Poison Ivy 2: Lily
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Even from the grave, Poison Ivy continues to sting Alyssa Milano ("Fear," TV's "Charmed") stars as a beautiful art student drawn into a dangerous world of obsession and desire when she discovers a diary containing Ivy's deep and dark secrets in this erotic thriller. As she begins remaking herself into the late Ivy's image and engages in passion affairs, she doesn't realize until it's too late that her powers come with perilous consequences. This thriller also stars Xander Berkeley ("Fracture," "Air Force One") and Camilla Belle ("10,000 BC," "Practical Magic").

User Reviews
Breanna Cruz 2012-03-22
Alyssa is great in this. It was cool to see how she found Ivy's stuff in the back of the closet but that is also what through me off. How where we suppose to know Ivy lived in the exact same room and even went to collage before she went after Sarah Gilberts family? Idk. All in all, I liked the movie. Cool people. Loved Alyssa.

Heather Lynne- Marie 2011-11-30
I have not seen the movie yet but I want to because Alyssa's in it. At this moment im watching "My Girlfriends Boyfriend" its great because Alyssa is. I am totally obsessed with the tv show Charmed. Shannen, Holly, and Alyssa are all amazing actresses im fans of all 3. One of the reasons I love Alyssa is because I herd she has dyslexia and is a vegetarian i am to which i thought was kind of ineresting. So im really exited about seeing this movie it looks very good and i know that it will be because alyssa is just an amazing person and i think very few people in this world could have as amazing heart as Alyssa does. I love you Alyssa!

servantking 2011-02-02
This just isn't the type of movie I would ever rent again. There's not a lot of depth to content or acting.

Music Rocks 101 2011-01-23
This movie was great but they should have all of them!

Roshidon 2011-01-09
Not as good as the first movie, but this movie is ok.

jodian daley 2009-11-01
this movie is the best

NoOnesButterfly 2009-07-07
Again this movie was awesome because Alyssia played the part very well. I think she's a terrific actress and hope to follow her foot steps.