Let's Go to Prison
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Welcome to the slammer in this no-holds-barred, outrageous comedy! When white-collar Nelson Biederman IV (Will Arnett) winds up in the state pen with mischievous cellmate John Lyshitski (Dax Shepard), all hell breaks loose. From toilet wine to big-house beatdowns, it's a side-splitting comedy that could only happen in the clink!

User Reviews
Lukeoliver15 2019-12-02
A movie with Chi McBride trying to rape Will Arnett for two hours, Michael Shannon as a sensitive white skinhead and Dax Shepard as a dumb careless convict. How can you not laugh?

Rambo8649 2018-08-07
Very funny crazy comedy. Its no masterpiece, far from it in fact, but there are some really funny parts. Love it!

MiST8813 2016-05-08
Best movie ever I recommend it to everyone!!!

Mills/Mannino 2014-09-09
I love this movie it's so funny..!!!!!!!!XD

Bloodface7 2013-03-21
At the time of writing this, there were 48 reviews for this movie. Two votes for 0 stars, and one vote for 4 stars, leaving 45 at 5 stars. In many ways, this movie feels like Ace Ventura in terms of how wrong the critics got it. This movie has solid acting from start to finish. A critic review stated that Arnett did not play up his comedic role, thus somehow ruining his performance. We must have been watching a different performance because it's *because* Arnett doesn't play the role up—effectually playing George Oscar Bluth across all his roles. Instead, it's a comedy driven by a narrative in which one could conceivably believe as possible. It's not a hot tub time machine (no hate, either) or an impossible summer camp. Yes, it may be a bit unreal at certain points—like the very ending—but suspending disbelief throughout this comedy was as infrequent as it was easy. Other writers have written about a few classic scenes from this movie—and yes, the "make your scary face" one stands out—but to confine the movie to simple bits is unfair because pretty much all of them work: Shake That Body For Me, Odenkirk's defense logic, fork stabbing, etc. Not only that, but the support cast in this is filled with excellent actors: Michael Shannon, Chi McBride, Dylan Baker (of Happiness' "I'd jack off instead" fame), and even David Koechner provides a solid, if creepy performance. Put it this way: this movie is on par for me with Back to School and Caddyshack in terms of if I catch it on, no matter at what point of the movie, I'll watch it. One of favorite comedies of the past ten years.

Bicycleface 2011-12-28
Awesome movie. It had me laughing the whole way through. 5 stars

TheMostUnclean 2011-11-27
While RT has a good track record with most genres, I've found that reviewers are consistently biased against comedies, no matter how good they are. The average score for comedies on RT is 30% while a genre like drama has an average of 65%. I chalk this up to all of the film school failures who think reviewing a comedy for their 2 bit, piece o' crud, townie rag is beneath them. Trust me, there are a lot if those out there. A lot of critics are just like lame high school kids too, they all want to be like the cool kids so they'll talk trash on something just because everyone else is. So what I'm saying is that you should ignore Rotten Tomatoes when it comes to comedies and make up your own mind. This movie is funny, sharp, well timed, and well acted. It just gets funnier every time you watch it.

BallerinaCass 2011-11-20
Honestly, I don't understand why the critics gave this movie such bad reviews, it's extremely funny and entertaining. I'd recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor, it's got a wine review of 100 from me! ;)

LeBronWooDs 2011-06-17
One of the absolute best comedys by far... GO DAX AND ARNETT

Chichi(hopefully not taken) 2011-05-24
I love this movie!! It's hilarious and even tho I shuldnt hav, I watched it when I was a lottt younger;) 

McKinley Weinberger 2010-12-31
i freakin love this movie, but i was in the middle of downloading and my computer froze so i had to restart it and when itunes pulled back it up it had cancled the download and so now i dont have the movie and im riped off 10 bucks

Kylira Deer 2010-06-10
I find this movie very funny. I don't agree with the "Top Critics", maybe their sense of humor isn't what most people actually like? Its upsetting to see such low rating from them. All an all see the movie for your self and you be the judge.

fishticks3200 2010-03-01
the funniest jail movie i have ever seen lol thats his anger face. a really good plot suprisingly. really reall funny.

Masterfuljesus 2009-12-05
I loved this movie its by far my faviorite with gay black guys and son of a judge and a man who has been in jail 3 times before. I just loved this movie. 5 stars!!!

Jesus22 2009-11-09
this is by far the funniest movie i have ever seen. it has plot twists and everything you could ever want in a comedy

slatz catz 2009-08-27
i loved this movie i thought it was hilaries i saw shawshank redemtion then this and i just laughed my a*s off when i watched lets go to prison it just has the best jail humor ive seen in a movie lol everyone shud watch it

Iceberg 2009-07-20
Very interesting. Great actors

Hot_Lyss 2009-07-08
this movie is really funny! geez Dax Sheppard and Will Arnett make a funny team

feeling_moonish 2009-07-08
this movie is pretty funny and people should totally watch it.