Wyatt Cenac: Comedy Person
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Wyatt Cenac is a comedy person. That means he tells jokes in exchange for laughs. He's won fancy TV awards doing comedy person things as a writer and performer on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." On one particular night he personed comedy in front of a live audience in New York City and filmed the whole thing. He did this for you. It would be a shame if you didn't buy this stand-up special right now. Or steal it. But it's probably better for everybody if you bought it.

User Reviews
i_love_norway 2015-08-06
Yes I know funny is all subjective but this guy is not funny. There are a few funny moments but this guy does not exude funny. Thank goodness I rented it. What a fiasco.

motowncanon 2012-08-22
This video captures Senac's wonderful powers of observation and great skill at laying out the irony in so many matters. It feels a bit like Chris Rock meets Stephen Colbert. Colbert's capacity for self-mockery and deflating pompous postures and Rock's wry pcool while naming truths that need to be named. It's not side-splitting humor, but consistent, sharp, edgy, and yes, some good ROFL moments. Wld be willing to purchase this were it available.

Jewban7 2012-05-23
Why isn't the video purchasable?