High School Musical: China
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Mandarin/English subtitles. A new student at a college in Shanghai meets a gifted man, and shares a secret passion for singing. Without her parents support, she and her new group of friends enter an inter-school singing competition and discover their true calling and the value of true friendship.

User Reviews
Purple grasshopper 2020-09-10
I personally think it’s good, like for its time- yes. (i like dramas, and high school musical was a classic while i was young- so this is fantastic to me)

Lou😂😍😘😊🎶😜😜🎶🎶 2019-09-15
Don’t make any of these high school musical does the real ones of Gabriella and troy much better than these ones I don’t ever make one ever again for the rest of your life in a would like you anymore and neither of the place don’t make any of these high school musical does the real ones of Gabriella and troy much better than these ones I don’t ever make one ever again babe I hate you for the rest of your life and no one will like you anymore and neither of the place see you in your dreams😔😕😏💔😴👿👿👿👿👿

suebsmiles 2019-04-01
China 🇨🇳 is a monster

Ghost believer 😱😱😱 2018-12-18
no offense to all asians but this movie is spitting on the asian culture. It’s fricken racist just release the normal movie idiots. You on drugs or something?

Mitzi_hussein 2018-12-12
This movie AND the others are stupid and are sad excuses for movies. There just spoiled kids who look dead inside when they sing. Also How is this a musical when it just reminds me of goats and howler monkeys literally having a heart attack? I rather watch the OOLD Disney movies because there more cool and make more sense

GodRulz1984 2018-05-22
Typical Disney plot but the music and characters are wonderful! Teaching Chinese and this engages and teaches the students in a way they can relate to.

LoneWolfPlays 2017-12-30
Don’t waste your money

Prsamurai 2016-07-03
It's good.

Thirddyfrk 2015-06-23
I preferred this version over the American version. I could sit through all of this and the songs did not have me plugging my ears while screaming “Make it stop”. This is nothing like the American version and if you don’t understand Chinese culture and modern day school society, you might not enjoy this. If you like seeing Chinese teen culture thru Disney tinted eyes, then you will probably enjoy watching this. As I said, I found this better than the American version. Less annoying for me.

Cro64 2015-06-16
This is a must watch for those who love foreign movies,musicals,and more! If you can handle cheesy jokes and stereotypes then you should be fine. Also there are subtitles...

Banana banana milk milk fairy 2014-06-14
The music are not match with the lyrics!! The English version is a lot better and the ppl are not good looking in the Chinese Version!!

Jasmine Oliver 2014-03-23
I don't want to be mean and all but this movie is stupid they are copying off of high school musical

Sombra's Diamond Heart 2014-01-05
I grew up on the american verison some of these reviews ARE RACIST and honestly I feel like China did this much better than the american version

Suzana1969 2013-07-20

_alli_perkins_ 2013-01-26
This isn't even HSM! It's ridiculous! So terrible and stupid.

Kiara219 2012-05-08
I have absolutely no words to say to this movie..... Don't embarrass us anymore, I still want to feel proud to be a Chinese..... Please....

Hiroshiyaa 2012-03-08
OK , so this movie is really really wonderful ! Really for real ! I mean it's so funny , so romantic , and music is so nice and rhythmical !! I can say that this movie should be on top 20 movies !! It's really so nice !! Thank you so much Disney for this great movie !!! Thank you iTunes for give us the chance for watch it !!

B3ingM3 2012-02-18
This movie was awesome! I like it better than the original HSM. The cast is good and the characters develop well. The songs are really fun too. I hope to see more things like this in Chinese from Disney. It really helps my Chinese study to watch something I enjoy in Chinese. :) <3

Best gravity gamer 2012-01-18
Tee-hee funny nothin like the english version

Harajukugirl58 2011-09-18
Okay so it's not the best movie. But the ppl who r bad mouthing Asians and how it's cheap tht there remaking high school musical stop it. America has remade plenty of Asian movies especially horror movies like one missed call , the ring, the eye. Etc. Besides u wudnt want ppl goin round bad mouthing ur heritage or nationality. P.S I'm Asian so I dnt appreciate the rude remarks bout us.

madi-b 2011-09-18
hahahhahahahahah ! Oh my god ! Thats soo funny ;D

Rayvin400 2011-09-17
It's not a rip-off.. It's made by Disney. Asia has a huge market, so they made one for china.

17sigrs 2011-09-17
This is haliarous!!!

guy gibboney 2011-09-17

alcoit 2011-09-16
didnt think it could get worse

Kairosan 2011-09-13
I could picture myself watching this as an in -flight movie on a flight to Benjing or Hong Kong. But for iTunes , he'll no!!!

MellzBellz 2011-09-13
I'd watch it just for laughs. As for all of these racist comments people need to shut up! That has nothing to do with reviews and before you judge we Americans aren't too creative either /: We remake plenty of British movies and tv shows!!

Big birds are awesome 2011-09-12
I can't believe it it's horrible

Jommy 1246$89 2011-09-12
Is this for real?

Nate 800000000 2011-09-12
Will never compare to the real one. Ever. Why are they even doing this??

Iknow83 2011-09-12
The boys and girls in here are to old for highscool. Nothing like zac and vanessa more like old kids running around singing!!!!:(

Ms.Dimplesz(: 2011-09-12
Still love Asians though

Simonvilee 2011-09-11
Seriously when are the Chinese people start to create their own stuff?! Zero creativity

GlitteGal123 2011-09-11
I'm totally going to watch this, now! Seems interesting! (as the title says, lol)

suzzy onda 2011-09-10
What is this a joke

Turtles798 2011-09-10
Is this in English?

Beck Adams 2011-09-10
I think this would be a awesome movie!!!!XD

Sk8ter$$$raper 2011-09-10
You know when American movie went to china, they watch it and like it and didn't be racist to you so ya why would you be racist to them

Dodge Preston 2011-09-09
Sideways vage and dancing

Fanny Xanny from canny 2011-09-09
I love it, personally I perfer this bunch and the original hsm cast and it's very entertaining lol

ILoveCorey121 2011-09-08
hate this

Gerry1947 2011-09-08
This is a bunch of bs

tvfanatic18 2011-09-08
I haven't seen this movie but thanks to the ignorant comments by people in my country, I just might. I think it's brilliant to make a chinese version of HSM, just like our English version. It's only fair. But these rude comments are not needed. And whoever made the everything made in china is stupid, basically everything we use is made I'm china. Grow up

Lkga88 2011-09-07
No tan buena como la original, pero si me gustô:)

Mr Dulin 2011-09-07
This isn't gay at all

Awesome dude12 2011-09-07
Supporting my asians

sabruui 2011-09-07
Does the Vanessa Hudgens in this one get nude too...?

AmInWanderLand 2011-09-07
Go china!

ElijahCraig 2011-09-06
I dont want to live on this planet anymore.

dm12345567889 2011-08-17
this is the worst disney movie eveeer!!