. On the good side the film has incredible effects that I believe are just as good as anything CGI could create. It also is rather dark in its themes and setting giving it a real horror movie feel at certain times. However though these pros are nullified half of the time as many of the deaths and lines are silly. I won't say what they are to save the suspense but you will see what i mean when you get to the third kill. Also Freddy himself is more silly. He went from being dark and creepy, to almost a dark stand up. To make matters more awkward the film is actually quite dark and gruesome, so hearing comedic one liners from freddy while someone is getting torn to shreds is very odd and uncomfortable at least(If you want comedy I recommend Jeff Dunham, not Freddy). This oddness does not occur all of the time, but it will be present if you decide to watch this film. Now the one thing I know all people love in horror now is the jump scare, when the monster pops out of no where after a moment of silence. In this film I can happily say that there are less than 6 jump-scares in total(that is not the total but I don't want to ruin any scares). This is a good thing and what is cool is that the film's settings are often good enough at times where the suspense alone is enough(even though a couple more scares could be good). This helps the film stay scary without making it unwatchable. The only time the film is hard to watch is one of the death scenes that is pretty gory. But other than that it is good.However though, there are times where the film is not even remotely scary or creepy, which seems to make parts of the film miss the point of the horror genre itself. So do I believe you should buy it? Well in the end that is up to you but I think it is good to at least rent it. As I just said at times it is not scary most of the time so don't expect to get nightmares or run out of your seat. But, the film is still entertaining and interesting about 60% of the time. So give it a try before you buy it for 10 dollars because I know there are some who will expect something like 1 or 3 and cry for there money back. Oh and if you have not seen 1,3,4,New Nightmare, or maybe even 2 don't watch this movie yet. Not because they are vital to this film(4 kind of is) but because they are better films.

c00kionsta 2013-03-19
He just became a goof after the 3rd movie, now he's just funny, which isn't scary

AwesomeJPV!!18 2013-02-03
Me and my friend LOVE this movie

mermaid97 2011-12-18
He is amazing but he coulda killed some moree

critic # 5 2011-08-16
Why is it that itunes has the first and 3-final movie but not the 2nd? Really, itunes, put them all on. Some people like to have the full series on hand.

pankate99 2011-05-03
This is really cheesy, the effects are terrible, the plot is poor, and if I could, I would rate it with no stars.

JohnnyDeppForever81 2010-11-10
the best part of the movie was when Johnny Depp appeared! :). even though it was only for a couple of seconds...

oneoclockjump40 2010-09-22
I think this is the most dark and disturbing of the noes series. Hopkins did a great job directing and the actors were awesome. Very atmospheric setting.

MediaFreak1 2010-08-07
The movie was a little weak in the plot, but the effects were good.

Metal Militia 13 2010-06-10
This is without a doubt the worst nightmare film. This is an insult to the nightmare on elm street franchise and movies in general. This movie sucked so bad that even the remake was better. The only good parts were the beginning and the part where the guy is a superhero in a comic book

scottpop81 2010-05-24
PLEASE ADD A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Headbangerguy 2010-05-06
...insult to first classic...

krugerfan 2010-04-30
why did you add nightmare on elm street 1 and then nightmare on elm street 5 it dont make sense you need to get all of them on here i bet you will make a lot of money. but movies today arnt like nightmare on elm street they should make them like this, just cause there are better graphics, it dosent make the movie better. what happen to friday the 13th and childs play and halloween. now its saw, and dumb stuff like that. please make more movies like freddy kruger.

R.B AS F.K ROCKS!! 2010-04-08
They need to add 4 because 1,3,4,&5 are the best out of allll of them! 2 has no place, Freddy's dead sucked, & West Craven's sucked 2. A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREEET IS THE BEST HORROR SERIES EVER AND NOTHING CAN BEAT IT!!!!!

darkknight1938 2010-03-24

DIBF 2010-03-22
This is one of the best in the series. They should add the other 5 films.

TN&BSU 4 Life 2010-03-12
The only reason I have this movie is because of the box set. I don't have a clue what they were thinking. Maybe they tried too hard, rushed it, or both. They definetly need to add the rest of the series on here for the other members. Parts 1, 3, & 4 are the best.

Zack4444345624356 2010-02-26
Now please add the rest of the series

Rich3296 2009-12-29
Not the best, but still classic Freddy!! iTunes & New Line Cinemas need to add the others... Well, except 2 - it has no place in the series in any way.

WLWesleyJr 2009-11-22
Why don't they make them like this anymore? :( Miss good horror. Love the Saw series though, but miss movies like this. Know Saw series is diff type by the saw. :)

joejohn23 2009-09-09
this movie sucked itunes really needs to put 3 and 4 on here hell even 2 before this one this elm street is the worst of all of them

Dannywaffles 2009-08-22
they should add all the moives:(

slash dog 2009-07-08
this movie looks great. I agree itunes needs to get the rest.

jdyhouser 2009-07-02
I love freedy! but itunes get all of them on!!! PLEASE!! :D

Mclovin_14 2009-06-10
I think Dream Child is the Best in the series its just sooo good