Ernest Goes to Jail
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Only a bumbling bank janitor like know-it-all knucklehead Ernest P. Worrell (Emmy® Award-winning comedian Jim Varney) could serve on jury duty and wind up serving time -- in the slammer! The laughs start when a crooked lawyer discovers that Ernest is a dead ringer for his crime-boss client...and before you can say "Framed!" -- the switch is on! While Ernest is behind bars trying to fit in and break out, he manages to turn the big house into a nuthouse full of big laughs. Meanwhile, his evil double is busy taking his place at the bank and in his girlfriend's life! Full of comic inventiveness, a wacky cast of characters, and slam-bang special effects, "Ernest Goes to Jail" is guilty of maximum fun in the first degree!

User Reviews
opey84 2021-01-14
Reminds me of my younger days. They need to put Earnest Goes to Camp on here as well.

Hummerboy666 2018-11-15
Ernst goes to camp

DrumandBassHyena7 2011-04-20
I've been watching Ernest ever since I was a kid. He was my hero and still is. Jim Varney is the ultimate of all actors to me! 5 stars standard, friends. Ernest all the way. :)

Bball27allday 2010-05-11
This movie is cool but I'm not gonna rent it everyday ,iTunes needs to put it up for sale.also slam dunk Ernest is just a real classic and I would be willing to pay 15.00$ to buy it.But that's if itunes puts it up

milk1998 2010-04-21
I want to own this movie also but it up to buy not rent.....

moviefan28 2010-03-15
I don't want to rent. I want to own it and put up Ernest Goes To School if you can!

EggRoll0926 2010-02-01
I remember watching this when I was a kid and trust me it was hilarious and I hope it is for you too, that is if you have a sense of humor.