Poison Ivy: The New Seduction
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In the follow up to Poison Ivy and Poision Ivy II, Emmy-winner and Golden Globe-nominee Jaime Pressly (TVs "My Name is Earl," "Torque") stars as the beautiful evil seductress Violet, the evil sister of the original Ivy. Using sexuality to weave a web of seduction and lies, she returns to her hometown to wreak havoc on the family she believes betrayed her sister.

User Reviews
anxiousdude13 2018-06-08
Sexy film...very hot and steamy.

aliraadali 2013-05-24
amazing movie

Movie Hack 2012-01-30
A complete waste of time.

Summer candase 2011-08-06
bad acting but she's so hot it makes up for it....

Robert Agneta 2010-09-30
Hottest woman in Hollywood. Movie is OK, she is unbelievable!

REKS1R 2010-04-01
Jaime pressly is one of the most beautiful actresses I know..in this movie she's hot

le93 2009-12-31
I thought this movie was good. Jaime is beautiful and does a good job acting in this feature. Definitley worth the money.

Big Paulierm 2009-12-12
Jamie Pressly is smoking hot in this. Overall acting is ok.