Mystery Team
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They were kid detectives. Now they're 18 and still solving child crimes. But when The Mystery Team

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They were kid detectives. Now they're 18 and still solving child crimes. But when The Mystery Team is challenged to crack a murder case, they see an opportunity to finally prove themselves as real detectives once and for all.

User Reviews
ldbobay 2012-10-04
Seen this movie over 15 times even though it wasn't as funny the first time...

Apps_are_cool 2012-05-19
Rented this movie and turned it off after 20 minutes. Figured if there wasn't a laugh in the first 20 minutes it was very unlikely there would be many in the balance of the movie.

xXZombieGamerXx 2012-02-29
If you think that off the wall humor mixed with well timed jokes are hilarious, then you just struck gold. Derrick Comedy is one of my favorite groups, mostly because of the characters play off each other. Over all, great flick, but not for those with a more refined taste in comedy.

Tio june 2012-02-21
I rented it for 4$ and it freezes up ten min into movie. What do i do? Can't give it a rating if I can't see it.

evah713 2012-02-15
53% my butt. Mystery Team is nearly 100% fresh, make no mistake. The movie may be a little over-the-top, especially regarding the innocence of Charlie, Duncan, and Jason. The plot, however, is strong enough to make up for that. Their naiveté is explained in a way that makes them funny rather than unrealistic. Yes, there's some crude humor, but the snappy dialogue is what really stands out. More often than not, the jokes totally hit their mark. (Although I wouldn't recommend watching this film with your more prudish friends. Warning: There's blood and boobies.) This movie is hilarious beyond all belief, and easily the best movie I've seen in a few years. And I'm not going to lie, Donald Glover is VERY easy on the eyes. Buy it!

Melamermaid 2011-10-27
The kids are stupid, yes. And so was the movie. The characters didn't mix in the world they were living to provide anything I found funny. My funny movies are the Hangover, H&K go to Whitecastle and Bridesmaids. This didn't hit it.

trick001 2011-06-06
Done in the napoleon dynamite style and format, it has a few laughs but overall kind of misses the mark. The production could have been a little slicker and more clever and the story overall was skimpy and thin. It's entertaining and reasonably fresh in concept but don't expect more than a quick laugh or two. I was expecting a bit more in the humor department. I would rent it and check it out but I most likely would not buy this one.

Ben85r 2011-01-31
it says its no longer available?

question??????? 2011-01-10
GRaet movie but i wish i could only rent it!

Rolyat14 2010-11-06
Then you'll love this movie. Sure it's absolutely freaking ridiculous but so is derrick comedy. I love Donald Glover too so it's definitly worth it :)

Agnostic Toaster 2010-10-17
This movie has some great jokes in it but towards the end it drags out with little to no jokes and terriable story structure. After the hour of laughing I found myself wondering when this movie would end. Despite what others say its nothing like the show community, the main actor Donald Glover was also a writter for the show 30 Rock and the jokes are nothing like the ones on that show. To wrap things up if your bored one day rent this movie, you might like it or you might not either way you killed at least an hour.

killacandy69 2010-08-24
Hes do funny. i saw his stand up that was funny. hes on community and writes for thirty rock.Plus this movie is unblievabley funny. dont miss this movie and btw asdfdasf or whatever you must be like 10 years old if you like napolean dynamite and dont like this movie.

Gbellgabb 2010-07-29
This movie is amazing all the way through I highley recomend it!!

Santi16R 2010-07-24
My neighbor invited me to watch a movie, it was "Mystery Team", we knew nothing about it. We pop it in and we start dying!! Amazing movie, funny script, and some amazing one-liners, "sometimes, I wish that you didn't beat cancer", I mean who comes up with that?? Great movie to check out.

mr........westgateeee 2010-07-14
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Parkoour 2010-07-08
Wats yhe content cause im thinking of buying it.

The X1998 2010-07-03
I was in the movie. I played Eric McDonald (you know, the little kid who curses, carries a gun, and worst of all, stuck his finger in the pie). I thought it was a great movie, especially for their first major production.

Ryko De'Shawn 2010-07-02
derrick commedy is hilarious ive seen it at least 20 times and never gets old. donald glover is also a great rapper

Hunter Forrer 2010-06-30
What some people apparently don't understand about this movie is that it's not supposed to be a superbly acted, cunningly written satirical comedy-- it's more along the lines of a genuinely goofy dark comedy... one that is sure to provoke laughs as long as you accept it for what it is... a feature length film by one of the most reliably funny sketch comedy groups on the internet.

NateWhited 2010-06-29
I've been a big fan of Derrick Comedy for a long time. And this is definitely one of my favorite movies. I was laughing nonstop through it all.

Dgriff1523 2010-06-23
It was so funny I was laughing non stop.

Dadisoldncrabby 2010-06-18
Very funny

Spydaman231994 2010-06-14

Steva B 2010-06-13
Funny at times, but this is a horrible movie. It is so amature and lame that it shouldn't even be allowed to sell. You will want a refund.

c7r1s 2010-06-12
u should make another movie on them

Nkauj hli 2010-06-10
I didn't watch the beginng nor end at all

Ratonascooter 2010-06-10
This movie was very mediocre at best. I did like the fact they had little cameos here and there, like Bobby Moynahan and the girl from Parks and Recreation.. But that was the only good things about it.. Cheap laughs just doesn't cut it!

Host47 2010-06-09
This movie is great and very funny. If you liked the Derrick Comedy shorts you will like this movie.

Sixf33tdeep 2010-06-09
this is soooooo funny

timework77 2010-06-09
Quite possibly the worse film I've ever seen. Which genius in Hollywood approved spending money on this? There had to be nepotism involved...

SmokeGrapesEveryday 2010-06-08
Looks funny and semi original.. Surprised by the trailer I actually laughed!

Chazerboy1 2010-06-08
Great movie tottaly worth the 15 bucks

truth t3llr 2010-06-08
If you're into sort of mature comedy and subtle humor. This movie is for you I laughed out loud on multiple occasions

mlpsindie 2010-06-07
I kept watching, because I wanted to see if it could possibly get worse.

Dj LucA 2010-06-07
Haha I want to buy this movie looks hilarious, but I'm not going to pay 15 dollars. I would rent it from the red box for a dollar instead.

Kashmic 2010-06-07
Seriously!?!? How did this movie get made?

Ghdhdhdhshxb 2010-06-07
Tht guy is awesome in the comunity

20 yr old 2010-06-06
awful movie barely anything funny about it maybe a couple of one liners maybe but mostly it's just a bunch of trash i love him in community and from some stuff off derrick comedy but this needs to be taken off iTunes

De' Boner 2010-06-06
The best part about this movie was that it did not take itself seriously. I feel like what made the movie so funny was instead of overacting and trying too hard they underacted and were almost mocking other movies

Wazzys 2010-06-04
It's a mystery why I watched this movie. Please don't waste your time with movie.

Xela#1 2010-06-04
I loved this movie

retrovaporized 2010-06-03
haha yes i'm so glad this is in here i saw this in theatres twice. sword club y'alls! hahahaha too bad the derrick site is gone

asdfadsf 2010-06-03
Even coming from a very easily pleased movie watcher, that loves Napolian Dynamite, this movie is horrible. A couple funny spots, but that is stretching it. Dont waste your money even on the rent of this movie as I did.

funnyghost2 2010-06-03
It was a pretty funny movie, but kinda stupid at some parts. It had funny words like,"Holy Gumballs." Overall I think it's worth the four dollars for renting it.

AC10AC 2010-06-02
Haha really weird and abstract but a good movie to rent

rrsaga 2010-06-01
Yeah it had it's moments in childish behavioral humor but it really had it's touching moments and brought up some great thinking in parts of the mystery. It had a story and that's what matters most to movies. I honestly think that the humor was what made it so great. A must watch, to own or rent. Even the three investigators would be proud.

maitredebas 2010-06-01
I can't believe I paid money to rent this. Vulgar, distasteful language and nudity made this difficult to watch, I shut it off halfway through.

NeWaGe50 2010-06-01
If you remember those kiddie movies when you were little, like sandlot or other things like that, and you like movies like superbad and role models. This movie is most definitly the movie for you. This movie is so genius, and well written, every part little or big is perfect in every way. From the beginning to end youll be laughing.

Bluez 2010-05-31

BigRon65 2010-05-31
I laughed my butt off. It's corny yes, but the off color humour coupled with the guys ignorance just rattles the cages. I highly recommend viewing this one!