Barbie in A Mermaid Tale
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Barbie™ stars as Merliah™, a surfing champion from Malibu. One minute she's a normal teenager and the next she learns a shocking family secret: she's a mermaid! Merliah™ and her dolphin friend Zuma set off on an undersea adventure to rescue her mother, the queen of Oceana. With help from her new mermaid friends, Merliah™ saves the ocean kingdom. In the end, she discovers what makes you different can also be your greatest strength.

User Reviews
Garrus Vakarian12 2021-04-19
Great. My third favorite Barbie movie after Great Puppy Adventure and Princess Charm School. I think this film portrays a more realistic character than most Barbie films as Merilia is more concerned about her own desires and comes a little selfish, which is ok as many people in the real world are gray and not entirely good. The film has some twists and I like how she is a good role model.

wyatt fan 2020-07-14
My sister claimed it was so good, so I joined into watching it. Little did I know that I forgot how the animation was horrid and bad. Yes I get 2012 was not a good year, but anyway. After watching 20 minutes I sobbed tears because the idea of the movie plot was so ugly. And the fact they made the villain so in evil and weird was awful as well. I feel like I would rate this 0 stars for the worst characters. The fish look like a shark tale movie. It was super bad, don’t waste your time even watching the trailer.

Elliot Lnna👽 2018-01-07
Underwear really🕗

Cats are awesomeness!!! 2016-02-24
I LOVE this movie!!!!! Merliah's mom (the queen) is sooo pretty! I would recommend this to anyone who loves mermaids and loves Barbie!!!!!!!

Bety of Nebraska 2015-07-12
❤️❤️I love Barbie movies there my faves but not good for babies but still good

Jodie Brown 2015-04-01
Barbie movies are never good for kids under six it doesn't seem like.

funnygirl16 2014-09-30
Marilia is a mermaid princess and a surfer in the whole movie

Mgm3333 2013-08-30
Why is Barbie always so perfect!!!! And I don't get why people give mermaids gills, clearly their mammals! I think of them as manatees, or dolphins, or whales. Plus mammal tails go up and down, and fish tails go side to side. And since they gave them gills, what's the point of noses? Just saying.

Saeryen Kalador 2013-08-12
While it doesn't hold quite the place in my heart that Princess and the Pauper and Twelve Dancing Princesses do, Barbie in a Mermaid Tale is still a fun romp under the sea. Merliah is a very real character, and she overcomes her selfishness, creating a very positive message.

Superpunk300895857 2013-06-21
I loved this movie I wish I didn't cost that much.

Kathleen galarze 2013-02-27
I loved it!! It was very entertaining!!!!!😃

Mairbair11 2013-01-20
I loved it!!!!!! It was totally radical!!!!!! It's worth buying!!!!!!!!!!!

poeposepop 2012-12-21

F@ima 2012-06-13
I love merliah i love this movie im only princess merliah : ) were look alike because we've same beautiful blu eyes shell pink necklace pendant and i have barbie in a mermaid tale 2 toy transform on too the surfer im enjoying played it : D

Grelyn2312 2012-03-25
It's a good movie when I first watch it I knew I would have to watch it again because I knew its the movie for me

TaySwiftfan26 2012-03-14
Why cant I just rent the movie? I can't find it anywhere!! :O

Bethany Hamilton lover 2012-01-26
It was the best i ❤🏄 and merliah reminds me of Bethany hamilton

Kat42501 2012-01-09
Please make a 2 one

Big. Ben 2012-01-07
Grate awesome

Super puff 2011-12-28
I've seen this movie and I liked it it's a good movie but I would not wast 10 dollars for it.You have to really love it if your going to buy it.5 stars for the movie but minus 1 if they are going to make it 10 dollars.I like every barbie movie there is but I don't like that they are so much money.I can't stop you from buying movies but if I were you I would not buy it.Trust me it's a lot of your money!

Aarielnigam 2011-06-01
I think the movie was overall good. It was one of barbies better works but it definetely has its down sides. For one thing, background characters. They used to have one common mold for insignificant characters all repainted differently. They changed the molds for everyone. Barbie and her human friends had classic shapes. But her mermaid friends, including kayla and xylie, all look exactly the same. Just repainted. And i am not too fond of the feminine mermaid mold they used. I also dont like how they focused more on fallon and made hadley look like an idiot. Another thing, barbie, ever since the princess and the pauper, has been using those same names for massive numbers of succeeding films including names like janessa, fallon, an hadley. I am also not too fond of merliahs name, but her new face mold was lovely. The music was all good but there is one thing that isnt a flaw, but i definetely cannot stand. Merliah's fake mermaid costume with the beautiful color mixes looked better than her flowery, pink mermaid form. They dont even have flowers in the ocean! Also, i think the destinies should have been more mystical than fashionista shop owners. Other than that, it has a decent plot, decent characters, realistic animation, and is a film worth watching.

Chorzes 2010-12-30
This is by far, the best Barbie movie made. I'm so disappointed that they don't have a soundtrack for this movie like they do with most of the other Barbie movies. We live on the beach in Hawaii and we'd love to jam to Queen of the Waves. It's so fitting for us. I've contacted Mattel about it and haven't received a response from them. My guess is they aren't planning on doing it or they would've done it before they released the Fashion Fairytale movie.

RACLAPP 2010-12-29
I am 48 and got roped into watching it with my 5 1/2 yr old daughter. I actually liked it, and she loved it. The music is very good, the animation is above acceptable. The plot is also very good with enough to it to keep an adult entertained, but not so much as to bore their target audience. The surfing show at the end is really well done. The only things I miss from here is that the disk version comes with music videos for a couple of the original songs. Great video, good message. I gave it five stars. I have actually sat through multiple viewings with enjoyment.. I also recomend the Fashion FaeryTale & Diamond Castle.

LouxFelisha 2010-10-03
This movie was great; I watched it with my daughter, keep up the great work free thinking and making a movie like this was good. Though it would be nice for a sound track... And when making a remix of a classic make it more real the stories are way off. But keep the movies and ideas coming!! ;)

myaddie 2010-08-25
We love the songs! Make them avaliable for purchase please!!!!

HMNichols 2010-08-24
My girls LOVE the music to this movie, please make them available for purchase!!!

tollywood13 2010-08-13
i love these barbie movies though i notice something barbie all ways gets a boy and some times get married me and my friend ellie notice that i think it is weird still love trailer

Ashleigh Hutch 2010-07-15
i love this movie. i wish i can get the song queen of the waves on my ipod but i cant find it:(

Helen3232 2010-07-09

gilfredwerners 2010-07-05
My little 8 year old sister really likes this Mattel film; I hope Mattel keeps up with making their own original stories like this one and stops ruining other classics!

dragon girl 2010-06-29
I liked the earlyer movies beter than this one. But over all it was not bad. Some people think that the clothes are inaporpret, but I wore that kined of thing when I was 7

dopi30 2010-06-26
Mattel needs to get the songs from the movie on to iTunes for the kids.

Edc1017 2010-06-24
Cool movie

Raychele Davidson 2010-06-03
I hate Barbie movies with a vegence, (except Rapunzel), but this one was actually quite good. It actually kept me entertained.

Pink Puff 188 2010-06-01
This movie is really good

natalie dance star 2010-05-23
I have never seen it but is proble awousome!!!!i want to rent it first to see if i like it but u can not rent it!!:( u cant rent any barbie movie! Sooo sand i wish u could

LimFam 2010-05-04
My 3 year old daughter LOVES this movie. She loves the "Queen of the Waves" and "Summer" song and is trying to sing the lyrics all the time!! Would love it if you would get those songs on a sound track.

AZ Doc 2010-04-22
My daughter is about to turn 8 and she really liked this, she has watched it about 5x so far. The main characters are teenage surfers but it seems aimed at the pre-teen demographic. For example, barbie has a cute baby-dolphin friend. It looked very nice on the iPad.

Mirabelle101 2010-04-18
Amazing! Who couldn't love it! The songs are catchy too!!!!! Way to go Barbie!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Anthony123456879 2010-04-18
Worst movie ever

ungodly no more 2010-04-17
I want my money back, really demon girls underwater, telling barbie where to go find something, why do they make movies for kids , but not kids, once a gain barbie blows it. Barbie and God now that would make a movie. oh wait she is plastic

ellie1234567890 2010-04-17

Nat&Anna 2010-04-14
Best movie ever!!!!!!!!!:)<3

Hulagirl118 2010-04-06
What was the point of finding all of those things in the 1st place? I watched it with my little sister, n while shr loved it, I didn't understand what the comb n fish were for. Why find something when ur never going 2 use it. If there was a point, please, aomeone tell me

KickA** 2010-04-05
I freaking love this movie! That's all I have to say lol

1Riding4Jesus 2010-04-04
This was a very "BRAINLESS" movie!!! And her bikini outfits were not appropriate for my children. We watched the first 30 minutes and turned it off. I would of rated it half a star if I could. And their talk was not like the most barbie movies. My children love the other barbie movies, but this movie was DEFINITELY not a good movie.

Layla4prez 2010-04-03
This movie is adorable and the songs are catchy, I have YET to meet a girl who didn't like it.

Genvieve242 2010-03-28
Why am I even writing a review the person who made this movie is destroying America

Fargohead21;/4 2010-03-22
Didn't even see it.

Googlybee0089 2010-03-21
Well my little sister saw this who was 4 and I took her to watch was so bad!!!! When we got home she screamed her head of crying because she said it wasted her time..I agree!